Jobs For Health Science Majors

Jobs For Health Science Majors – These careers connect science to improving the lives and well-being of others, and they all start with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences!

Thinking of studying for a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree, but not sure where it will take you or if it’s really for you? We are here to help. If you want to combine your love of health and science with helping others, you should definitely explore all health science study options. And the good news? There are many career paths available, from nutrition to biomedical sciences and more.

Jobs For Health Science Majors

Jobs For Health Science Majors

Let’s take a look at five awesome and very different jobs you can get with a health science degree.

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Public health nutritionists are experts in diet, nutrition, and disease prevention. They work to improve the health of a target group or population by developing and directing food and nutrition policies and programs. As a public health nutritionist, you can work in a community or nonprofit organization, in local, state, or federal government or in research.

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for all the interesting innovations in our food products or the way we handle, store, package and distribute food? The developer is a food product! This work involves designing and testing prototypes, processes and equipment, as well as working with quality assurance teams to ensure product standards are met for food and food safety.

If you watch true crime documentaries on Netflix, you’ll want to be a forensic scientist. Most of a forensic scientist’s work is laboratory-based, analyzing crime evidence such as blood, hair, and clothing. They also prepare reports, verify documents and retrieve data from technical devices. Employers include the police and government health departments.

Do you dream of developing new vaccines, working on solutions to climate change, finding alternative fuels or creating innovative cosmetics? You can be a biotechnologist! They study biological processes and then find applications in fields such as medicine, conservation and agriculture. A career in health sciences is very exciting, especially if you want to innovate and create a better future.

A Guide To The Bachelor Of Health Science Degree

Professional experience: By studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences you will become an excellent biotechnology expert. As part of the course, you will complete 80 hours of community involvement and 104 hours of business immersion!

Exercise physiologists are passionate about health, fitness, and understanding the effects and benefits of exercise. They use their extensive knowledge of the human body to create exercise programs that help manage pain, injury, illness and disability. Where do they work? You can find exercise physiologists in medical centers, hospitals, sports clinics, and sports teams.

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Jobs For Health Science Majors

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Can You Become A Nurse With A Health Science Degree?

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Find out what you can do with a health science degree and learn about some of the jobs that health science graduates have gotten in recent years.

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A degree in health sciences can open doors to many rewarding careers in the health sector.

Whether you are interested in studying for a Bachelor of Nursing, Midwifery or Paramedical Science degree, the University offers excellence in health education and support placements to help students pursue your interest in a career in the health sciences.

“Our ambitious education and research helps us deliver the most dynamic, effective and caring healthcare professionals in a school that puts innovation, research and passion at the heart of everything we do.” – Melaine Coward, Head of the School of Health Sciences

Jobs For Health Science Majors

There are many job opportunities for qualified nurses, midwives, operating room professionals and paramedics in the UK and internationally. Health science graduates have taken on a variety of roles in both the NHS and the private health sector. There are also opportunities in research, management, education and consulting.

Can I Become A Nurse Practitioner With A Health Science Degree?

Many of our graduates first work in NHS Trusts, having gained practical experience before pursuing further study and work opportunities.

Many qualified nurses work in hospitals, but there are also many opportunities to work in community settings, general surgeries, home health care, ambulatory day surgeries, nursing homes, schools, mental health agencies, hospitals, the military, and industry.

Midwives can choose to work in the community or in hospitals, and can advance their careers by specializing in areas such as family planning and pregnancy management for women with long-term illnesses.

Qualified paramedics are increasingly found at the core of multidisciplinary teams. Within today’s NHS Ambulance Trusts there are opportunities for career paths in specialist practice, teaching, management and research. As a professional, he can combine several positions and be directly involved in customer care.

Highest Paying Nonmedical Jobs (with Salary Info)

“When I finish my degree I plan to get a job as a paratrooper. My best job is working at one of the two ambulance stations where I did my internship because I made friends there and I feel part of the team.” – Holly Adcock, Bachelor of Paramedic Science

Our health sciences graduates have a strong employability record. In recent years, our health sciences graduates have gone on to a variety of careers, including:

Graduates have also pursued graduate degrees in quality health care, professional practice education, physician assistant, primary and community care, and public health practice, while others have chosen to pursue doctorates in health sciences.

Jobs For Health Science Majors

“The best part of my course so far has been the homebirth I attended. I have grown in confidence, leadership and communication skills, and I am becoming the midwife I want to be and they have helped me along the way in everything I do. .” – Kayley Skipworth, BSc Midwife (Registered Midwife)

What Can You Do With An Exercise Science Degree?

“I’ve learned so many new things about myself and developed so many skills, both academically and personally. And I think it’s all been for the best.” – Emily Chapman, BSc Nursing Studies (Adult Registered Nurses) For Individuals Businesses Colleges Colleges Government Online Degrees Find Online Degrees Find Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees MasterTrack™ Earn Credits for Master’s College Certificates Apply Advance Your Career with Graduate Studies Find Your New Career Explore Top Courses Log in for Free List

Health science is a newer academic focus that will help prepare you for a career in health care administration or graduate or professional degrees.

A Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) is a newer field of study for students interested in a career in healthcare. As BHS programs tend to combine scientific studies in the natural and social sciences with practical training, you can prepare for a variety of career options with this degree. Many graduates choose to enter the healthcare field as practitioners, researchers or administrators.

With your BHS, you may be able to enter the workplace or pursue a Masters or professional qualification to deepen your knowledge and skill set. Let’s take a look at the careers and degrees you can pursue with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences.

Jobs You Can Get With A Bachelor’s Degree In Public Health

Below you will find eight positions you can get with BHS. We’ve gathered salary information and, where possible, job growth from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and Glassdoor. While a bachelor’s degree is the most common entry-level requirement for all positions, companies and organizations may have different degree and experience requirements.

Every community has different health care needs, and community members may need help navigating the services available. Community health workers act as intermediaries, making it easier for community members to access various health services. Community health workers may also do outreach, participate in education, or provide specific services such as blood pressure screening.

Many people turn to publications or websites for valuable health information. A health science writer is a journalist who usually focuses on health-related topics. They can work as a freelance writer and contribute to various outlets or as a staff writer for a particular outlet. Many health science writers have a strong background in health and some laboratory experience.

Jobs For Health Science Majors

Many medical questions require expert knowledge of mathematics and statistics to answer. Biostatisticians are medical researchers who find answers. They design surveys, collect and analyze data, and interpret results to develop reports

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