Public Health Science Degree Jobs

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Health sciences is a newer academic focus that can help prepare you for entry-level administrative positions in health care, or undergraduate or professional degrees.

Public Health Science Degree Jobs

Public Health Science Degree Jobs

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BHS) is a new field of study for students interested in health careers. Because BHS programs tend to combine academic courses in the natural and social sciences with hands-on training, you can prepare for a variety of career options with this degree. Many graduates choose to enter the health care field as practitioners, researchers, or administrators.

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With your BHS, you may be interested in entering the workforce or seeking a master’s or professional degree to deepen your skills and knowledge. Let’s talk about the careers and degrees you can study with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences.

Below, you will find eight positions you can get with BHS. We’ve compiled salary information and, where applicable, job growth from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and Glassdoor. While a bachelor’s degree is the most common entry-level requirement for any job, you may find that employers and organizations have different degree and experience requirements.

Every community has different health needs, and there are times when community members may need help navigating the services available. Community health officers act as intermediaries that make it easier for community members to access various health services. There are times when community health workers also do outreach, participate in education, or even provide specialized services, such as blood pressure monitoring.

Many people turn to publications or websites for valuable health information. A health science writer is a journalist who tends to focus on health-related topics. They can work as a freelance writer and cover multiple locations or as a staff writer at one specific location. Many health science writers have a strong health background and some laboratory experience.

Entry Level Public Health Jobs

Many questions in medicine require an expert knowledge of mathematics and statistics to answer. Biostatisticians are medical researchers who find answers. They design studies, collect and analyze data, and interpret results to develop reports that inform health policies and strategies. Biostatisticians can work for federal or local governments, in academic settings such as universities, or in research laboratories.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives educate medical professionals about new and existing drug treatments. They don’t “sell” drugs so much as remind doctors of their existence and their benefits, so that they are better informed about possible treatments for their patients. Due to the specialized nature of their work, pharmaceutical sales representatives often need to have scientific knowledge to discuss their products.

Substance abuse counselors provide guidance and support to people who are using drugs or alcohol in harmful ways. They can work one-on-one with the patient or in a group setting to discuss the motivations behind substance use, ways to reduce it, and other helpful ways to establish healthier behaviors.

Public Health Science Degree Jobs

The medical system can be complex to navigate, and that’s where patient care advocates—sometimes called health care advocates—come in. They often work alone with patients, helping them understand diagnoses, find the best treatment, and even communicate with insurers to address billing questions. Patient care advocates may work on behalf of a hospital or medical office or as a freelancer.

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A patient’s cells can reveal unique properties that may lead to better diagnosis and treatment. Cytotechnologists work in a laboratory, examining cells under a microscope and looking for abnormalities that help make a diagnosis. Cryotechnicians can work in hospitals, universities, or in research laboratories.

A nutritionist works in nutritional science. They may focus on counseling, meeting with patients or groups of individuals to educate, plan menus and meals, and discuss behavioral motivation. Or they could work in nutritional research, studying and testing new food products. Nutritionist positions typically require a license in addition to a bachelor’s degree, although you may find that employers require an advanced bachelor’s degree for many positions.

Students studying health sciences at the undergraduate level often do so to prepare for a graduate or professional degree. Those interested in becoming medical doctors may choose to study the health sciences rather than a more traditional “pre-med” track, such as biology or chemistry. Those interested in advanced administrative health care careers can prepare to pursue a master’s degree in a specific field, such as public health, by first obtaining the BHS.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in health sciences, you can pursue further education, including the following degrees:

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Earn your Master of Science in Population and Health Sciences from the University of Michigan in . You will learn about public health challenges from high quality research institutions. Or take the next step in your healthcare career with the Yale Health Informatics MasterTrack® Certificate, which can count toward credits in the Yale School of Public Health Master of Public Health (MPH).

This content has been provided for informational purposes only. Students are advised to do additional research to ensure that the course and other qualifications being pursued meet their personal, professional and financial goals. You are an experienced professional with an associate’s degree, but now you need a bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science: Health Sciences prepares you to take on a variety of roles in both clinical and non-clinical settings, such as medical laboratory technician, claims reviewer, and health care administrator.

Health sciences are the application of knowledge to health including the study of medicine, nutrition, and other health-related subjects.

Public Health Science Degree Jobs

A bachelor’s degree in health sciences provides essential healthcare knowledge and skills while building professional skills sought by healthcare employers, such as critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, information literacy, and information management.

Healthcare Careers That Only Require 2

Careers in the health sciences range from clinical work with frequent contact with patients to office jobs in private companies. Because health care is such a diverse field, health sciences graduates have the ability to move sideways and upward as career interests and goals change.

Download the introductory guide (PDF) to the UWible Choice program based on self-efficacy, including details on costs, admission requirements, and more.

Health science graduates can pursue non-clinical careers that require an in-depth understanding of clinical work or the health care field as a whole. This role is usually characterized as a leadership or administrative role and sometimes involves coordinating, supervising or training others. Because of this, you may need a bachelor’s degree to consider them.

Plan, direct, or coordinate medical and health services in hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, public health organizations, or similar organizations.

Phd Public Health Sciences

Review health-related claims to see if the fees are reasonable and approve payment accordingly, deny the claim, or refer the claim to an examiner.

Educate people about health-promoting behaviors and develop and implement strategies to improve individual and community health.

The reason many students earn a bachelor’s degree in health science is to begin preparing for a graduate school or professional program.

Public Health Science Degree Jobs

According to 2022 data from the Association of American Medical Colleges, a specialty health sciences degree is one of the seven most common types of undergraduate degrees earned before starting medical school. (Additional coursework may be required for admission to graduate or professional programs).

Emerging Public Health Careers

Provide psychosocial support to individuals, families and groups needed to cope with chronic, acute or terminal illness.

Today, health care is one of the most diverse fields of work. As a health sciences graduate, you can work in a variety of settings or organizations, such as:

Jobs in the health care sector have grown steadily over the years, even in the most recent recession. This upward trend in employment will continue over the next ten years. The American population is aging, living longer, and seeking more treatment for chronic conditions.

As a result, the health sector will continue to experience increased demand for medical services – and medical personnel. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care aide, health care practitioner, and technical jobs are expected to create 2 million new jobs by 2031 – faster job growth than any other field.

Public Health Nursing: Role And Responsibilities

Health care administrators are already scrambling to fill jobs in a variety of positions. With this high demand, reliable healthcare professionals will be in an excellent position for career advancement.

Think you don’t have time to get a health science degree? Through the University of Wisconsin’s ible Choice, you can earn a UW-Milwaukee Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science: Health Sciences in a fast-paced online format that fits any schedule. As a UWible Choice student, you can start any month and study at your own pace—and take advantage of technical education and clinical experience to help you move toward graduation faster. We use cookies to help our site work, to understand how they are used, and to tailor ads that are more relevant to you and your interests.

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Public Health Science Degree Jobs

Find out what you can do with a degree in health sciences and find jobs

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