Work From Home Jobs For Military Spouses

Work From Home Jobs For Military Spouses – The challenges of military life create career obstacles for many spouses. Traditional jobs that require the employee to work from a specific location make it difficult to manage work and frequent military tours. Looking for a job where you can work from home may be right for you as a military veteran.

In fact, many in the military are either off-duty, or underemployed, due to frequent moves, deployments, and situations that come with other aspects of military life.

Work From Home Jobs For Military Spouses

Work From Home Jobs For Military Spouses

A recent Department of Defense study shows unemployment is a problem for nearly a quarter of military spouses. This number is more than seven times the national average of 4 percent in 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Building Military Spouse Careers At At&t

Need a job that can travel with you so you don’t have to start over when you need to PCS.

As a military veteran, you’ve probably spent a lot of time Googling for transferable jobs or jobs under the “remote” category.

If you’ve ever posted an army of Facebook recruiters asking for jobs that allow you to work from home, you’ve been bombarded by several ad companies. While this opportunity may appeal to some couples, many will not see the financial results of high-end sellers because the market is so saturated with the military group.

So yes, there are work from home jobs and you can get them on your internet without selling anything! Before we get to work, we need to make sure we understand what you’re going to do.

How To Justify Your Work & Productivity In A Remote Job

Most remote locations have data access and telecommunication connections. You talk to people on the phone, work on computers, and use video conferencing.

Many companies offer work at home services. A customer representative is the person you call when you have a problem or need to speak with someone at the company. This could be working with a guest to make a hotel reservation or dealing with a disgruntled customer to resolve their issue.

Many small businesses, home businesses, writers and entrepreneurs prefer to hire virtual assistants because they can provide support to clients without the need for an office. This remote job offers customer service such as bookkeeping, marketing, project management or being a general manager. It’s a great way to use the skills you’ve already acquired in the workplace at home.

Work From Home Jobs For Military Spouses

Don’t believe lies on social media. Working from home isn’t a way to spend time with your kids while you work. Although it is nice to be paid for the valuable time you spend teaching and caring for your child, I have yet to find someone who writes checks for this. (If you find it, please email me right away!)

Military Families Are Struggling To Make Ends Meet

The truth is that many housewives have to use childcare or make other arrangements for their children.

When you work from home, your employer has high expectations of you. These expectations include things like a quiet work environment, meeting quotas, or routine work. Some of your work-from-home jobs require all of this and more!

Below is a list of 9 sites that don’t just allow you to work from home and offer growth in the ranks, but many of them are looking for employees with a military background because they appreciate the dedication that soldiers bring to the workplace.

Hilton tops the list as a company that intentionally wants to hire veterans and spouses. They are aiming to reach 20,000 additional soldiers by 2020, which is good news for you!

Career Tips Archives

Hilton has corporate and hotel titles around the world, but they also offer titles like Home Based Professionals that can travel with you wherever you go.

Visit the Hilton Jobs page to learn more about Hilton’s commitment to hiring gay men and veterans and available positions.

Global 101 is an impressive company that provides the highest quality of service to clients across various sectors.

Work From Home Jobs For Military Spouses

International Business 101 is a great way to apply skills you’ve acquired in previous positions in areas such as bookkeeping, marketing, project management, being a general manager, or providing customer service outside of the office.

How The Air Force Helps Military Spouses Find Jobs

Competitive salary, flexible schedule, and recruiting military volunteers make it a Worldwide 101 winner in our book!

Amazon continues to be a fast-growing company and is always looking for great employees. Whether you want to work part-time, full-time, locally or virtually, Amazon has options for roles. Additionally, if you don’t have a degree, Amazon is a good choice for you.

If you speak two languages, be sure to include that in your application as this is a huge advantage for those interacting with the customer.

There are many companies that hire real teachers to teach English to foreign students. I love VIPKID.

Meet The

You must have a bachelor’s degree for this position. You must book 7.5 hours per week early morning or late night Chinese students classes on VIPKID Monday-Friday 6-10pm Beijing time or Saturday and Sunday 9am-10pm Beijing time.

If hired, you’ll earn between $17-$22 an hour and commit to a 6-month renewable contract. This may suit you if you are looking for an outside day job.

Additionally, you can live anywhere in the world and save this site as long as you have a good internet connection.

Work From Home Jobs For Military Spouses

Being an online university, they offer various degrees in higher education. Additionally, many military students at WGU are working toward a degree.

Unemployment Benefits For Military Spouses

On their website you can sort open positions by location and quickly see how many home jobs are available.

Humana is a member of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership and seeks military spouses for positions. He works in various fields in medical and insurance sectors.

In their job listings you can search for real or work-from-home jobs and see what’s available in your area. Humana is an organization that loves the military and sees your role as a military veteran as an asset.

Xerox is a global recruiting company. The good news for military spouses is that Xerox is a member of the Military Spouse Employment Partnership and seeks military spouses for positions.

Everything You Need To Know About Amazon’s Military Spouse Fellowship Programs

Xerox internal staff work in customer care, technical support, data entry/validation, image labeling, quality control, system development, software development and administrative support.

When searching for an available position at Xerox, make sure you select “Yes” under Office Filter before starting your job search.

Kaplan is a leading educational organization with services in higher education, test preparation, international education and corporate roles.

Work From Home Jobs For Military Spouses

There are many jobs available in the United States, either part-time or full-time. Some tasks are as simple as proctoring tests for students studying to take the SAT or ACT and others more advanced.

The Dismal Career Opportunities For Military Spouses

For specific locations available on Kaplan, be sure to select the “Remote / International” box in the filter list for your search.

ETS is the organization that administers tests such as the College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) program, TOEIC, TOEFL, GRE, and specialized programs.

Scoring opportunities are available online and on the exam website. Some special certifications are required, but recruitment tests are held throughout the year.

Scheduled activities vary for specific months of the year depending on student dates/needs. This is a great additional online opportunity for those who cannot work during business hours.

Remote Job For A Military Spouse Makes Location A Non Issue

This blog post lists employers looking for spouses to work remotely, but does not include them. There are many career tools available to suit you for couples.

To search for potential employers with home opportunities, visit the Military Spouse Employment Partnership Program website and search for “telephone opportunities” to search for home opportunities or hiring companies near you!

You may not know where you want your career to take you. Military OneSource Career Coach is a great resource for you.

Work From Home Jobs For Military Spouses

You can talk to a career coach who can help you prepare for your job search. You can call 800-342-9647 and speak with a career coach from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m., EDT, Monday through Friday, or from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT on Saturday.

Employment Resources For Military Spouses

Hiring Our Heroes is a global initiative to identify unemployment and underemployment in our community. Their mission is to help veterans, transition workers and spouses find meaningful opportunities.

Recruiting Our teams believe employers have value in recruiting couples. Through recruitment and networking events,

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