Best Software License Management Tools

Best Software License Management Tools – Although Oracle has hundreds of product lines, ITAM Review readers have told us that the proliferation of Oracle databases and their configuration is a major concern. It should also be noted that Oracle Tool Verification (detailed below) is only relevant to Oracle Enterprise Edition databases. Therefore, this review mainly focuses on technologies for defining and managing Oracle databases.

The following points should be considered when choosing a tool to manage Oracle licensing and formed the basis of our review and initial discussions with suppliers. Questions to ask:

Best Software License Management Tools

Best Software License Management Tools

I found item 12 particularly interesting and it shows where the SAM market is heading. This represents the next stage of maturity beyond compatibility. “Now that we have proven compatibility – let’s adapt our architecture to deliver the same or better technical solutions with a more efficient or appropriate licensing structure”. Partners play a key role here in helping customers configure their architecture to do the job while meeting contract terms quickly.

Free Asset Tracking Templates

Easytrust and Lime focus solely on managing Oracle; Flexera, HP and Snow manage a wide variety of other software publishers.

Expecting your SAM tool investment to cover every known device and software application known to man, from your mobile device to software on a mainframe, is a big question and a hassle. SAM software providers are striving for this area, but we are not there yet.

Organizations often need a variety of tools to get things done. Depending on your individual scope – a basic SAM tool here, a strategic tool there, a partner to help a bit, etc. It may be convenient to use.

Oracle began validating tools in 2010 to compare the output of the tools with the output of the Oracle LMS internal tools.

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If you run an Oracle LMS script in your environment, the output is raw data. Your choice is to forward this raw data to Oracle for interpretation, handle it yourself, or work with a third party. The Oracle validation process recognizes third-party tools that interpret data according to an appropriate standard.

The commercial advantage here is primarily political; You can understand your Oracle installation status without connecting to the Oracle LMS team. Thus, standardized tools provide some degree of buffer between Oracle LMS and your organization. As a result, customers should theoretically have more autonomy in managing their license status. I say “in theory” because for an organization with a 100% correct view of Oracle installations, compatibility is only half the story. Recent conversations with organizations through the Open Licensing Campaign show that even the most innocuous license inquiry for Oracle LMS can trigger an audit.

At the time of this writing, all the tools reviewed have been certified by Oracle, with the exception of Snow. The way I see it, there are no limits to meeting Snow’s requirements, except for Oracle’s most important rubber stamp, which I understand is pending.

Best Software License Management Tools

Our review was pretty close (see the spec comparison chart below). I would argue that the Oracle tool validation process is responsible for this – setting a clear watermark of what is required. Oracle isn’t everyone’s favorite software publisher, but it should be recognized for setting a standard for inventory. I wish more publishers would do the same.

Software Asset Management

The chart below compares five participants in our review with twelve key competitive requirements. Click on image to enlarge.

In short, many tools on the market can monitor the existence of a prophecy – but only a few can truly determine how the prophecy is structured – herein lies the risk.

Software asset management is never an out-of-the-box experience, and no more so than with Oracle. The technology reviewed focuses on helping to generate the configuration details needed to create an Oracle Server Worksheet. There’s a lot of work to be done beyond this point, so even if you’ve deployed these tools (a recurring point in our Oracle podcast) be sure to seek out the services of an Oracle licensing expert.

Given the impact and financial risk associated with Oracle in large enterprises, I felt that Lime Software went the extra mile in terms of data validation, well covered Oracle license management features, and was competitively priced. Just because Oracle is teary expensive doesn’t mean the tools used to manage it have to be equally expensive and complex.

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The information contained in this review is based on sources and information believed to be accurate as of the date of creation. Therefore, the completeness and up-to-date accuracy of the information provided cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, readers should use the content of this review as a general guide and not as the ultimate source of truth.

Likewise, this review is not based on a meticulous and detailed technical study. ITAM Review recommends readers do a comprehensive live review before investing in technology.

This is a paid review. That is, the vendors included in this review paid to participate in exchange for free publication of all results and analysis without registration.

Best Software License Management Tools

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Software License Management A Complete Guide

Whether you manage licenses internally or outsource, License Manager – powered by our proprietary LicenseIQ™ search engine – simplifies the process of searching, applying, managing and renewing your licenses.

Managed Licensing Services – Trust your license management with full program visibility and search capabilities through the License Manager.

License Manager Software – Manage your portfolio of corporate and individual licenses with our easy-to-use SaaS platform, part of the Harbor Compliance Suite.

LicenseIQ is Harbor Compliance’s proprietary nationwide search engine. It allows users to quickly and easily check licensing requirements in almost any state and industry. Review the in-depth details of each jurisdiction’s requirements, and then use the License Manager to easily prepare your licenses. License data is constantly updated by License IQ to help you stay abreast of changes in jurisdiction.

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An interactive map provides instant clarity on where licenses are held. Filter by license holder or license type for seamless viewing of licenses. Hover over a state to preview the license numbers and click to view the licenses in that state.

Streamlined compliance management for your business lifecycle, including asset, tax, registration and license management. Our unique SaaS-based compliance portfolio management platform is tailor-made for the needs of compliance professionals and administrative teams.

Experience new levels of trust and efficiency with powerful data integrations, real-time status visualizations, curated nationwide repositories, and in-depth location and monitoring capabilities.

Best Software License Management Tools

The filing fee depends on your personal situation. We do our best to pre-calculate your filing fees and collect them today so we can get started. Your specialist will determine your exact filing fees and bill additional fees if needed. Track and manage enterprise-wide software licenses from a unified platform. Reduce costs, stay flexible and tailor usage to business needs. Take control of your software and cloud investments.

Cybersecurity Asset Management (csam) V2.0

Streamline and manage software assets with a single architecture SAM solution. Use automation and digital workflows to feed critical asset data to the business.

Protect your business with software license management by incorporating SAM into the IT migration process and processing unlicensed deployments.

Save time with custom workflows throughout the lifecycle. Automate processes across departments such as HR, procurement, security, GRC, and implementation teams.

Software asset management groups core applications into scalable packages that can grow with you as your needs change.

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Now Platform® software includes powerful platform capabilities built around asset management so you can simplify asset tracking across your organization.

Actionable Insights Give everyone in your organization the information they need to make smarter decisions and improve business processes.

The software integrates with partner and third-party applications to provide actionable insights on asset management costs, usage, and optimization opportunities.

Best Software License Management Tools

Explore hardware and software data from Mac and iOS devices using Jamf Pro CMDB and SAM-P best practices.

Software Licensing And Distribution Api

Re-imagine how you integrate Microsoft SCCM with SCCM metering. Collect usage metrics and expiration dates from desktop applications in SCCM.

The software integrates with partner and third-party applications to provide actionable insights on asset management costs, usage, and optimization opportunities.

Transform your business with digital IT workflows. Streamline your operations to optimize productivity, cost and flexibility with a single platform for IT.

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