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Non Technical Jobs For Engineers – Source: Public Archive Videos/Shutterstock LinkedIn’s “Jobs on Rise” report for 2022 on the fastest growing roles is out, and what are they? Tech jobs make up half of the top 10 list! Canada’s labor market over the past five years in the Jobs Growth report. The purpose of the publication was to highlight the most requested jobs from the pre-epidemic period until now. Not surprisingly, tech positions fill the top 10 list. In a country that is increasingly connected and relies heavily on technology today, the 10 most in-demand jobs in Canada are expected to remain in-demand for technology for a long time to come. The 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada Are the Fastest Growing LinkedIn shows the fastest growing jobs since 2017 as a good way to forecast the mid- to long-term job market. See the chart below for the 10 most in-demand jobs in Canada by growth rate. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly contributed to the roles listed above, such as Vaccine Specialists. Due to the predictions about the fight against the coronavirus – mainly about preventive solutions – it is fair to believe that many professionals specializing in biomedicine and public health will continue to appear on the list of required jobs. . Regardless of location, it’s also safe to assume that technology openings will increase. Every industry is a tech industry these days, so it’s no surprise that most of the top 10 jobs reported by LinkedIn are tech jobs. The 10 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in Canada We’ve taken the tech jobs listed in LinkedIn’s report and narrowed it down to the 10 most in-demand jobs. The first role, Field Reliability Engineer (Software Engineers, etc.), works to automate equipment that will ensure greater efficiency and system reliability. In a technology market like Canada, the demand for Security Engineers (Cyber ​​Security Engineer, Cyber ​​Security Specialist​​​​, etc.) is also expected to be high. The emergence of blockchain, NFT companies and other fintechs in Toronto, Waterloo and Quebec explained the high demand for this skill. Canada’s labor market has been recognized as increasingly technologically challenged as it embraces many emerging solutions such as blockchain, quantum computing and hybrid energy. Not surprisingly, the country has attracted the attention of the market when looking for skilled workers. But what would challenges be without rewards? So the natural question every tech worker asks is how much does this Canadian market pay? And this is what we are trying to analyze below. Salaries for the 10 most in-demand tech jobs in Canada We dug deep into the records of the Institute for Economic Research to gather salary data for positions listed on LinkedIn. Some skills are listed with a few descriptions changed (Computer Graphics Supervisor became Animation Director, Product Consultant became Product Designer). All average salary values ​​are given in US dollars. Technical Engineers and Software Developers continue to dominate the top positions. No wonder why they are still some of the most sought after roles and some of the highest paid. But it is interesting to highlight some of the specific jobs that are attracting the attention of many Canadian technology companies. An example of this is Project Managers listed as E-commerce Coordinators. Machine Learning Engineer Machine Learning Engineers are highly sought after by tech employers. The Canadian industry has a fertile technological environment for programs to grow and find job stability in large or even emerging companies. There, they will be required to develop their work with the most commonly used libraries, such as: Scikit-Learn Keras MLlib PyTorch Azure Security Engineer A security engineer is a cyber security professional responsible for monitoring and predicting attacks and failures of networks and systems. the organization. In a tech industry like Canada, which is often dominated by deep technology, the experience and knowledge of a person with this profile is essential. The job of a Cyber ​​Security Specialist is often dynamic. He must predict the type of threats that can affect the company and eliminate these vulnerabilities. Computer Vision Engineer The job of Computer Vision Engineers is to develop A.I. including image analysis. executive function. This professional will extract the data and work with machine learning to teach the computer to interpret the images. This technology has been widely used in the healthcare (skin cancer detection), automotive (accident prevention) and industrial (occupational safety) industries. Data Scientists Data Scientists are what we might call the “Rockstars” of technology. Today, every company works with data analysis and the person responsible for interpreting and predicting new situations with the help of algorithms is the key. Do you want to know your tools at work? So you need to be careful with the big changing programming languages ​​(like Python, Java, SQL and R). It is important to learn how to use it to organize and clean raw data, then collect and analyze the data that is important for your company to make better business decisions. Communication has seen remarkable growth Canadian workplaces are experiencing remarkable growth in communication. In the first three months of 2022, 113,000 workers are expected to work outside of the Canadian province that is not a contract company. In terms of growth since 2016, we see an increase of 796.8% compared to 12,600 remote workers in the same year. Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, UX Researchers and many other technology roles benefit from being part of this select group of work that can be done remotely. Toronto is No. 1 for high-tech job growth in all of North America According to Global Commercial Real Estate Services (CBRE), Toronto is the city with the highest rate of high-tech job growth in Canada and the United States. Many professionals are ready to take advantage of this opportunity and be a part of the market that is growing at an incredible speed. With this in mind, many workers are looking for the highest in-demand skills to avoid being overlooked by Canadian employers in 2022. And note that while we are talking about technical skills, we are covering the most in-demand qualifications for key jobs. . Top 10 Degrees Needed by Canadian Companies Many courses and degrees have revolutionized the education system for technology workers. So what are the most in-demand technology degrees in Canada? Education website Simple Learn ranked the 10 most needed skills in Canada to answer this question. The top positions are mostly cyber security and networking / cloud architecture. But it is interesting to know how the certificates dealing with management areas are also focused. If you want to get hired in the 10 most in-demand jobs in Canada, these are the skills you need to learn now! It’s Not All Digital: The Importance of Soft Skills in Canada Hybrid Skills There are clear predictions about how big a presence technology will have in our lives. In the professional environment, as shown in the paragraphs above, technology jobs are in high demand and come with very competitive salaries. However, the professionals most sought after by companies do not rely solely on technical skills. Report I, People: Digital and Soft Skills in the New Economy (in association with Burning Glass Technologies), published by the Brookfield Institute, analyzed the Canadian labor market. The study examined more than 7 million English-language online job postings across the country from 2012 to 2018 to determine the skills employers are in demand for. The study made an interesting finding that highly technical roles not only require fast digital skills, but also require candidates to have soft skills such as communication, organization, writing and presentation. “The jobs that require the highest proportion of digital skills are also the most integrated, advertising is also looking for communication skills, budgeting, project management,” said Viet Vu, one of the researchers. – the lead investigators of the study. Industries like Canada, with heavy investments in deep technology, need jobs that are often dependent on human talent to develop positive solutions from digital innovation. Soft skills are also important in dealing with ethical and cultural issues related to the implementation of these disruptors. According to the study, some skills that will be valuable include: Planning The ability to plan your behavior in a systematic way to meet deadlines and also ensure quality delivery. problems and the inability to perform simple tasks An important aspect of the data scientist project management Managing multiple tasks and a high-functioning team is the work of few people. That is why you should learn this soft skill that is highly demanded by companies. Research Everything starts with good research. You will need to research and develop a research methodology that will help you improve in your daily work.

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