Top Tech Companies For Software Engineers

Top Tech Companies For Software Engineers – Shashi Bhushan Kumar Senior Product Manager โ˜… Coding Instructor โ˜… Technical Interview Trainer ๐Ÿ’ผ Ex – Head of Curriculum at GeeksforGeeks โ™ฆ Ex -SDE 2 at Adobe, Paytm โ˜… EdTech ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐ŸŽ“ NIT Allahabad

While teaching Ds-Algo and helping candidates crack coding interviews at tech companies (such as Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe etc.) on GeeksforGeeks, I noticed that many (graduates advanced and professional occupations) are not widely known. among many toptech companies (in India).

Top Tech Companies For Software Engineers

Top Tech Companies For Software Engineers

So, I thought of creating a list of 125 tech companies in India (they hire software developers and have offices in India), so that candidates can find, please and get a good job as a simple software developer.

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Below are the situations in which I decided to choose a good company’s products (only IT / software):

Here is my list based on the conditions mentioned above. (You can add/delete some entries in this list):

There are many great technology companies and it is impossible to add them all in this list. You have not included my company’s current “Kickstart Discussion” from this list because I would be biased.

Also, I haven’t included many Tier-1 companies like Facebook, Netflix etc. because they don’t (mostly) hire for offices in India (I’m talking about software creating roles).

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I have collected information with the help of developers who work at these companies and the content is available on sites such as Glassdoor.Logos of major technology companies: five logos large is described above and other technology logos are listed below.

Big Tech, also known as technology, refers to the most important companies in the technology industry, usually the five largest technology companies in the United States: Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Meta (Facebook) and Microsoft. These companies are called the Big Five.

The Big Five are key players in their technologies: artificial intelligence, cloud computing, electronics, e-commerce, home automation, advertising online, driving, social media, software, and streaming media. are the most important companies,

Top Tech Companies For Software Engineers

Therefore, they have been criticized for creating a new business called investment banking. They help millions of users,

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Concerns about monopolistic practices have led to counter-investigations by the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission in the United States,

Candidates questioned the impact of these companies on privacy, business power, freedom of speech, law, national security and the rule of law.

In 2019, John Naughton wrote in “The Guardian” that “it is almost impossible to work without the five largest machines”.

The concept of Big Tech compared to the consolidation of economic dominance by several companies in other industries such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan in investment banking, the Department Big Three Companies, Big Oil and Big News.

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Globally, Baidu, Alibaba, Tct and Xiaomi (“BATX”) are the Chinese equivalent of the Big Four, and are sometimes included in the definition of Big Tech. Big Tech can also refer to small technology companies with high profits, or non-tech companies with advanced technology such as the Tesla car company.

The idea of โ€‹โ€‹”big” tech companies upset the public mind around 2013, as some economists saw signs that companies were becoming dominant with small businesses. rules, and were no longer considered startups after the dot-com bubble of the early 2000s. The term “big tech” became popular around 2017 after the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 US election, based on the role played by tech companies. this with access to a lot of user data (“big data”) and potential interference. users have been scrutinized by Congress. The word “Big Tech” is similar to how the major oil companies were called “Big Oil” after the 1970s drug crisis, or the largest tobacco industry was called “Big Tobacco” accordingly. The United States Congress seeks to regulate these businesses.

It is also similar to how, at the beginning of the 21st century, the main media is controlled by small companies called “Big Media” or “media giants”.

Top Tech Companies For Software Engineers

Alphabet Inc., a subsidiary of Google, may be reintroduced by “G” in this list, while Meta Platforms, the rebranding of Facebook, Inc., may be reintroduced by “F”.

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Google (alphabet), Amazon, Facebook (Meta) and Apple are often called the Big Four or GAMA. They are also known as “Four”, “Gang of Four” and “Four Horses”.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, author Phil Simon, and NYU professor Scott Galloway all team the four companies together because they have changed relationships from their primary roles in the workplace. online. and IBM, According to Simon and Galloway.

In 2011, Eric Schmidt excluded Microsoft from the group, saying that “Microsoft is not driving consumer change in the minds of consumers.”

A more inclusive group called the Big Five, GAMAM or GAMMA defines Google, Amazon, Meta, Apple and Microsoft as the technology giants.

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All five GAMAM companies except Meta are the five most valuable public organizations in the world in January 2020 by market capitalization, with Meta ranking sixth.

FANG is a term that was first coined in 2013 by CNBC’s Mad Money TV host Jim Cramer to refer to Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. Kramer called these companies “important in their business.”

Cramer believes that the four companies are ready to “get out of the back” of the bear market, given the meaning of two points, according to Cramer’s colleague at, Bob Lang.

Top Tech Companies For Software Engineers

Cramer expanded FANG to FAANG in 2017, adding Apple to the fourth company, because his video put him as a potential Fortune 50 company.

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After Facebook changed to Meta Platforms in October 2021, with the creation of Google holding the company Alphabet in 2015, Cramer suggested to replace FAANG with MAMAA, replace Netflix with Microsoft as Netflix’s price is lower than other the company. With Microsoft, all these companies are worth more than $ 900 billion compared to Netflix $ 310 billion.

In November 2021, the Motley Fool joked that MANAMANA (a reference to the 1968 song “Mah Nร  Mah Nร ”) made different words representing Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, The Alphabet, Meta, Amazon, Nvidia, and Adobe.

In terms of market capitalization, the five major technology companies have surpassed the oil giants such as ExxonMobil, BP, Chevron and Shell. They also do better than the biggest media like Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery and Comcast by one in 10.

In 2017, the Big Five had a combined market capitalization of more than $3.3 trillion, accounting for more than 40% of the value of the Nasdaq 100.

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It has been found that companies are still interested in offering some of their services to customers for free.

Google is the leader in online search (Google Search), online video sharing (YouTube), email services (Gmail), web browsing (Google Chrome) and online mapping-based navigation (Google Maps and Waze ), mobile operating systems (Android) and online storage (Google Drive) as well as many other popular services. Google Cloud is the third largest in the cloud computing industry behind Amazon and Microsoft. Google and Facebook have a duopoly on the digital advertising market.

Alphabet has emerged of technology companies to be the world leader in the field of artificial intelligence, automotive and quantum applications. Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving company, is considered a leader in autonomous vehicle technology and is the first self-driving company to offer robo-cab services to the public in 2021.

Top Tech Companies For Software Engineers

With its Sycamore processor, Google is considered a leader in quantum computing and in 2019 it claimed that Sycamore has achieved quantum supremacy.

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By 2017, Amazon is the main market leader in e-commerce with a market share of 40.4%; cloud computing, with nearly 32% market share, and live streaming, with Twitch holding 75.6% market share. With Amazon Alexa and Echo, Amazon is also the market leader in the market of personal assistants based on intelligence and smart speakers (Amazon Echo) with a market share of 69% , followed by Google (Google Nest) with a market share of 25%.

After the development of EC2 by Amazon in 2006, Google and Microsoft followed in 2008 with Google App gine (in addition to Google Cloud Platform since 2011) and Windows Azure (Microsoft Azure since 2010).

After passing over $1 trillion in market capitalization during the trading period once in September 2018 and once in January 2020,

As a part of the 51% drop in the company’s stock from a market value of approximately $1.7 trillion at the beginning of the year to a market value of approximately $834 billion by the end of the year no.

Largest Companies In The Technology Field

Apple sells well-received smartphones and other electronic devices, and shares a duopoly with Google in the field of mobile phones: 27% of the market belongs to Apple (iOS) and 72 % for Google (Android).

In August 2018, Apple became the first publicly traded company in the United States in history to reach a market value of one trillion dollars,

And in August 2020, it became the first publicly traded company in the United States in history to reach a market value of $2 trillion.

Top Tech Companies For Software Engineers

In January 2022, Apple became the first publicly traded company in the United States

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