Government Jobs With Biology Degree

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Biology is the study of life, and students learn how body systems work, grow, and interact to keep organisms functioning and able to reproduce. Specializations focus on different types of life: human biology (including genetics), zoology, cellular and molecular biology, and botany. Biology students learn about the atoms that make up living things, the bodies that are made up of those atoms, and ecosystems of things that live together in groups.

Government Jobs With Biology Degree

Government Jobs With Biology Degree

We use data from the US Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to report on the highest paying, fastest growing and most popular jobs for biology degree graduates. Learn more about data and how we use it to create this resource here.

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A B.S. in biology can open the door to a variety of high-paying careers. Below are surgeons and other doctors, followed by dentists: if you are willing and able to pursue the necessary advanced degrees, you can join the profession with an average salary above $150,000 a year. Pharmacists also pay well, but require advanced training and licensing. Medical and health services managers earn an average salary of $100,000 and often only need a B.S. at the entry level, although a master’s degree can help you qualify for higher paying positions.

A number of biology-related job categories are predicted to grow rapidly over the next 10 years. Below are nurse practitioners (NPs) with a staggering 51% growth rate through 2029. Third in line are physician assistants, whose 31.3% growth is lower than NPs, but still well ahead of the US average. Respiratory therapists and medical assistants also look to enjoy healthy job growth. These numbers tell a story when compared to an obscure category on this list: doctors. The large medical shortage in the US has led to the growth of jobs that perform some of the same functions—for example, NPs have evolved into primary care providers with the ability to prescribe medications.

Biology is a versatile field of study and graduates are prepared to enter many fields. Two obvious career paths (based on salary and job growth) are health care and education. A bachelor’s degree in biology is the first step to higher-paying jobs in health care: doctors, dentists, and pharmacists require several years of additional schooling to begin practice. Some of the fastest-growing jobs require only a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree to enter, including healthcare physician support technicians and clinical laboratory technicians. In the field of education, biology graduates can become teachers in elementary or secondary education settings, although further education and certification is required. Some students go on to earn PhDs in biology, where they can become professors and conduct important research.

Medical professionals at all levels of care need an accurate patient history and accurate test results in order to properly diagnose and treat an illness or injury. They should also consult a reliable source when presented with an unusual condition or group of symptoms. Students develop these habits in college by consulting existing literature, taking careful measurements, and following detailed steps using the scientific method.

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These are important skills developed during a biology degree, which emphasize identifying problems, proposing solutions to them, and taking steps to achieve those goals.

Professionals in all healthcare settings use more technical equipment than previous generations, including sophisticated diagnostic equipment and specialized computers and software. Teachers also use the latest instructional technology to help their students learn and acquire their technical skills.

These skills are not necessarily developed by studying biology, but are essential for most career tracks in healthcare and education. Diagnostic technicians must give clear instructions to patients, doctors and dentists must speak at the level of non-expert patients (who are often anxious), and teachers must make complex concepts understandable and interesting.

Government Jobs With Biology Degree

Some popular jobs with a biology degree only require a bachelor’s degree. The largest category is clinical laboratory technologists and technicians, who use advanced equipment to analyze biological samples in a variety of laboratory settings, including hospitals, private clinics, and physician offices, as well as colleges and universities. The average salary for these professionals is about $53,000 a year, and the 7.3% projected job growth is about twice the average for all US occupations. Not all university laboratories are devoted to biological research, but biology provides the best foundation for laboratory technicians who want to work in healthcare.

Biological Technologists And Technicians

A bachelor’s degree in biology can lead to a number of different career options, but the most rewarding entry-level positions are usually found in the laboratory. Here are three options for those with a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Clinical laboratory technologists, also known as medical laboratory scientists, are an important component of the healthcare industry. Working in the laboratory, using advanced scientific equipment, analyzing blood, urine and tissue samples, looking for Abnormalities that can help inform the doctor about the patient’s health. In larger laboratory facilities, clinical laboratory technologists may specialize in investigating specific conditions, such as cancer or autoimmune diseases, on a larger scale.

Environmental scientists can be found working in laboratories or outdoors, collecting samples and analyzing data on specific aspects of the environment, such as air pollution, water pollution, or soil erosion. Some are employed by government agencies, helping to identify problems and solutions that become policy or law. Others work with businesses and organizations, helping organizations comply with the law and minimize their impact on the environment.

Microorganisms, which include bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and some parasites, are around us and inside us. Microbiologists use advanced equipment and computers to study these microorganisms and compile data about them. The work of microbiologists is essential to many aspects of our daily lives, from identifying treatments for infectious diseases to improving the food supply to solving problems in the global environment.

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A B.S. in biology lays the foundation for a variety of career paths. With the relevant license, graduates can pass

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