Female Travel Companion For Hire

Female Travel Companion For Hire – After arriving in New Croatia, Alicia (who chose not to give her real name) and her friend went to meet twenty people on vacation from the United States. As two young travelers in their twenties, Alicia and her friend face the same struggles as most millennials: They both have big dreams of multi-country travel but limited funds to make it happen.

Despite their bank accounts, the two girls are soon drawn into an epic montage of five-star dinners in Portugal, cruise parties in Croatia and shopping trips in Italy. As the two travelers travel from country to country, it’s a champagne-fueled fever dream most young women can’t bear.

Female Travel Companion For Hire

Female Travel Companion For Hire

The benefactors of their journey aren’t mom and dad or years of savings. Instead, Alicia and her friend agree to be arm candy for men looking for travel companions. In other words, the price of a women’s whirlwind Europe tour depends on the gender of the traveler.

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I read an article in Vanity Fair that examined the rise of “sugar daddies”: “The trend of women in their twenties trading money for sex with wealthy men called ‘sugar daddies.’ Problems aside, they’re choosing to use their looks instead.I’ve heard rumors of online sites that arrange similar sex-for-money arrangements with travel as payment only.

It was the idea of ​​a “perfect storm” that ultimately inspired me to explore this subfield of the travel world. On the one hand, the number of female solo travelers and women-only travel companies has grown significantly over the years. According to adventure travel company Intrepid Travel, 63 percent of their customers are now women between the ages of 25 and 39, and women now make up more than half of the entire solo travel industry.

Similarly, violence against women travelers is on the rise. The New York Times reported that sexual assaults and crimes against women are on the rise, and the US State Department said, “Women travelers are more likely to be harmed by the religious and cultural beliefs of foreign countries they visit.” They” and “face additional obstacles, especially when traveling alone.” In the middle of this storm – in the middle of the chaos – popular websites like Miss Travel have set up camp.

Launched in April 2012, MissTravel is the first dating site aimed exclusively at travelers. The website was founded by Brandon Wade, founder of Seeking Events, OpenMinded (a site focused on open relationships) and How Much Are You Worth? (Online Love Auction for Women). Explaining to Culture Travel why he created MissTravel, Wade said he wanted to “build a platform where people who love to travel can connect with each other and facilitate access to travel for people who can’t afford it on their own.”

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It once read: “Beautiful Women Travel Free” but has since been changed to “Never Travel Alone” in order to gain a wider audience and ignore the triviality of the services offered. The site works like most dating sites do: a basic profile is filled out and an additional step is taken by posting related trips. You have one of three options:

I have my own ticket (a more conservative method where travel costs are split 50/50 between two people)

It tells a different story. Most of the users on the website are men with an average age of 35. The women on the site are on average 27 years old. “I have an extra ticket” is the most popular choice among men, while “Take me with you” is the most popular choice among female web users. In other words, the people who use MissTravel will be young women looking for free travel from old men.

Female Travel Companion For Hire

There may be no grayer place than the place MissTravel now calls home. When talking to Alicia – who says she never had sex with her European travel companions – the most shocking part of her story is the craziness with which she shares her experience.

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“The benefits are simple. You also have the opportunity to meet people who love to travel and are willing to help pay the expenses. You’ll do things you wouldn’t normally be able to do and go places you probably wouldn’t be able to on your own.

While other twentysomethings are barred from hunting in hostels and off-hours, Alicia and her friend get to explore half of Europe for nothing.

I can’t help but think back to novelist Elizabeth Gilbert and her best-selling memoir.

In the novel, Gilbert details her love of seeing the world and writes, “Travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.”

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On my own adventure, I skipped credit card payments, sold personal possessions, and took a temporary financial swing to buy camel rides in Morocco and rainforest adventures in Borneo. I have always knelt before that great altar of travel, but here I stand bewildered. A quick look into this underworld of travel makes me think that maybe travel isn’t worth it.

Alicia continues to reveal details of her luxury European adventure. Bottles of red wine cost more than the flight. Designer labels bought on the Amalfi Coast. Day trips to Croatian castles. In the end, it looks like Alicia and her friend had the European adventure of their dreams.

And if the boys find what they want, I ask Alicia; She paused for a moment and replied casually, “They wanted some hand candy…”

Female Travel Companion For Hire

Alicia’s voice fades away and like all of this hidden world, I’m left to fill in the gaps.

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Founding editor, Unearth Women. Former editor at Infatuation, Atlas Obscura and Culture Trip. Subscribe to my Substack newsletter: unearthwomen.substack.com Not only can you party with the most amazing Thai women in the circle, but you can get to know them personally.

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Female Travel Companion For Hire

Our Thai models look forward to taking you off the beaten path and showing you where the locals eat, drink and have fun.

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Finding Senior Travel Companions

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Female Travel Companion For Hire

Yes. Once we know more about your trip (dates and duration, location, places you plan to visit…) we will check the available girls and recommend the most suitable tour guides.

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Well, of course, or we wouldn’t recommend them as the best female Thai tour guides in Bangkok.

In Thailand, tipping is appreciated but not expected. This applies to guides and other services. Tip as much as you think is fair based on the service you received.

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