Piano Lessons For Beginners Free Online

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Piano classes. Two words capable of striking fear into the heart of any child who would rather play football or hang out with friends than struggle with a lackluster rendition of Frère Jacques in front of a stern music teacher. Fortunately, thanks to today’s technology, this doesn’t have to be such a daunting experience anymore. If you want to learn to play the piano – or have children who want to – the best online piano lessons offer much more varied and enjoyable options for every budget.

Piano Lessons For Beginners Free Online

Piano Lessons For Beginners Free Online

While many aspiring pianists head straight to YouTube to find lessons — it’s free after all, we get it — the sheer volume of offerings can really hinder your progress. As the videos can be uploaded by anyone, there is no guarantee as to the accuracy of the videos, the quality of the training offered can be extremely variable and it can be difficult to find a sensible path in your learning journey. Plus, with so much to choose from, choosing the right lessons can be a long shot.

Best Online Piano Lessons

This is where the best online piano lessons services come in. They combine the best of both worlds – the freedom the Internet offers to learn at your own pace and in your own space with dedicated software that offers the structured learning and educational benefits of a real teacher. In addition, online classes are often much cheaper than face-to-face classes. Let’s take a closer look.

Our number one pick for the best online piano lessons is Playground Sessions (Opens in a new tab). This virtual learning platform is brought to you by titans of the industry, with jazz legend Harry Connick Jr. teaching basic piano techniques.

One of the new services on the block is Pianote (opens in a new tab), launched by Musora, the company behind the award-winning Drumeo online drum lessons website. Pianote is primarily aimed at beginning and intermediate players with friendly teachers, quality videos and a structured learning approach. This is one of the newest approaches to online piano lessons.

If you prefer to learn in the app, Simply Piano (opens in a new tab) has proven itself as a service for beginner pianists and keyboardists who prefer to learn games via a smartphone or tablet. It’s fun, inclusive and rich in content.

Online Piano Classes — Zoe Composer

We also have to praise the Flowkey. This incredibly intuitive app is well-designed, well-presented, and perfect for beginners and experienced pianists alike.

+ Trusted support from top musicians+ Learn music theory as well as songs+ Gamified learning+ Huge library of popular songs

Playground Sessions is an online piano lesson website that wears its musical credentials with pride, and with legendary producer Quincy Jones credited as one of its founders and jazz icon Harry Connick Jr. as a tutor, it’s no surprise. They even have a private label MIDI keyboard that you can buy to use with the software.

Piano Lessons For Beginners Free Online

Lessons are fully interactive and designed in a video game style to make things fun and exciting. Plug in a MIDI keyboard and you’ll get visual feedback to keep you on track – play a note correctly and it’ll turn green; touch it wrong, turns red. Earn rewards to level up and unlock extra content, record and replay lessons to see where you went wrong and how to improve.

Learn How To Play Piano

There’s a lot of solid music theory among the content, but the lesson plans are designed to get you through the songs quickly without delving into the theory initially.

There’s a large music library (although more popular songs may require additional fees) and three payment structures to choose from; monthly or annual subscription or lifetime membership.

+ Engaging lessons+ Structured and hands-on lesson plans+ Live critiques and Q&A sessions from real teachers+ Great student community forum

Pianote takes a video-based web format and extends it with access to highly skilled professionals who are just a click away. In addition to two fully structured learning paths, not only will you have your questions answered by real piano teachers, you’ll also have access to weekly live video lessons and the opportunity to connect with teachers and students in the community forums.

Piano Lessons Online From Home For Ages 3+ Years

The well-produced high-definition videos and relaxed, informal teaching style let you know that Pianote is a premium product and far superior to the piano content available on YouTube. There’s no special software to download, just lesson content like song charts and backing tracks, so you can use Pianote with any keyboard or piano, acoustic or otherwise.

The videos themselves are easy to watch, well-presented and entertaining, and there’s a library of over 100 songs to go along with it. For advanced players, there may be more content to learn, but with Method’s well-structured curriculum, which divides lessons into ten levels, Pianote is a fantastic resource for beginners and intermediates to develop and grow.

+ Suitable for all skill levels + Free option to get started + Track progress with MIDI and acoustic pianos + Slow, pause and loop functionality

Piano Lessons For Beginners Free Online

Made in collaboration with piano savvy Yamaha, Flowkey works well with both MIDI keyboard and acoustic pianos, providing accurate visual feedback and progress tracking with either method. In fact, when you buy a Yamaha piano, you also get a three-month Flowkey premium subscription.

James’s Online Piano Lessons

The idea is to learn to play your favorite piano songs through a selection of intermediate lessons. Your skill level is assessed during the setup process so you can start lessons from the right starting point. The software has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate, whether you’re choosing a lesson plan or just jumping to a song you want to learn, and you can slow down or pause the lesson for difficult parts.

You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan, and there’s a 30-day free trial to try everything out, during which you can see the full list of songs and lessons, but only have access to a limited number of them.

If you’re new to piano, Skoove has interactive beginner and intermediate courses to get you started, so you can move on to pop or classical music.

The software’s ‘listen, learn, play’ approach helps you pick up new playing skills quickly, and there’s basic advice on how to start improvising, all with a healthy emphasis on the importance of good technique.

Free & Paid Online Piano Lessons Website, Course, Software, App

The interface is well thought out and easy to understand for young and old alike, and you can use a MIDI keyboard or a regular keyboard – the system gladly recognizes either type. In short, Skoove embodies a simple and effective method of learning piano online.

+ Great interface+ Works with any type of keyboard+ Tutorial suitable for beginners+ An ever-evolving modern music library

Simply Piano by JoyTunes is an iOS/Android mobile app designed to get beginners up and running with their piano quickly and easily. But that doesn’t mean it’s just for beginners and kids.

Piano Lessons For Beginners Free Online

With an attractive game-like interface, just place your mobile device on the piano or keyboard and go. The app receives MIDI data from a connected keyboard while you play, or listens to your instrument’s audio output through your device’s microphone.

Jessica’s Online Piano Lessons

The animations, sound effects and way the courses are played really add to that “one more time” factor, and there’s enough content to keep you interested beyond the beginner level, with plenty of intermediate lessons and a generous library of modern tunes. to play with.

+ The best online classical piano lessons service + Personalized video lessons + Classical, jazz and pop teachers

If you enjoy classical piano, perhaps the best online piano lessons to learn classical music are offered by ArtistWorks Piano with Christie Peery. Featuring hundreds of lessons for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, the site is part of the ArtistWorks Video Exchange platform, which means that in addition to accessing the Video Exchange Library archive, you can upload your own videos and review them. them personally by Christie, a renowned concert artist, pianist and teacher, who then gives feedback on their performance.

These interactions are shared with other ArtistWorks users (and of course you can see them), so a library of custom tips is constantly being built.

Best Free Piano Lessons: All You Need To Get Started (2023)

Subscription plans are available for 3, 6 or 12 months, with the price dropping the longer you subscribe. For example, 3 months comes to $35 per month, dropping to $23 per month for a 12 month subscription. In addition to a keyboard, you will need access to a metronome and a video recording device (you can simply use a smartphone for this) in order to be able to record and send

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