Good Computer Keyboard Reviews

Good Computer Keyboard Reviews – A common complaint about mechanical keyboards is that they are very expensive. If budget buyers want a wireless device, especially if they’re looking for a Mac-friendly tablet, the options are more limited. But the market has come a long way, and you can now get mechanical keyboards, including wireless options, for under $100. Not only can you buy a wireless keyboard that works with Apple computers, but in the case of the Keychron K14, you can get one that comes with a Mac base out of the box (don’t worry, Windows keyboards also included. ).

The K14 is a 70 percent wireless mechanical keyboard that ditches the number pad (but not the navigation keys) and forgoes the dedicated line of work. The result is a compact printer with the option of white or RGB lighting and quick switches to get the exact printing feel you want.

Good Computer Keyboard Reviews

Good Computer Keyboard Reviews

The K14 even offers some wireless features, such as the ability to pair the board with three Bluetooth devices and switch between them, as well as USB-C charging and a wired keyboard. Priced at $59-$99, the K14 is a good contender for those looking for a mid-range wireless keyboard with mechanical switches, and is ideal for those who want an Apple-ready keyboard. For keyboard enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in performance from look to sound, the K14 lacks some features.

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Additional keyboards: 1x Esc, 1x Windows, 2x Alt; 1x USB-C to USB-C cable; 1x cover button puller; 1x converter switch

The price of the K14 varies depending on the features you choose. The set of functions also affects the color scheme: light white gray and red or black gray light gray and orange. The K14 is available with white or RGB backlighting, but only with dark gray keycaps. Keychron sells the keycaps separately, but they don’t have the same layout as the K14, allowing the number row to function as both a work and media key row.

The simplest version of the K14 does not have a backlight (except for the red indicator light for the Locking System) and comes with sold Keychron switches. This means you need a soldering iron and a lot of patience. mechanical keyboard switch. The more expensive SKUs, including the mid-priced K14 I’ve tested, allow you to add hot swaps so you can easily pop them out with the included hardware. Gateron Red, Blue or Brown switches are also available.

Interestingly, the backlight leads to the small buttons. Backlit K14s have ABS plastic keycaps, while the non-backlit ones use hard ABS plastic.

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Finally, to get Gateron brand mechanical switches and not Keychron, you will need to order the K14 with matte keycaps.

Keychron sent me a non-backlit K14 with white keyboards, as well as a more expensive option with dark gray keycaps and RGB backlighting. I love the look of the unlit version. Both Siso colors feel retro, but the white ones are even more so. In addition, the white / non-light version has a bright display that allows you to easily see the bold symbols, especially the gray symbols for the work line and multimedia buttons.

Zoom / The back part is white (top) and the back part is dark gray (bottom).

Good Computer Keyboard Reviews

The white version means no backlight, but the buttons are so bright that I can’t miss the backlight. In addition, the removal of the backlight helps extend the battery life of the keyboard, and the non-backed keys have double digit markings so they won’t fade (the gray markings on the top are laser-etched).

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However, it’s a shame that Keychron forces you to make a decision instead of offering a white version with a backlight.

Mechanical keyboards – for Mac users. The keyboard supports MacOS and Windows, as well as iOS and Android. But all K14s come with a Mac base, meaning Windows and Windows-based keyboards have Option and Command keys. Keychron is a Windows alternative.

Large / The keyboard has two Esc keys, as well as keys for Mac (top right) and Windows platforms (bottom right).

Scharon Harding Scharon is a senior product writer for Ars Technica and writes news, reviews, and features on consumer technology, including laptops, PC peripherals, and consumer electronics. He lives in Brooklyn. Not everyone appreciates the luxury of a mechanical keyboard. Many are happy with the flat buttons that come with laptops; they don’t have to deal with the price games, variety, and complexity of machine changes. Among those who make the leap to mechanical changes, such a change is happy to settle on an existing keyboard. But the Keychron Q2 is for those who want to go an inch or two down the rabbit hole.

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I say “an inch or two” because the Q2 is fully assembled (or without switches and keys), allows you to choose the level of rotation, and offers options that only mechanical keyboard enthusiasts would. think.

A bare summary; button cover puller; converter switch; screwdriver; hex key; 4x additional gaskets; 2x extra rubber feet; 2x additional hex screws; 2x additional Philips screws

Integrated with sound system; button cover puller; converter switch; screwdriver; hex key; 4x additional gaskets; 2x extra rubber feet; 2x additional hex screws; 2x additional Philips screws

Good Computer Keyboard Reviews

These options include sealed design, sound-deadening foam, and pre-lubricated connectors that eliminate pinging noises or cheap stabilizer vibrations. The Q2 is a surprisingly 65% ​​heavier keyboard for long hauling, and while the starting price of $150 isn’t cheap, it’s more digestible than other high-end competitors.

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Like other keyboards, including the Keychron K14 Wireless, the Keychron Q2 offers many options when purchasing. You can get it as a fully functional keyboard with pre-installed mechanical switches and buttons, or you can get it as a barebones device (no switches or buttons). The Barebone Kit is a great option for enthusiasts who want more customization than a pre-built model, but don’t want to build a mechanical keyboard from scratch. The bare option is $20-$30 cheaper than the fully assembled version, so you don’t have to go for it to save money.

Whether or not you’ve assembled a keyboard, you’ll need to decide whether it will have an Insert key or a rotary key like a traditional 65% keyboard. The handle is an additional $10, but you can interact with it in three ways (clockwise, horizontal, and click). The knob is programmable, so you can also set it as Insert.

The engine is also available in three color options, black, gray or blue, and comes with the Q2 Gateron G Pro assembly Red, Blue or Brown switches (all the same price).

The Q2 looks and feels special, but what really sets it back is the lack of audio equipment. I tested the Q2 with G Pro Brown connectors. Each key has a soft plastic boom on the bottom and a more controlled plastic boom with more pop on the top. I don’t hear any metallic noises even when I go down often. I accidentally hit the big keys like Spacebar and Backspace, but I don’t get the mouse-shake stabilizer. All I could hear was the sound of well-oiled switches working, the soft grinding of the keys, and the space and other large keyholes.

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This hollow sound contrasted with the rest of the keyboard; someone even asked if I was typing on two different keyboards. (I also hear a rare, quiet echo when I press the right Shift key hard.) Some fans hate the hollow sound key, but what bothers me is how different the large keys are.

Scharon Harding Scharon is a senior product writer for Ars Technica and writes news, reviews, and features on consumer technology, including laptops, PC peripherals, and consumer electronics. He has a strange pair of necklaces from Brooklyn.Dyson. Best Solar Companies White Noise and Your Best Solar Charger Deals ISPs Current Rates iOS 16.4.1 Security Update When Are My Bills Due?

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Good Computer Keyboard Reviews

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