Looking For Rv Travel Companion

Looking For Rv Travel Companion – Before you even think about moving into a campervan or RV with your partner, it’s important to discuss these questions. You will thank us later. Tiny living comes with its own unique struggles and compromises, and you’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into before moving into a 6-13 foot home on wheels.

After living in a camper for 3-plus months, we are big advocates of van living, and can say it was one of our greatest wedding experiences.

Looking For Rv Travel Companion

Looking For Rv Travel Companion

But we also know that living in a tiny house isn’t always as cute as the pictures with the #vanlife hashtag make it seem.

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A few years ago, we shared why we think traveling abroad has strengthened our relationship. And I have to say, I thought these things would be a cakewalk after a lifetime of traveling around the world. But it opened up so many incredible conversations and revealed parts of our personalities that were dormant until the day we moved into a 6 x 13 foot house on wheels.

But the good news is that many of the problems you may encounter down the road can be avoided if you address them before you get your newly converted van or RV.

Despite the difficulties we faced, we had an unforgettable summer of touring with “Vinnie”. We made it through 8 western states and Canada. If you want more inspiration to build your own campervan and take a van trip with your loved one, take a look at our West Coast Campervan Tour video below.

If you’re traveling with a friend or partner, there are some questions you should ask and boundaries you should put in place to ensure your campervan experience is a positive one.

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When you shake every bone in your body before laying your head on your pillow, your friends will be amazed and not scared together. Remember, the sounds in a small house are more dramatic when you have the whole house to absorb the sound.

And maybe you want to know if your travel buddy is belting out the “Jeopardy” theme song at every red light before going RVing with them for a month. Get it out there so there are no nasty surprises down the road.

This is a topic that can be a bit uncomfortable to talk about, but you should discuss it before you start planning your trip. If you’re traveling with a partner you’re sharing money with, or you’re traveling with a friend and you’ll be paying more separately, it’s a good idea to figure out your budget expectations.

Looking For Rv Travel Companion

– But your friend is waiting to break the bank, you have two different trips in mind. You may need to compromise a bit to make both of you happy.

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Both on a tight budget? You’re in luck: To help you budget for an amazing time, we’ve rounded up our best tips for saving money on a road trip! 3. What 3 songs are essential on your tour playlist?

However, in all seriousness, you will need it when it comes to music (and almost everything else), because you share a very small space. Best case, you have the same taste in music and can hang out all day together. Worst case scenario, you split the radio time 50/50 and spend the time you’d rather be listening to your friend’s crush on Kenny Rogers, well… a lot.

From this list so far? We’ve also compiled a list of 11 questions to ask a friend before traveling.

It will depend on what you have planned for the day, but it’s good to have some agreement on the sleeping schedule because you may have to share a bed.

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With any amount of time you’ll be spending on the road, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter some sort of problem with your car. You can cross your fingers and pretend all you want, but it’s good to be prepared. YouTube videos are interesting, and it’s a good idea to have someone in mind when you need car advice. (Thanks, Dad!)

So I was sure to make room for a cup of tea and my favorite French press. Ben’s choice of luxury (besides coffee) is a mug that he fills with local beer whenever he gets the chance.

And one luxury we both enjoy is the wonderful (and strange) world of the Internet. We’re working on this blog along the way, I have a few freelance gigs, and Ben is paying to teach English to kids in China via video chat. So when we first had this great idea of ​​living on the road, we definitely figured out how to bring the Internet with us on the road.

Looking For Rv Travel Companion

The good thing is that any of these things may be included in your campervan or RV if they are a big priority in your life. And it’s always good to check out WinLife’s other essential gear lists to make sure you don’t miss out on gear that can improve your life.

Miranda Lambert, Husband Brendan Mcloughlin Get New Rv

Yes, you will go there. If you are not yet at this level with your partner, prepare to get there soon. Or your trip will get really weird.

This is a legal problem that you have to solve. When we tell people we’ve been living on the road for 3 months, the first question 90 percent of people ask is, “How often do you shower?”

We’ll be the first to tell you that we don’t shower every day. It is possible to find restrooms almost anywhere on your van-life tour, but it will take time and effort. We’re fine with going a few days without showering to avoid time and hassle (4 is usually our max). It allows us to travel more and live more freely.

Make sure you are on the same page with your partner about this. If you go days without showering but your partner expects you to shower every morning, you may have trouble down the road. Come to an agreement on how many days you need to shower. That way you’ll both feel relaxed without feeling like you’re missing out on valuable adventure time.

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Still wondering where you can wash on the road? Check out our guide to showering in a campervan here. 9. How many hours a day do you want to drive?

If you want to move as much as possible, but your travel partner prefers not to stay on the road more than two hours a day, you will face some conflicts.

Figure out these logistics in advance and decide if one of you will be the primary driver (thanks Ben!), or if you will split the driving time equally. Setting your expectations will prevent arguments down the road.

Looking For Rv Travel Companion

In addition to discussing how many hours you are comfortable driving, talk about how you want to spend your time. If you want to take a look at life in a van, check out our daily life video in campervan life.

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If you only had a week, would you GO-GO-GO-GO with every allotted moment to make the most of your short time? Or will you have unscheduled time that you can schedule on the go? Talk about your wishes and how fast you want to travel.

If you’re going to RV or campervan indirectly, how long do you plan to stay in each location? If you are bored after a few days in one place but your friends are tired of just the thought of moving around most of the time, you will have to make some compromises.

I hate to break it to you, but road trips are not very good for your waistline. (Coming soon on how we stayed fit and healthy during our 3 month road trip, so check it out!)

Talk about how important it is to you to stay cool on the road, and discuss your favorite way to keep your heart pumping.

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You may want to walk whenever possible. Your partner might get passports to the big cities you’re visiting, while you try to practice yoga when you have a place to beat your mat. Or maybe you’ll download an app like Aaptiv and do daily workouts on the go.

Think of different ways you will try to stay active and discuss how much you want to hold each other accountable. Often, one partner will be more committed to these goals than the other, so make sure you know where the other stands.

Your road trip takes you. If you don’t handle the heat well, don’t visit Utah during the summer months.

Looking For Rv Travel Companion

And if cold weather just isn’t your thing, Minnesota isn’t the best choice in January. Again, we speak from experience.

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