Job Opportunities For Mechatronics Engineers

Job Opportunities For Mechatronics Engineers – It can be said that Michel Easter has nine lives. Before joining NASA, the mechatronics engineer went from a small farming town in Maryland to a special effects makeup artist in Los Angeles to an international fashion model, all before switching to engineering and landing at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Read on to learn how he first decided to go to college in his early twenties, how he worked on the future Europa Lander, and how a dog house (yes, a dog house!) changed the trajectory of his career that time. .

I was born in Maryland and grew up on a farm where my family has lived and worked for over 100 years. During my childhood, we raised cows, sheep, chickens and various crops. My sister and nephew still live there.

Job Opportunities For Mechatronics Engineers

Job Opportunities For Mechatronics Engineers

They went from small town farm girl to special effects makeup artist to international fashion model. How did it all come about?

Diploma In Industrial Automation (mechatronic)

After high school, I decided to pursue makeup artistry and got my makeup artist license and moved to Los Angeles. I learned special effects tricks and worked on several independent films. Soon after, I started getting offers for modeling jobs and took them for extra income – this extra income turned into a full-time income. I continued to travel, modeling for many years, doing shoots, shows, catalogs and editorials in cities like Milan, Dubai, Athens, London, Beirut and Paris. Finally, I decided to stay in the United States and moved to New York City. This move took me down a different path.

Modeling has fueled my creativity and exploration, but my education and exposure to engineering has helped me become mentally stronger, wiser, and more satisfied with my life overall. – Michelle Pasqua To go to this and get into university:

Although I loved the fashion scene in New York and had a relatively stable income for the modeling world, I decided to go to university. I immediately fell in love with the school and started playing auditions at Hunter College to try and get university credits in Physics, Maths and Computer Science. Modeling fed my creativity and exploration and nurtured a free spirit in me, but learning and doing engineering helped me become mentally stronger, wiser, and happier with my life overall.

You were in school, but you weren’t sure what you wanted to do, until the day you built a doghouse, and the light bulb went off. How did it happen?

Exciting Career Paths For Mechatronics Graduates

It all started with boredom and a whimsical idea: I built a dog house for my puppy that looked like he was wearing a royal crown. I collected a bunch of wood from our greenhouse on the family farm, brought it to my apartment in New York, and sketched out my design. I cut out the features and built the walls, ceiling and sewed the velvet pad for the interior. I was having fun thinking of things to add, and since my dog ​​is so furry and we’re in the middle of a humid Manhattan summer, I tried to install some kind of ventilation on the roof. I found some small computer fans on eBay and then stumbled upon some chipped and cracked solar cells that provided power at a low cost with low efficiency. Given the geometry of the house’s foundation and the reduced efficiency of the solar panels, I looked up equations to calculate if the roof surface could be large enough to power the fan.

At some point I found myself enjoying designing and building by myself, without anyone’s help or real knowledge. It made me question what I could be capable of if I was really educated – having people teach me and work with me and how much I would enjoy designing and building things as a career.

After several years as a part-time student at Hunter College, I was “adopted” by my mentor, Professor Godfrey Gumbs, who helped me get an internship at the Kirtland Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) doing theoretical research in quantum optics. gave After a lot of hard work, I was accepted into the Mechanical Engineering program at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Job Opportunities For Mechatronics Engineers

When I entered engineering school, I was 28 years old and the other incoming students were about ten years younger than me. They were more used to using technology—I hadn’t been in education before Google, so I felt uncomfortable. I also felt a little alienated from most of my classmates. In my twenties, I spent a lot of time traveling and working in a very different environment, while other engineering students took more traditional paths and might be away from home for the first time. Being surrounded by girlfriends I’ve met over the years has helped me a lot. They helped me feel “normal” in college – helped me maintain my identity and not be overwhelmed by the lifestyle change.

Apprenticeship As A Mechatronics Engineer (m/f/d)

I was nearing the end of my summer of engineering school, and I had heard from my classmates that if you want to go to graduate school, you should start applying in the fall of your senior year. . I started doing research to see what options were out there and what the graduate school application process involved. Basically, I stopped looking when I started reading about Caltech. I reached out to my girlfriend, whose friend’s husband, Capt. David Lehman, worked at JPL. I was hoping he would put us in touch so I could ask questions about Caltech.

It all happened so quickly and completely out of the blue—after I sent my resume, he asked me if I had considered working at JPL. I was devastated, I just thought no. The next day, he forwarded my resume to JPL’s Mechanical Systems Engineering, Manufacturing and Test division. After a phone conversation, he invited me to fly out for a personal interview. It was super surreal. Later, when I got the offer, I was excitedly on the phone with my girlfriends and jumped up to my apartment. I was amazed and knew that this could be the beginning of a whole new life for me.

Mechatronics is a very interesting field that combines mechanical design, electronics and software. This is similar to robotics and applies to many modern devices, almost anything with moving parts that require power. As a mechatronics engineer, you can build a system or device that can perform any task you can dream up, create mechanisms, and bring electricity and code to life. It is a truly creative, hands-on and interdisciplinary world in engineering.

I’m really enjoying the project I’m working on right now – it’s fast paced for a pilot project and I’m tinkering with hardware non-stop. NASA and ESA build and supply Dual Drive Actuators for Sentinel-6, a collaborative Earth observation satellite. The actuator was originally developed in the 80s by Doug Packard, who also invented the brushless DC motor and provided critical motion control for major spacecraft in NASA’s history, such as Galileo, Cassini, and even the shuttle missions. The Sentinel-6 Dual Drive operates a window that is part of an instrument that helps measure the topography of Earth’s oceans.

Mechatronics Engineer Resume Sample 2023

I also enjoyed working on the Europa Lander last summer. I worked on the Sampling System team at JPL to help build test facilities that would help develop the sampling system for the future Europa Lander. This lander is a particularly challenging problem because the environment is so tight with so many uncertain variables, such as surface chemistry and topography. These uncertainties, combined with the task of sampling cryogenic ice in a vacuum without affecting or altering what you’re sampling, are a truly great engineering challenge.

Do not doubt yourself and do not hold back. When you step out of your comfort zone to learn, you may surprise yourself. In addition, you will gain hands-on, project-based experience. If you’re struggling to find an internship, just do something for fun. Practical work is an important way to master home engineering concepts and gives you relevant experience to discuss in interviews.

I think my favorite is probably the famous Hubble image that shows galaxy after galaxy in one shot. It is absolutely incredible to think of all the possibilities of unimaginable life on so many countless new worlds and all the planetary bodies in all the galaxies in one picture. It gives me shivers to look and think about the immensity and infinity of space.

Job Opportunities For Mechatronics Engineers

“We are building and supplying Dual Drive Actuators for Sentinel-6, a collaborative NASA and ESA Earth observation satellite. The actuator was originally designed in the 80s by Doug Packard, who also invented the brushless DC motor and provided significant propulsion Controlling the largest spacecraft in NASA history.

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