Best Studio Headphones For Music Production

Best Studio Headphones For Music Production – Unless you live in a secluded house somewhere deep in the woods, you need reliable studio headphones as a music producer. But what are the 7 best studio headphones for music production and mixing in 2023?

Well, buckle up. In this article, we bring you seven great pairs of headphones that are just as good for mixing as they are for creating music.

Best Studio Headphones For Music Production

Best Studio Headphones For Music Production

A pair of headphones is an essential tool for any music producer. With them, you can stop worrying about the time you want to make music. Heck, you can make music and mix it at full blast all night – if you want. Headphones won’t make people around you smarter (unless you have open headphones, more on that later…)

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The point is, just as studio monitors are an essential part of any studio, a pair of headphones that have a flat frequency response are also essential to making the right musical decisions. They’re also another point of reference that lets you see how your music sounds in the headphones – the way most of us listen to music in our everyday lives.

This list of the best studio headphones for music production and mixing features seven of the most popular headphones. And whatever you choose, we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Used by renowned producers and audio engineers around the world for almost thirty years, the Sony MDR-7506 remains one of the most popular studio headphones.

These classic studio headphones feature a closed-back design, light weight, and wide frequency range, making them great for both tracking and production.

Best Headphones For Music Production In 2023

They also work well for mixing with a timeless sound and smooth response, especially given the relatively low price.

We now present the most expensive product on our list. But it’s safe to say that the Sennheiser HD650 are some of the best studio headphones you can buy.

The open and dynamic headphones have excellent reference capabilities and sound so beautiful and rich that audiophiles are happy to use them for listening pleasure.

Best Studio Headphones For Music Production

They are more expensive but they don’t break the bank. If you want the best sound you can get, buy the HD 650. Also remember that high impedance levels require a solid amplifier or audio interface to play.

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The Audio-Technica ATH M50x are popular among manufacturers around the world, with many even saying they are the best studio headphones you can buy at this price.

The durable closed construction makes them reliable and durable, yet comfortable and light. With a deep, rich and accurate sound, they are ideal for reference listening.

And thanks to the headphones, they are also suitable for DJs. Three cables are included, one of which is three meters long, which can be used to move freely around the studio or on stage.

They have a smooth response and a very open, spacious design. With a sound so clear and crisp, thanks to the two-layer Varimotion diaphragm, you feel like you’re listening to detail monitors.

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These ultra-comfortable headphones feature 3D foam ear cushions and a leather headband for a comfortable fit, allowing you to listen comfortably for hours in the studio.

The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro are some of the best studio mixing headphones for the price. Ask any manufacturer and many will recommend these headphones as the only ones they use.

These closed-back headphones effectively cancel noise so you can clearly hear the details in your mixes and make better decisions.

Best Studio Headphones For Music Production

With a durable and sophisticated design and swivel ear pads, they are easy to take with you, so you can get high-quality results wherever you are.

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Almost every music and studio professional knows about the Beyerdynamic DT 770 and others in the series. Some say they are the best. And all this thanks to its beautiful, lively and extremely detailed sound, which allows you to make precise production and mixing decisions.

These headphones have a closed design and provide a lower noise level than their sibling the DT 990 Pro. However, this means they don’t leak sound, allowing you to work uninterrupted for long sessions.

Comfortable and cozy fit with soft adjustable ear cushions that keep working even after hours in the studio.

The Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro is similar in sound to the 770 DT with one major difference. Its open design offers a wider soundstage and stereo imaging for even more accurate mixing.

Best Headphones For Music Production In 2023

However, due to their open design, they let sound through and do not provide the same noise reduction as a closed model.

But if sound quality and mixing precision is your goal, these headphones won’t disappoint. With exceptional tonal depth, you’ll hear even the tiniest details in every sound.

The tiny highs and treble also make them a pleasure to listen to outside of the studio.

Best Studio Headphones For Music Production

The All Course Package contains everything you need to know to create professional music mixes and mastering quickly and efficiently.

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After completing these courses, you will have learned all the skills you need to create music in a wide range of genres. You’ll also feel confident in your ability to create professional music in your studio – every day.

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About the Author Pelle Sundin is a music producer and writer from Sweden who is active in his chillout project PLMTRZ. It also produces awareness. When he’s not making, he’s surfing, skateboarding and drinking coffee. Headphones for music production are one of the most essential pieces of music equipment, especially for a home studio. But what headphones do music producers use?

Manufacturers tend to spend several hundred dollars on their studio headphones. Of course, you don’t need headphones to break the bank to make music. But you should be willing to spend more than $100 if you’re looking for a pair of studio headphones that will serve you well in the long run, with a few exceptions.

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Studio headphones offer clear, smooth reproduction of your music projects. That being said, the headphones are more of an information device that acts as an extension of the nearby monitors. Larger drivers in speakers create a wider sound field and often give manufacturers better reproduction. Also, the stereo range is often too wide in headphones because each ear receives sound from different drivers.

But studio monitors need a good acoustical space to perform at their best, and not everyone can achieve that level in their room. So, if you use more studio headphones, you don’t have much sound detail that poorly treated rooms can hide. And that’s why we talk about what we think are the best headphones for creating music in home studios – the laboratories of independent artists and music producers.

And when you’re trying to decide whether to get open back or closed back headphones, you need to know what purpose your headphones will serve. We previously wrote an article to help you do this.

Best Studio Headphones For Music Production

First, we have a real pair of high-quality headphones for creating music. Beyerdynamic headphones like the DT 770 Pro outperform many competitors in a similar price range, and as a result, the brand tops our list of the best headphones for to create music.

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The Beyerdynamic DT 1990 is an open back, surround sound headphone. So they are good for mixing in quiet listening environments rather than monitoring performance. However, the DT 1990 Pro headphones are an open version of the closed back DT 1770 Pro, which is more suitable for live monitoring.

However, the DT 1990 Pro open headphones have a solid construction designed using advanced components. There’s a lot of metal in their design, such as the headphone forks and exposed driver grills. Therefore, they are more durable than plastic headphones and feel more professional in use, so don’t expect them to be light!

Speaking of the driver grilles, they have a silver mesh that breaks up the jet-black look. And the Beyerdynamic company made a headband made of plush leather, which evenly distributes the 370-gram weight of the cans on the head. As for the ear cushions, they are made of memory foam and wrapped in gray velor. Overall, the DT 1990 Pros provide a comfortable listening experience, but your ears may get a little warm after a long session as the ear material is not very breathable.

Combined with the earcup design, the high-flow neodymium drivers offer a wide frequency response that works out of the box with high-fidelity, smooth sound reproduction. The soundstage is deep and provides a realistic representation of your music.

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In the Beyerdynamic tradition, the DT 1990 Pro headphones actually have a high impedance value. With an impedance of 250 ohms, you will need an amplifier (such as an audio interface) if you want to listen to music at optimal volume levels. Note that these studio mobiles will lose their magic without some amplification.

On the left ear, you’ll find one mini-XLR connection. And Beyerdynamic ships the DT 1990 Pro with two cables: a 3m straight cable and a 5m coiled cable, both with a 3.5mm mini-jack and a 6.35mm screw adapter. DT 1990 Pro headphones are also included

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