Morocco Dress Code For Tourists

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Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, where moderation in all aspects of life is important. I was in Morocco, during the month of Ramadan (the holy month of fasting), which was a big reason to think about my outfit. While checking out the medina in Marrakech there were plenty of tourists wearing shorts and crop tops. Our guide told us that it was disrespectful to the culture, especially since it was the holy month.

Morocco Dress Code For Tourists

Morocco Dress Code For Tourists

Here’s a guide to what to wear in Morocco to be culturally appropriate, fashionable and comfortable in the summer heat. In general, it is recommended to cover your shoulders, knees, midsection, and avoid low tops especially when you are in Medina and countryside.

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On our first night in Morocco, my friend Faye and I walked around the medina in Marrakech to check out Le Jardin, a very popular restaurant. I wore a very high-quality, high-necked, spaghetti-strap dress that I wore with a light kimono. Walking through the crowded streets, I put on my kimono. Le Jardin was definitely a hot spot for tourists, so I felt free to wear my kimono inside for a while.

Our second day in Morocco was spent driving through the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech to the Dades Valley, with several rural stops along the way. Although it was very hot, I was very comfortable in this dress because everything was light.

One of the keys to staying cool in summer is to wear clothing made from breathable fabrics such as cotton, chambray, rayon, linen, and linen. My first day in the Sahara, I wore a loose-sleeved tank top with leggings. The next day I wore a loose fitting shirt and light pants. I also had a jacket because it was chilly in the morning.

My rule was that I was okay with throwing my shoulders into remote, sparsely populated areas. So I opted for a cover-up look (back tank, high-waisted pants, paired with a kimono) as we walked through Chef Chou Medina.

What To Wear In Morocco — Travel Jewels

My traditional Moroccan kaftan was the perfect outfit for my half-day trip to Fez. The costumes were very interesting and people were very happy to see us in our traditional costumes.

As you can see, there are many options for dressing up in Morocco and staying cool, stylish, and culturally relevant!

August 12 7 Things to do in Fes July 29 Things to know before visiting the Sahara Desert. In a desert country like Morocco, the sun is always gentle at its full strength, which makes for very hot days. Therefore, you should wear clothes that are breezy and light, and compatible with the local culture. Despite being free and open compared to many other countries, Morocco is still conservative in some ways.

Morocco Dress Code For Tourists

Although no one will object to your dress, as you usually do, there may be a few frowns, stares, and awkward comments. So it is always better to wear local clothes and blend in so that you don’t draw attention to yourself. Here is a detailed guide on what to wear in Morocco.

What To Wear In Morocco: Packing List

As a general rule, dress modestly and avoid revealing clothes as Morocco is generally known as a conservative country. A leather jacket and jeans are two great ways to accessorize your outfit.

Some other clothes that may be useful for your trip to Morocco are listed below

A hijab to cover your hair will also be useful as Moroccan women wear a hijab to cover their hair. Although Morocco is hot in the summer, it is best to cover your shoulders and legs. The combination of maxi dress and scarf goes with every season.

When it comes to shoes, you can wear boots or sandals. Heels are rarely worn in public. Flip-flops or similar open-toed shoes are always good, they are comfortable and help beat the heat. Comfortable trainers or walking shoes also work.

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You can also wear a fake wedding ring to avoid unwanted attention. We have heard that this is the difference.

It is best to wear clothes that cover the shoulders and knees. While in the countryside it is better to wear long dresses and bundle up. If you want to go to the mosque, take a scarf.

For more tips on what to wear for women when visiting Morocco, you can also go through this excellent guide by The Hostel Girl.

Morocco Dress Code For Tourists

Wearing shorts is sometimes frowned upon. Few boys and girls wear shorts in public, but it is better if you avoid it and wear full pants. In terms of shirts, especially a collared shirt with long sleeves, and polo shirts also work well.

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Boots? Well, boots, loafers or sneakers always work. Depends on the situation and the nature of your trip, of course. If you are hiking or in the desert, which you should do if you are hiking here, you should pack hiking boots.

If you want to go traditional, you can wear a djellaba. This is a long dress, with a hood and full sleeves. And it’s really comfortable. Usually worn with a red hat called a fuzz.

Morocco is an uninhabited country and the Sahara desert is one of the most popular destinations for adventure seekers. Here’s what to wear on a desert trip:

Dress carefully and wear long pants, long skirts or long sleeves when visiting mosques and holy places. Women’s headwear is encouraged.

What To Wear In Morocco: A Morocco Packing List For Women

These are the coldest months of the year in Morocco. A jacket or sweater is a must if you don’t want to get cold. Closed toe shoes, socks and a woolen hat will be invaluable as the evening temperatures drop. And if you plan to camp it’s best to take your own sleeping bag.

Spring and fall are also good times to go, when everything has warmed up a bit. You’ll still want to pack a jacket and sweater, as Morocco is a country with dry temperatures that tend to get hot. A loose blouse or long skirt will make you feel comfortable if you are a woman. A casual t-shirt works for everyone.

Summer is hot and if you don’t wear proper clothes you can get hot. You’ll still need a jacket after the sun goes down. Bring a water bottle and sunscreen from home. Hatcan also helps you protect yourself from the sun more than you think. And always take plenty of water.

Morocco Dress Code For Tourists

It is usually hot in Marrakech. Even the coldest months see temperatures around 20 degrees during the day. As tourism continues to grow, locals are not surprised to see ‘Sham’ clothing. But it is considered foolish to reveal it too soon.

What To Wear In Marrakech

It is good to protect your shoulders and knees, especially when you go to the Medina (old city).

In terms of clothes here, you’re on the move a lot. So good shoes are essential. Closed toe shoes are fine. Loose pants and a t-shirt always work. Try to avoid hugging too much as it can cause problems on the roads.

The idea is to wear loose and light clothing so that you are fully covered and you won’t feel too hot.

Cloth is very important because of the smell of cow dung. Guests are often given a few mint leaves for this purpose. And your clothes are easily protected. The city is huge and charming with its colors, people and smells. And you don’t want to attract unwanted attention during your search. So keep your clothes comfortable, relaxed and easy.

Morocco Packing List

Unlike Fez, take your shoes off here. And the Atlantic Ocean is very close. Rabat is a city with international activities. So you can dress very comfortably here. A sleeveless top is acceptable, and you’ll find many Moroccan women dress comfortably.

In general, this style of clothing is very comfortable in the big cities of Marrakesh, Rabat or Casablanca, but when you go to towns or villages, it is better to dress carefully.

He finds joy in everything he does, from sports to spirituality and strives to contribute and contribute to improving our “community”. Aditya Gopakumar likes stories, travel and Idli. Finding eco-friendly countries, like Morocco, can be difficult, especially when the weather is hot. While it’s best to stay covered, it’s important to stay cool. Local women dress conservatively, but you’ll see a lot of dresses in Morocco and high tourist areas.

Morocco Dress Code For Tourists

In tourist areas, women wear everything from crop tops to burqas. I suggest finding a middle ground, respecting the local culture, and choosing

What To Wear In Morocco: A Packing List

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