Top 10 Internet Applications

By | February 9, 2023

Top 10 Internet Applications – IoT analytics continues to track in which vertical most IoT projects are happening. The latest 2020 analysis shows that the majority of IoT projects are still in manufacturing/industrial settings, with verticals such as transport/mobility, energy, retail and healthcare also increasing their relative share compared to previous analyses.

The 2020 analysis is based on 1,414 real IoT projects explored as part of IoT Analytics’ IoT platform tracking research, and the underlying data is included in the 2020 list of 620 IoT platforms. The fact that more than 1,000 publicly announced IoT projects are now using IoT platforms highlights the importance and breadth of IoT platforms in bringing IoT solutions to market.

Top 10 Internet Applications

Top 10 Internet Applications

This article discusses selected IoT projects in each of 10 application areas, including 20 recent project examples – stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of top IoT use cases and more structured industry-specific analysis in the coming months.

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Note: The research presented in this article is limited to IoT projects that use IoT platforms and does not include user-focused IoT projects such as smart homes, wearable devices or hobby projects).

The analysis methodology has changed slightly compared to previous IoT application analysis – in the past, IoT Analytics analyzed all known IoT projects, this time, due to the rapid increase in the number of IoT projects, IoT Analytics has limited the analysis to co-created projects. . with one of 620 well-known IoT platform providers.)

A 2020 analysis of the top IoT application areas showed that of the 1,414 public enterprise IoT projects identified, the most common were manufacturing/industrial settings (22%), followed by transportation/mobility projects (15%) and energy IoT (14%). ).

Manufacturing/Industry took over the top spot from “Cities” – the number one IoT application area in the 2018 analysis. Tech giants such as Microsoft and AWS as well as major industrial automation players such as Siemens or Rockwell Automation are among the driving forces for digital transformation in the manufacturing / industrial industry.

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“Industrial IoT is changing the rules of manufacturing, generating cloud and edge innovation, accelerating the evolution of the digital factory and improving operational performance.” Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, November 2019 “Manufacturers and industrial operators are finding practical ways to use IoT throughout their operations and, as a result, achieve measurable business value. Combining IoT technology and expertise in specific industry applications enables better collaboration, faster problem solving and increased productivity.” Blake Moret, CEO of Rockwell Automation, May 2019 1b. Common applications compatible with IoT platforms

The industrial IoT application area covers a variety of connected “things” projects inside and outside the factory. For example, internally, many IoT-based factory automation and control projects include holistic smart factory solutions with many elements, such as production floor monitoring, wearables and shop floor Augmented Reality, remote PLC control or automated quality control systems. Typical off-site projects include remote control of connected machinery, equipment monitoring or remote management and overall control of industrial operations such as oil rigs. Most case studies cite “reduced operational downtime and cost savings” as key drivers for OEMs to introduce industrial IoT solutions.

Example 1: Howden Mixed Reality Solution. Howden, a Scottish manufacturer of air and gas handling solutions, turned to Microsoft and PTC to develop a scalable mixed reality solution that overlays real-time IoT data from connected products with a 3D augmented reality experience to provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete. equipment problems. The solution enables Howden’s customers to reduce the challenges and costs associated with unplanned downtime and better align the overall maintenance strategy – which previously relied only on guesswork and resurveys. Finally, this innovation saves a lot of time and costs related to the customer.

Top 10 Internet Applications

Example 2: Severstal asset performance. Severstal, a Russian steel producer, turned to GE to reduce unscheduled maintenance delays with Predix Asset Performance Management. The solution increases equipment reliability by 20% by constantly improving maintenance strategies, reducing repair costs and maintenance scheduling, effectively reallocating resources and reducing production risk.

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Transportation / Mobility is the second largest IoT application area in 2020. Tesla set the industry benchmark for connected cars when it launched the Model S in 2012, introducing the first over-the-air software update capability. Since then almost every car manufacturer has followed suit by integrating similar IoT technology.

“Connected solutions bring increased vehicle and construction equipment uptime for our customers, better safety for drivers, operators and other road users – and of course, lower carbon dioxide emissions. The first million connected assets at Volvo are just the beginning, we are committed to remaining a leader in this field.” Martin Lundstedt, Volvo Group CEO, October 2019 “At Honda Innovations, we are witnessing the convergence of technologies that will transform mobility, create new business opportunities and change the way we make products. Our Honda Xcelerator program is designed for technology innovators looking to transform the mobility experience, and our Honda Development Studio provides the best resource for developers and partners interested in developing connected cars.” Nick Sugimoto, CEO of Honda Innovations, Apr 2019 2b. Typical applications which is compatible with IoT platforms

Typical applications in Transport/Mobility include telematics and fleet management solutions that connect with the local operating system in the car for vehicle diagnostics/monitoring, such as battery monitoring, tire pressure monitoring, driver monitoring or simply vehicle tracking.

As global energy consumption is expected to grow by 40% over the next 25 years, the need for smarter energy solutions has reached an all-time high. The IoT is revolutionizing nearly every part of the energy industry, from generation to transmission to distribution, and is changing the way energy companies and customers interact. Both solution providers and energy companies understand the need and value of connected IoT solutions in this sector.

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“Through IoT, we are looking to significantly increase the productivity and scope of our advanced analytics capabilities to create greater economic value across Shell’s operations. IoT allows us to optimize our existing investments in data and cloud infrastructure while accelerating time to evaluate AI-based applications so we can better serve our customers with greater agility and efficiency.” Jay Crotts, CIO Shell Group, September 2019 “IoT exists, there is nothing futuristic about it. Already today, advanced sensors make it possible to monitor and deliver network data. The information collected by the sensors is sent to the gateway and processed by the data center using machine learning algorithms with increasingly sophisticated data reading models state-of-the-art. This process brings huge benefits in terms of network efficiency.” Fabio Veronese, Head of Infrastructure & Network Digital Hub at Enel, November 2018 3b. Common applications compatible with IoT platforms

Energy accounted for 11% of identified projects, up from 10% in 2018. Most projects focus on energy distribution, grid optimization, remote asset monitoring and management, predictive maintenance and creating more transparency for better-informed customers.

More and more retailers are realizing that they can improve their cost efficiency and in-store customer experience through innovative IoT use cases. There is a growing interest for retailers to digitize stores and create smarter processes – retail now accounts for 9% of identified projects, up from 5% in the 2018 analysis.

Top 10 Internet Applications

“The potential to collect data and use it more effectively is exciting. We learned how IoT can help us work differently. We are improving many of our processes and empowering our associates with better tools and technology.” Doug McMillon, Walmart CEO, October 2018 “We’re seeing the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the form of voice. -enables digital assistants with a high degree of automation, managing purchases through an interface with the retailer’s ordering system.” Tesco Bengaluru, CEO Sumit Mitra, Dec 2017 4b. Common applications compatible with IoT platforms

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Common IoT in retail solutions include in-store digital signage, customer tracking and engagement, merchandise monitoring and inventory management, and smart merchandising, among others.

Smart cities are growing and developing in all parts of the world. The 2019 IMD Smart Cities Index, which focuses on how citizens view the scale and impact of efforts to make their cities smart – balancing the “economic and technological aspects” with the “human dimension”, ranked Singapore, Zurich and Oslo among the three smarter ones. cities. in 2019, followed by Geneva, Copenhagen, Auckland, Taipei, Helsinki, Bilbao and Dusseldorf round out the top 10. More and more cities continue to embrace the smart city concept from a citizen’s perspective:

“My writing is to rethink the smart city from scratch, that is to rethink technology, IoT, data and focus on what it can do to serve people” Francesca Bria, CTO Barcelona Smart City, October 2019 “Open IoT data is point focus for any smart city in its character. We try to make data available to the public – not only to ensure transparency – but also to make our citizens more informed.” Winn Nielsen, Head of City Data, City of Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2019

The percentage of smart city projects decreased from the 2018 analysis due to several reasons, such as long tender timelines, long lead times for smart city project initiators, and the need to navigate city politics. IoT CEO

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