Gifts For Computer Science Majors

Gifts For Computer Science Majors – Continuing our series of gifts related to majors, here are the ten best gifts for Computer Science majors! Computer science is a rapidly growing field with the rise of the Internet and increasing integration into our daily lives. So whether it’s a white elephant gift or just to show you care, why not get a gift that celebrates their importance?

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Gifts For Computer Science Majors

Gifts For Computer Science Majors

This is the perfect collection of developer stickers. It contains 100 different stickers that can decorate laptops, notebooks and anything else that needs personalization. According to the product description, there are stickers for the following programs: Angular, React, Redux, Android, SASS, Webpack, Handelbar, Grunt, Redux, NPM, Bitcoin, Karma, V8, Python, Mocha, Babel, NodeJs, MongoDB, C#, Eslint , Ruby, Git, Gulp, Swift, Stack Overflow, Express, Github Octocat, Nginx, Jade, Coffee Script, Yeoman, Java, Docker, Vim, Jenkins, Vue and Postgres.

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If this all sounds Greek to you, don’t worry! These are popular programs that would look right at home on a CS laptop. In addition, the stickers have sun protection and are waterproof, so they are guaranteed to last a long time.

Stickers add so much personality and fit on almost any surface. Of all the gifts for Computer Science majors, this is one of the best because it shows the languages ​​and programs these majors use every day. Most importantly, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee! If the person you’re getting this for has already covered every possible surface with stickers, it might be best to consider another gift on this list.

For extra flair: There’s another way to turn these stickers into different gifts for computer science majors. Create a progress table as a representation of all the languages ​​and programs a person has learned. They can add the stickers from the languages ​​they already know and then continue to add more stickers as they own new apps. This can be a fantastic visual record of their achievements.

Computer science majors must constantly make notes of bugs in their programs and issues they need to fix. While some people prefer to track it with online applications, many prefer to log problems. This journal is ideal for planning an intensive project. It has 120 pages and is six by nine inches.

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Notebooks are a reliable gift because everyone has moments when they desperately need to capture a thought. However, many people have started voting with their notes, so if your gift recipient prefers electronic storage, it may be best to keep moving down the list.

For Extra Flair: Write a secret message on the pages of the magazine. Each page may have a different word that needs to be decoded to complete the entire note. This is a creative way to skip the card and leave a note that they will always be reminded of when they use the calendar.

There are a lot of inventive t-shirts out there for developers. T-shirts dominate the majority of gifts for Computer Science majors by volume, but I decided to narrow it down to three for this list. T-shirts are a fantastic gift because they allow people to proudly display their interests and act as conversation starters.

Gifts For Computer Science Majors

The Binary Sphere Tee is visually a more minimalistic design, but will appeal to those who don’t like shirts with sarcastic text and like a little more subtlety. Meanwhile, the stackable overflow shirt fully embraces the geek by combining references to Star Wars and coding. By the way, if you are not a coder yourself, Stack Overflow is a site with a large community that many developers turn to with questions about how to solve bugs and other issues or ideas. Finally, the Eat, Sleep, Code t-shirt is a great example of a t-shirt to make for people who proudly embrace their passion for coding and enjoy some text-based shirts.

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As always, if you’re not sure if they’ll wear said t-shirt, there’s still the “here’s a new pajama shirt!” justification. Or if their closet is already full of programmer shirts, it might be best to check out some of the other gifts for computer science majors on this list.

For Extra Flair: Write the card in binary or hexadecimal or octal. It is important to keep these computer science majors at their disposal. For those like me who don’t know binary like the back of their hand, here is a text to binary website application.

A computer science degree is great and all, but it’s useless if students have no idea how to get a job afterward. This book provides an incredible variety of practice interview questions with examples for people to study. This can help them learn to master the right things to say and avoid any mistakes in the interview room, which can be critical to landing a job.

Why is this book so great? It contains more than 189 interview questions with suggested solutions. It also covers five strategies for approaching algorithm questions that a Computer Science major has never seen before and covers important topics such as data structures and basic algorithms. Of course, it doesn’t just focus on computer science, it also gives tips to answer questions about soft skills like communication and leadership.

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This book is not only for computer science majors looking for jobs, but also for those stuck in jobs they don’t like. This is even for people hoping to earn a promotion! Acing interviews is one of the most important skills in corporate life and this book is the perfect guide to mastering any interview.

For Extra Flair: Everyone needs someone to practice these interview questions so they can master them and land a fantastic job. Why not offer to act as virtual interviewers when they feel ready to practice?

SOCKS! They make almost every list. Not only do they make a great white elephant party favor, but they’re also perfect for people who collect unique socks. Both of these designs are good choices for Computer Science majors, as one shows a circuit and the other a binary code.

Gifts For Computer Science Majors

Most people appreciate a pair of innovative socks that express their interests. However, there are some people who do not like to wear such impressive clothes. There’s no point in giving someone something they’ll never wear, so these gifts are definitely for people who love to wear crazy socks. Of the two designs here, the circuit socks are probably a bit more intense, so if you want to play it slightly safe, the binary design might be better.

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For Extra Flair: Hide fun little notes in the socks. I suggest writing five short letters. They can include a little encouragement, a joke, good advice, a sincere compliment, and a good reminder. If you want to try something different, you can write the notes in binary and use that text in a website binary.

This aluminum bracelet features binary code making it the perfect gift for Computer Science majors. The default size is six inches, but for a little longer, a seven inch bracelet is available. According to the seller’s description, the bracelet is also adjustable. Additionally, the bracelet is customizable so you can include your message in binary code with this text in binary website application. However, there seems to be enough room for five letters.

It makes a great gift for anyone who likes to wear bracelets. It can even function as a bicycle, although that trend is over. The ability to personalize the code makes it a unique choice, despite the limited space. It goes without saying, but if the recipient isn’t a fan of wearing jewelry or bracelets, some of these other gifts for computer science majors might be best.

For Extra Flair: Create your own programming playlist for them! Include songs they like or just pieces of music that you think improve focus. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to solving a bug is a mental block. Music can help the programmer step back and approach the problem differently.

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For those of you who aren’t computer science majors, I’m sure you’ve guessed from context clues that the message essentially means, “There’s no place like home.” The sequence of numbers refers to an IPv4 address called localhost, which is one’s personal computer network. This text is laser etched into a block of wood, making it the perfect desk decor for a Computer Science major. For three more dollars you can add a short, personal message to the back of this sign!

This is a unique token for Computer Science majors who enjoy a fast, internal report and free desktop space. For people who enjoy a little interior decorating, this sign can be used on nightstands, desks and more

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