Christmas Gifts For Computer Engineers

Christmas Gifts For Computer Engineers – Mechanical engineering is hard to buy. They tend to be practical, usable and unique gifts. As an engineer myself, I wanted to put together what I think are the best gifts for mechanical engineers and mechanical engineering students.

Whether it’s a graduation gift, birthday gift, or Christmas gift, I hope this gift guide will help you finish your gift shopping faster than ever and put a smile on your face. face of a mechanical engineer. Show them you understand their passion for engineering and support them as they search for your perfect gift.

Christmas Gifts For Computer Engineers

Christmas Gifts For Computer Engineers

This list is a collection of my favorites from around the web. Some are our own Genius Lab Gear creations and some are just jealous we didn’t think of them! Some of the external links on this page are from affiliates, which means that when you click on the link, you are purchasing products for Genius Lab Gear with an affiliate fee. a small loan that is not paid to you. We appreciate your support, which allows us to continue creating and testing tools for the best engineers on the planet!

The Best Gifts For The Pc Gamer In Your Life

The practical and unique pocket tool for the mechanical engineering student or professional. It’s like a credit card and packed with features and information that mechanical engineers need every day, both in school and at work.

The laser-cut and laser-engraved stainless steel is coated with thick black enamel to prevent scratches and years of abuse. One of the most inexpensive gadget gifts that any mechanical engineer will love. You can order directly through our website or through Amazon using the link below.

You can also add a custom logo for your event, networking or promotional giveaway! Custom orders start at 100 shekels – email us for more information.

For mechanical engineers, mechanical pencils are considered the most important for everyday use. They allow you to make beautiful pictures for home work or professional work with the ability to make fine adjustments to erase. In this new digital age, mechanical pens are still needed, but mechanical engineers often use touch screens as well.

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So my favorite mechanical pencil is the rOtring 800 (0.5mm). It changes from pencil to pencil on the fly and also ensures that the nib does not poke your pocket throughout the day like most other models. This is a very stylish mechanical pencil and makes a very special gift.

Staedtler is another brand that engineers love. This model is cheaper and lasts longer, but it cannot be converted into a pencil. You can’t go wrong either.

We recently launched a series of science and technology magnets, and of course we made a special set for engineers! Each special package contains 144 discs, developed by doctors in the field for technical requirements and quiet madness. A fun mechanical engineering gift for students in the bedroom, lab, or office that allows them to express their technical side instead of focusing on work.

Christmas Gifts For Computer Engineers

You can also link it to our website with the latest “Engineering is for everyone” sticker and the pocket engineer above!

Best Gifts For Mechanical Engineers (in 2023)

This is my favorite clever creation. It is inevitable. Rocketbook has solved the problem of connecting your handheld notes to your favorite digital services. You can simply use their app to take a photo of the note page and the QR code and mark on each page will send the app to send the digital page to the 9 digital locations of your choice. These include OneNote, Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and even personal email. Want a shortcut to send a note directly to your co-workers or boss? This is what you want.

My personal favorite is the Rocketbook Matrix because it’s designed for more technical work. It has 30 pages of graph paper and one regular lined page for note-taking, plus an inside liner on the inside cover. Did I mention they are reusable? Use the “Pilot Frixion” pen and wipe the page with a damp cloth after entering notes to reuse (and get one for the environment!).

Another tool used by mechanical engineers is the tape measure. Standard tape measures can be inaccurate and inconvenient to use. Fortunately, these problems can be solved with a new technology called laser ranging. This is a great gift for a civil engineer! We love that it’s accurate to 65 yards, fits in your pocket, and offers real-time measurements that adjust as you get closer or further away from the target.

Engineers are often stuck reading technical papers, textbooks and journal articles. It’s important to break this cycle every now and then and immerse yourself in a book for fun. Below are some of our favorite science-related books that are great reads for any scientist or engineer.

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This is our favorite book that any scientist or engineer would love to read. For such a technical book, it has an incredible plot, but not much action (except for a bit at the end). No other fiction book has gained such popularity because it goes through the exact calculations, guesswork and scientific principles to keep a person alive. You root for Mark Watney and are inspired by the idea that your technical knowledge may one day save your life.

This biography of Elon Musk has quickly become a bestseller thanks to its look into the eyes of the engineering hero. Biographies are often boring, but not this one. Musk’s life is a rollercoaster of visionary endeavors, major setbacks and out-of-the-box thinking that inspires all engineers to go further in their careers.

A famous and highly acclaimed play about Lockheed Martin’s top-secret Skunk Works engineering project that helped win the Cold War, written by the head of the department for two decades. It includes the culmination of the high-stakes, high-stakes secret technical projects and technological chess games the United States played against the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s. anecdotes and testimonies from top government officials and pilots about revolutionary projects like the SR-71 Blackbird, the F-116 Stealth Fighter, and the U-2 spy plane.

Christmas Gifts For Computer Engineers

I personally loved this book and laughed out loud at almost every chapter. This is a fun and inspiring read for engineers who are passionate about problem solving and the latest technology. Readers will learn important lessons in engineering projects and managing teams of scientists and engineers to achieve nearly impossible goals.

Round Computer Green Circuit Board Cufflinks For Engineer Electrician 16mm

If you think you’re a graduate student too, check out our list of the best books that will make you a better graduate student.

This magnetic wristband is an inexpensive but very convenient accessory that mechanics, mechanics and mechanical engineers who like to build or fix things will love. Mine has helped stop my constant screwing up of dropping small screws or misplacing the bits.

Certified engineering licensure tests like the PE and FE may seem confusing, but they are important to many engineering careers. Civil engineer Luis Duque, who passed physics in his first attempt and hosts the podcast Engineering Our Future, is dedicated to teaching young engineers learning skills and abilities. Luis has also created an email course on invaluable study skills to help engineers prepare for their FE or PE exams. If your engineer is completing or approaching a physical exam, giving them this course is very helpful.

Mechanical Engineering Gifts Under $100 9. Raspberry Pi 4 Kit for Robotics and DIY Projects

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The Raspberry Pi is a small, bare-bones computer that is fully programmable using the Python language. There is an entire ecosystem of “makers” who share instructions and help each other with their own DIY projects using them. Mechanical engineers are the ultimate “innovators” out there and often enjoy building and creating the one-of-a-kind gadgets that the Raspberry Pi can handle.

Most mechanical engineers can easily handle the minimal Python code required (by the book). They like things like robot cars, smart houses and real magic mirrors. I did it myself and it was great fun! See the full list of projects on the Adafruit Projects page.

Any practical mechanical engineer (or student) will learn that a good variety of brake calipers are essential for the job. They allow you to take accurate measurements of small objects – allowing you to reproduce them in 3D models, verify proper tolerances before assembling parts, or help design new products around existing objects.

Christmas Gifts For Computer Engineers

This special caliper kit measures up to 10 microns and is the gold standard used in most university and industrial laboratories. Mitutoyo is known for its accuracy and durability, and the digital readout helps save time and reduce errors when recording measurements. Spend the extra money on this kit and your mechanical engineer will be ready for at least a decade or two. If that’s not in your budget, you can go for an analog version or a cheaper but useful version.

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