Kiwi Fruit Farm For Sale New Zealand

Kiwi Fruit Farm For Sale New Zealand – This property is listed below the CV of $1,575,000. Absentee owners have had trouble seeing their gardens from afar and now want to quit, and when they are in full production, prices have dropped dramatically from previous years. There is potential to develop this well established garden to its full potential.

The site is accessed from a sealed section of Pungaere Road and a road that opens into the rectangular block sloping to the north. Hayward Green Kiwi covers 4.73 hectares of canopy divided into 10 plots and these vines were planted 20-25 years ago. Likewise, there is 0.93 ha of canopy suitable for grafting with red and gold with the corresponding license. There is enough space for further production.

Kiwi Fruit Farm For Sale New Zealand

Kiwi Fruit Farm For Sale New Zealand

The Kerikeri irrigation scheme provides a large amount of water and the soil type is a mixture of Ohaihau scaly loam and volcanic soil. The block is 7.4 km from Waipapa and 13.4 km from Kerikeri. The property has its own driveway. There is no land ownership contract.

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For someone who doesn’t mind a bit of hard work, this area offers a great opportunity to break into the kiwifruit industry. This industry is booming and running on congestion. Adequate business support is provided for anyone who wants to enter this active business that exports worldwide.

The land is well drained and has slopes oriented to the north and northeast. The view of the countryside and the blue ocean can be seen in the distance. New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry continues to grow, with recent fruit sales showing hope for the industry.

A 66-hectare kiwifruit orchard in Hawke’s Bay has sold for A$40.2 million ($38.24 million), which PGG Wrightson property managing director Peter Newbold says is unusual.

“This size is not available in the market. Kiwi orchards often sell for 100,000 or in the single-digit millions,” he said.

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Six years ago, New Zealand’s kiwifruit industry was devastated by a bacterial disease called PSA-V, or Pseudomonas syringae pv Actinidiae.

Zespri International, which oversees New Zealand’s kiwifruit exports, has focused on marketing and developing gold varieties that have proven to be more disease resistant.

This strategy is paying dividends in the most recent quarter, with record sales and the highest profits ever. Total sales for the 2015-2016 quarter were $1.9 billion, up 22% year over year.

Kiwi Fruit Farm For Sale New Zealand

The orchard was sold to the Ngai Tukairangi Trust, which already has kiwifruit interests. This trust is unavailable for comment.

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SunGold sold the kiwifruit property for $700,000 per hectare and Newbold said it could grow further. According to him, the price of one hectare was about US$400,000 two years ago.

“Yields are driving cup rates and I think there’s a good future at the moment. We think demand will continue if not overdone,” he said.

Late last year, Zespri announced the sale of a further 400 hectares of the SunGold variety in 2017, with a further 400 hectares to be sold in 2018, 2019 and 2020, depending on product performance and global demand.

Newbold said people have more confidence in kiwifruit and “the whole horticulture space is doing well,” he said. Owned and managed by New Zealand’s largest kiwifruit grower, the vines can be grown into high value kiwifruit. Varieties – put on the market for sale.

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The plot consists of three blocks in Kerikeri, Northland. Three separate plots add up to 12 hectares of kiwi cultivation in different stages of production – irrigated and protected – and another 15 hectares.

The property is wholly owned and managed by Seeka, New Zealand’s leading kiwifruit growing and harvesting company. In their current form and configuration, the orchards within the Kerikeri block are:

A plot of land in Orchard Road, Kerikeri is now for sale by negotiation through Kerikeri. Commercial officer Alan Kerr said the offer consisted of three separate packages.

Kiwi Fruit Farm For Sale New Zealand

“The site currently has 4.9 hectares of Seeka Red kiwifruit cover, 4.98 hectares of Hayward green kiwifruit, 0.6 hectares of Chieftain vine and 1.54 hectares of rootstock,” Kerr said.

Nz Kiwifruit Farm Sells For $40.2 Million

“In their current configuration, these properties generate good stable cash flow and profits from the Seeka Red variety. The Hayward Green variety is cash flow positive, but these plantings can be converted to more profitable Zespri varieties such as SunGold through the future grafting of the stump and root system is a great opportunity for conversion.

“Production estimates for park entrance road use indicate that Hayward’s current stock, which produces about 9,000 trays of fruit per crop, could be converted to 17,000 to 20,000 trays of high SunGold value during a five-year transition period”.

Kerr says male plants that are covered in the activity zone promote good pollination of crops within the property.

“Although not required for Seeka Red pollination, it is a good insurance policy. High pollination rates provide an additional source of property income. Having coverage means you can choose the number optimum of flowers regardless of weather conditions,” he says. .

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Kerr said that while the three properties are essentially being sold as one entity, Seeka is considering selling the parcels separately, allowing area kiwifruit growers to select areas more suitable for their current operations or participate in the real estate development. look only at the residential land component.

“The owner/grower can buy, grow and manage the orchard themselves, but this is an ideal opportunity for those looking to invest in kiwifruit growing, with the orchards fully managed and managed by Seeka,” he said.

Seeka is New Zealand’s largest kiwifruit grower with over 30 years experience and expertise in horticulture, processing and logistics of green, golden, organic, red and kiwi fruit varieties.

Kiwi Fruit Farm For Sale New Zealand

Seeka combines its extensive experience in the management of shelters, soils, vines, trees and crops with scientific and technical advances to bring the best horticultural practices to your gardens. The world-class packing facilities in Kerikeri use the latest technology and cold chain management to deliver quality fruit to the market with productive efficiency.

Massive 98 Hectare Kiwifruit Property On The Market

“The financial savings of buying Kerikere’s orchard collection, which is close to everything, allows any new owner to have a successful approach to farm management and production,” Kerr said.

Those looking for the ultimate in privacy within a short drive of Auckland will now find the seclusion they seek on the market on Motuketeke Island in the Hauraki Gulf.

A quality home set in 16 acres of productive South Auckland grazing land, it opens up many opportunities for investors and lifestyle block owners for years to come.

Just under an hour from Gisborne, the Waipaoa Station tender is attracting significant national and international interest due to its reputation for flexible options and pastoral productivity. Stunning beachfront allotment for sale on your own private peninsula on Matakana Island. A unique combination of lifestyle, horticulture and tourism opportunities is just a short boat ride from Tauranga.

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Opureora Orchard is a truly unique property on 10 hectares of land overlooking the sparkling waters of Tauranga Harbor on the south west tip of the island.

It has a 5.35 hectare kiwi orchard, 100 early growth avocado trees and a comfortable three bedroom apartment just 200 meters from the local ferry landing.

Country and Lifestyle International Sales Specialist Jeff Barbour says this is a unique property with great potential.

Kiwi Fruit Farm For Sale New Zealand

“This is an opportunity to acquire a private holiday home, a luxury family home that combines lifestyle with income or a productive horticultural asset with tourism benefits.

Kiwi / Kiwifruit Exporter Farm Grower Sale Producer Supplier

“Situated on its own peninsula on an absolute three-level beachfront property, the property benefits from a favorable climate, good soil and early harvest characteristics.

“The detached property at Opureora Orchard has three bedrooms and an office, making it a comfortable family home or comfortable weekend retreat.

“A quick walk and you won’t tire of gazing out over Tauranga Barbour’s sparkling waters from the rooftop terrace to the city and mountains beyond as you swim and fish on the front lawn beach.

“This private beach lifestyle is balanced with easy access to amenities and Omokoroa village, yet within easy reach of local barge operations with frequent services.

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“Opureora Orchard has excellent tourism potential, with the current owners hosting weddings and other events. There is potential for further development given Tauranga’s limited range of diverse and unique event locations.

“Regardless of your plans, Opureora Orchard’s unrivaled combination of lifestyle and income is rarely found in a luxury island location so close to the city and amenities.”

Property for sale at 18 Opureora Road, Matakana Island

Kiwi Fruit Farm For Sale New Zealand

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