Gifts For Software Engineers Reddit

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It’s gift-buying season and I don’t know about you, but I love giving great gifts. It doesn’t sound mean, but making my friends and family members feel loved and appreciated is what makes the holiday season so special. I admit that sometimes I get stressed looking for that perfect gift. If you feel pressured to show a developer friend or family member that you care, this blog post should ease your worries.

Gifts For Software Engineers Reddit

Gifts For Software Engineers Reddit

Of course, preferences vary from person to person, but you can’t go wrong giving your eloper loot, gear, or learning resources.

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The Rel team at GitHub has compiled a list of specific articles that the software developers in your life are sure to love!

Costing just $30, this plush collection features Octocata, the mascot of GitHub’s source code hosting service. This Octoplush is made from a new polyester material, manufactured by Squishables, and is fun for ages three and up. Buy here.

Mechanical keyboards are all the rage among tech workers. Now that many of us are working from home, designing and decorating a home office for maximum productivity is fun and therapeutic. Adding a mechanical keyboard and LED lighting can brighten up your loved one’s surroundings. Check out Drop to buy your eloper friend’s dream mechanical keyboard.

While we’re on the subject of keyboards, why not make the keycaps available on GitHub? Software engineers can use it as a boss key, panic button, or reminder to exit vim. Help them show their passion for collaborative coding for just $4.95. Buy here.

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Some people collect shoes or Pokemon cards; software engineer collects Udemy courses. On, click “this free course” on the sale page of your chosen course to help your software eloper learn life skills. Here are the instructions for donating a course to udemy.

This GitHub-branded YubiKey serves as a hardware-based authentication solution that provides superior phishing protection, eliminates account controls, and enables you to meet strong authentication requirements. This holiday season, you can protect the identity of a friend or family member for just $55 via the GitHub store.

O’Reilly offers an online library of over 45,000 titles, including eBooks, interactive videos, live courses, and case studies. Users can access the offers via laptops or mobile phones. Make it easy for developers to learn on the go by purchasing an O’Reilly membership.

Gifts For Software Engineers Reddit

Technologists have to deal with a lot of wires – from power cords to monitors and headphone adapters. Help them organize their cables with this cable management sleeve from Amazon for $11.99.

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This relatively small mirror has many uses, such as a game console, desktop computer, home theater and many more. Engineers can tinker with the Raspberry Pi 4 for just $35

This macro keyboard works as a second keyboard! Connect the MacroPad RP2040 to any computer to send a function key message. Developers can program the mirror to do much more, including playing music, designing games, and generating two-factor authentication passwords. Buy on Adafruit.

Who doesn’t like to reminisce? Acknowledge a software engineer’s technical and professional development with a t-shirt, poster or 3D model of his contribution chart on GitHub.

Github is great, but have you thought about how to make yours more attractive to potential employers or other visitors? Even non-technical people like recruiters!

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Github always posts content that violates the Community Code of Conduct because it is harassing, offensive or spammy. Purdue University’s INSPIRE Research Institute for Pre-College Engineering is testing games to see how well they develop STEM skills in children. Purdue University

Gifts For Software Engineers Reddit

Every holiday season, STEM-themed gifts disappear from the shelves as people buy educational toys and books for their children. But standing in the toy aisle — or browsing Amazon — looking at a colorful array of building blocks, robots, and computer games can be overwhelming.

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To help people find the best, best-designed engineering gifts, students and faculty at Purdue University’s INSPIRE Research Institute for Engineering Pre-College have reviewed dozens of toys, gifts, and games released by the wringer over the past few years. Prior to 2020, parents and children were invited to test the gifts, but due to the pandemic, the review process took place on INSPIRE. Each gift was played and rated by three different people who were assigned a rating; top-rated gifts have been featured in the annual Engineering Gift Guide, now in its eighth year.

A report published by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2018 says that learning and play are “inextricably linked”, in part because children feel comfortable exploring on their own and can learn without pressure. While not all toys need – or should – be STEM-themed, some gifts are designed to teach specific skills and ways of thinking.

“Over the years, INSPIRE faculty have received emails from people saying, ‘I really want to buy some engineering toy for my kid, what’s your favorite toy? says Tamara Moore, Executive Director of INSPIRE and Purdue Professor of Engineering Education Team. “When we decided to start the guide, it was a really fun way to test the games and connect with the community that would actually answer this question we were getting all the time.”

While many gifts advertise themselves as brilliant, not all are created equal, says Moore. The best gifts engage children in engineering and design thinking, introducing distinctive skills such as spatial reasoning, coding, problem solving and design thinking in an accessible way. In addition, well-designed games also teach qualities such as creativity, optimism, and learning from mistakes that go far beyond the realm of engineering. In the guide, each gift contains a description and outline of the specific skills it promotes.

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This year, Moore and his team of students reviewed nearly 80 gifts; 46 went to the gift guide. Especially for

This colorful book features Baby, a young child discovering the skills needed to become an engineer. Using simple sentences and colorful graphics, author Lori Alexander explains the basics of engineering, directly comparing what an engineer does to something a small child would experience. For example, if an engineer is building a tower, children can stack the blocks.

“It goes through the entire engineering design process, from figuring out how it works to figuring out the answer to actually building the solution, and then ‘Oh no,'” said Andrew Lake, an undergraduate electrical engineering student. the solution doesn’t work! ‘” says Andrew Lake, who coordinated the gift guide project. (Cartwheel Books, $8.99)

Gifts For Software Engineers Reddit

Move the switch. Turn gear. Can a child become an engineer? Find out in this STEM addition to the Future Baby series!

Gift Genie Ai

This set includes 16 wooden blocks in different colors and shapes, and ten model cards. Each map shows blocks arranged in a certain way with a 3D view on one side and a 2D view on the other. The cards start out simple and increase in difficulty, but kids also have room to play freely. As simple as it sounds, games like this develop spatial thinking, design, and critical thinking skills, among other things.

“The transition from a two-dimensional image to a three-dimensional structure is called the skill of representation,” says Moore. “It’s one of those games that develops that kind of skill. This is a skill that children acquire very early.” Games like building blocks, shape sorting and Lego help develop these reasoning skills, he says. (HABA, $19.99)

This 16-piece brick set comes with cards in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing for lots of brick building options.

With this toy, kids will build their own robots with 18 different plastic parts – like curved legs, funny eyes and even a propeller hat – that can be configured in countless ways. The ability to mix and match to create a unique robot or use a brochure with pictures of different models encourages creative thinking, spatial reasoning skills and independent design, all the hallmarks of a good engineer. (Educational Resources, $24.99)

Wordle Is A Love Story

Abby’s mom is fed up with folding laundry and Abby wants to help her. He believes that since there are washing machines and dryers, then surely there must be folders somewhere, right? When he can’t find it, he teams up with his cousin Miko to build a Foldibot. Author and

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