Best Software Niches

Best Software Niches – Explore over 500 software niches for prison and yoga software is growing in interest, while searches for augmented reality software are no longer growing

While some people are looking for such important questions as “Why do men have nipples?” or “Do pigs sweat?” people involved in professional activities often have something more serious in mind: searching for the right software on Google.

Best Software Niches

Best Software Niches

We found a great way to measure interest in a piece of software in a way that might not seem obvious: by changing the frequency of Google queries. We decided to take a closer look at what can be learned from studying frequency changes.

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After reading our case study material, you’ll know the bottom-of-the-funnel questions that are most interesting to future customers. As a developer, you will be able to guess which niche will be the most successful.

We selected just over 500 software categories and examined demand for them (based on Google searches) over three years (2015-2017).

We had a lot of fun analyzing the data for this case study. I have three words for you: prison management software.

It’s always interesting to watch a National Geographic documentary about prison life or listen to Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”. So this “jail management software” caught our attention.

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It turned out to be a popular search, growing by 86% over the years and reaching almost a thousand requests per year.

It sounds great, but it is actually a comprehensive software that allows you to manage prison operations and the movement of criminals and automates some functions.

Overcrowded and understaffed prisons in the US appear to have difficulty optimizing operations for certain factors, such as overcapacity or inmate privileges.

Best Software Niches

I don’t think diving into software development for correctional institutions is a good idea. They are significantly underfunded and recent reforms have not helped progress in this direction.

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Top earners in prison management software build virtual prisons. British video game developer Introversion Software created Prison Architect, which grossed over $19 million before the studio sold the rights to it.

So here, despite the general uptick in interest, we advise software developers to look elsewhere for a niche in the industry.

It is clear that people are interested in hiring others to work for them and evaluating the jobs offered as accurately as possible.

Almost all types of HR software generated more inquiries in 2017 compared to 2015.

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Surveys showed steady year-on-year growth with a strong focus on professional HR software rather than old recruitment tricks.

As Forbes contributor Brian Rashid noted of HR practices, “What was once limited to reams of paper and dusty old filing cabinets is now simplified on the Internet.”

They see this rise in popularity of HR software as a result of the special features it offers along with the basic features and its relatively low price. Performance analysis is important for business owners, and the software makes it easy to evaluate company turnover, labor costs, and employee allocation.

Best Software Niches

In terms of numbers, inquiries about 360-degree feedback software saw an increase of 118% from the initial 220 monthly searches.

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Here are some other Google search queries that saw a more than 50 percent increase in popularity over the three years selected for analysis.

Distributing HR software doesn’t seem like a total flop if you’re hesitant about its relevance in today’s world.

Devices that help shape the body and relax the mind are finally getting their processes right.

Or so it seems, as demand for software to help receptionists, trainers and guests at yoga, fitness, pilates and spa centers is growing.

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The main purpose of the software is to simplify the processes of booking and canceling lessons and fitness classes to avoid scheduling confusion. Automation is what these industries need.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your appointments in one fitness trainer app? Definitely! With fierce competition in the healthcare and fitness industry, automation is something that can help businesses stand out.

After finding out which industries people were most likely to search for software on Google, we decided to see how interest in software correlated with the popular discussion topics we hear a lot about.

Best Software Niches

We decided to look at software for artificial and augmented reality. There seems to be a buzz around these topics in recent years. We also couldn’t help but look at the queries on these seemingly much-discussed topics.

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“[Hyped topic] + software” queries on Google usually indicate commercial intent. Just because a topic is trending doesn’t necessarily mean you should dive into something related to it first.

As you can see, people like to talk about artificial intelligence. One would assume that the hype surrounding him would increase due to the new Blade Runner movie starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

Not in business inquiries. Although the number of searches on Google is quite high, nothing has changed in these three years: queries on this topic remained more or less the same in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

As for augmented reality, people have been looking for business opportunities in this direction since 2016. Interest in augmented reality series actually declined in 2017. It’s easy to associate this with the sudden massive popularity of “Pokémon GO” in 2016.

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Although this global phenomenon is almost forgotten, 2017 still saw a 4% increase in searches for augmented reality software.

Unsurprisingly, mining software has more than quadrupled in Google searches as cryptocurrencies have emerged as a hot topic of discussion (think Reddit threads a mile long).

The rise in demand for marketing automation over the past three years makes us wonder if people even knew about such software in 2015.

Best Software Niches

Market research software seems to be the most promising option of all: 15,400 queries vs. 1000 questions about “account based marketing software”.

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However, account-based marketing software is also showing tremendous relative growth. It looks like a promising niche with little competition. Take note, software startup founders!

In theory, business plans help organizations define their mission, create better organizational management systems, and develop presentations to secure funding for operations.

(claims Business Sorter), but reported a 34% drop in searches over two years, down to just 23,200 Google requests per year.

Additionally, there are many excellent products already available in this niche. High competition in an industry with low demand? No, thanks.

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Are there many art galleries in your area? I bet there are far fewer of them than fitness clubs. We believe that the decline in interest in software for art galleries is closely related to the fact that there are few of them.

Those out there have probably decided on software that can help them with inventory, client management, and other things that art gallery software covers.

We think the situation is more or less similar for hospital management software. Those who were interested again ordered products already available on the market.

Best Software Niches

When it comes to farm management software, it’s hard to say why Google searches have dropped so much (-37.17%). Perhaps this is due to a slight decrease in the number of farms and their total area.

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In any case, it’s not the kind of software I’d suggest developing, as the niche seems to have already been filled.

Finally, we decided to calculate the absolute and percentile relationships between Google searches in 2015 and 2017. First, a graph showing the increase in searches.

CRM and ERP software showed the biggest increase in searches. Despite such huge growth, these are niches where a lot of software is being developed, so competition between solution providers will be fierce there.

The only other software with 10,000 more Google searches compared to 2015 is mining software. In this case, the hype around mining explains a lot.

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Here’s an interesting guest: alumni management software. We were wondering: what is it and how can it achieve 400% growth?

A reasonable explanation is that this software offers an easier way to collect donations from college graduates for their alma mater. Alumni donations have been declining year on year. Perhaps this software offers another way to engage alumni in giving.

Market research software is the fastest growing area of ​​software searched for on Google Search over the past three years.

Best Software Niches

So much for growth. Let’s move on to searches that have become less popular over the years.

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Three years may be a short time in human history, but it can make a huge difference in the world of marketing and software development.

The demand for certain types of software is constantly changing; We decided to simply explore the difference between 2015 and 2017.

We hope that the results of our findings will help some software startups avoid getting involved in creating a niche product for which there is almost no demand, but rather help them develop a product that will meet the current needs of the market.


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