Dubai Dress Code For Female Tourists 2019

Dubai Dress Code For Female Tourists 2019 – When I moved to Dubai more than ten years ago, I didn’t think about the Dubai dress code or even what to wear in Dubai when I was here. I thought that my work and casual clothes would suit me because this city has a lot of people.

My clothes fit me really well, but what I didn’t count on was the heat and humidity that felt like a river of sweat running down my back when I was outside for the first month . And I didn’t realize how contrasting the seasons would be for me to dress in, making layering a necessity.

Dubai Dress Code For Female Tourists 2019

Dubai Dress Code For Female Tourists 2019

It was very easy for me to feel at home among women wearing abayas and headscarves and men wearing kandora because I dress modestly and cover my hair. That was a choice I made more than twenty years ago, and I have never regretted it. However, it is not for everyone, and everyone must make their own decisions in their own personal circumstances.

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The Dubai Dress Code provides guidance on how to dress in Dubai and other emirates to respect the religious values ​​of the people of the UAE and local culture. The UAE dress code applies to all visitors and residents and is mandated by the UAE federal government.

I didn’t feel pressured by the Dubai dress code because I was born into a Muslim family and raised as a Muslim. As a result, I share the same religious values ​​as the people of the UAE. This is not true for many non-Muslims who visit or move here for work, and this can lead to them not being satisfied with modesty requirements in public places.

The photos in this article were made possible by my work friends Ederlyn, Shielibeth and Marites, who generously allowed me to photograph them to show what real people (as opposed to sponsored influencers) are wearing in Dubai.

In Dubai, the traditional dress for local ladies is usually a black abaya and for men it is a kandora. Visitors to the UAE are not required to wear an abaya or kandora except when visiting a mosque. Climate and culture dictate appropriate clothing for men and women and include the following:

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These Dubai dress codes should be avoided in public places, including streets, shopping malls, public parks, markets and souks, supermarkets, cinemas and public areas of hotels. This does not apply to private residences or hotel rooms.

It is forbidden for Muslim men to look at the uncovered skin of unrelated women, except for their hands and face. Unfortunately, there are not many ways to avoid it in public places, hence the dress code guidelines.

Regardless of what you wear, verbal or physical abuse in a public place is an offense under the UAE Penal Code, and you are advised to report any inappropriate behavior to the police.

Dubai Dress Code For Female Tourists 2019

When I first went to Dubai, I didn’t wear an abaya because I didn’t take advice from my mother, who said, ‘You can find them everywhere’. We didn’t realize how expensive abayas were in the malls and I would never have gone to the souks of Deira or Bur Dubai alone.

Dress Code: What To Wear In Dubai

For months I struggled to find ones that were in my price range or fit my needs. I finally found a reasonably priced abaya shop that sells modern abaya fashion including open abayas. When the abaya shop was closed for months for renovations, I switched to modern women’s clothing that I could wear on the go without fear of being thrown under the bus.

You can find abaya shops in the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Mall, Souk al Bahar or Madinat Jumeirah and ask how to eat or pay the rent after buying one. They cost a lot of money in local advertising and tourists. There are affordable abayas available in souks and bazaars.

Dubai women never compromise so even the clothes they wear when they go out for fun are still fun and smart.

Two-piece bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and burkinis are allowed in public beaches, with or without cover-up. However, thong bottoms that reveal the derriere are not recommended. My friends all chose a cover-up over their swimwear, but took some shots without it to show the variety seen here on the beach.

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I have seen older women coming to the beach in long dresses or long pants and cover-ups to preserve their modesty because they may not have access to other swimwear.

Dubai brunches are legendary but less formal than they were ten years ago. Comfort is queen especially when loose staples are needed 🙂

Many companies in Dubai have casual clothing for casual work, although employees may be required to be more formal when attending external meetings, seminars or workshops. In our company, even senior managers wear jackets and ties only in meetings.

Dubai Dress Code For Female Tourists 2019

Ladies Night is one of the most popular cheap and free things to do in Dubai and it’s a chance for the ladies to get out and have fun.

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Desert safaris start around 15:00 when it is still very hot and last until the evening, and most end after 21:00.

The fact is that this country has many people who come from other countries, including men who have not seen their families for a year or two. They may be inclined to look at naked women and show off dresses, shorts or short dresses that show a lot of skin. I don’t know if it’s the shock of seeing so much skin or it’s because of the desires of the flesh.

I’m old and have never been down here before and didn’t understand how to look until my cousin visited with her teenage daughters. The girls wear shorts and sleeveless or strappy tops, the same thing they would wear in summer in Cape Town. Everywhere we went I saw glimpses of strange men. I have to admit that I felt particularly protective of the girls and was very angry, even telling some of the boys to look down!

The most important consideration for visitors to the UAE is to maintain modesty and respect the religious and cultural values ​​of the country and people in speech, actions and dress. Always wear layers so you are comfortable, whether you are outside enjoying the heat or inside a building with cold air.

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Do you want more? To get the latest recipes and travel posts straight to your inbox, subscribe to Tantalise My Taste Buds. Packing for Dubai can be overwhelming as there is so much conflicting advice on what women should pack for a trip to the UAE! When I visited Dubai, I looked for a specific list of Dubai backpackers and they all seemed to give different advice.

I’m sure most women visiting Dubai understand that you need to dress appropriately as it is a Muslim country and it would be disrespectful to wear revealing clothing in most situations. But over 80% of the population in the UAE are non-citizens, so this has an impact on the way women dress in Dubai.

Dubai Dress Code For Female Tourists 2019

And let’s not forget that it’s HOT in Dubai so you don’t want to wear heavy layers.

What To Pack For Dubai: A Dubai Packing List For Women

I posted a question on Twitter asking what women should wear in Dubai and the answers were very different! Some people responded by telling me to wear whatever I wanted, while other people told me that women should be covered from the knee to the elbow at all times.

After spending a week in Dubai on a family vacation, I found that it is somewhere in the middle, and at the risk of causing more confusion, it depends on where you are and what you are doing. There are different ways to dress depending on what you are doing.

Here are my Dubai packing tips and advice on what to wear in Dubai. I hope you find it useful and please add. other helpful tips in the comments below.

When visiting the water parks, beaches and swimming pools in Dubai, you really can wear whatever you want while you’re there.

Desert Safari Dubai Dress Code

Always remember that it would be inappropriate to walk around your hotel grounds in a bikini or in a bikini. When you’re at the beach, it’s not worth going to the bikini store to make sure you have a simple dress or maxi skirt that you can open when you go.

There are women in bikinis and fully covered women and no one will bat an eye in any way.

I don’t go with a super tight bikini (I won’t wear a thong and defo can’t go outside!) but a normal bikini is fine.

Dubai Dress Code For Female Tourists 2019

I got fully dressed

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