Jobs You Can Get With An Associates Degree In Accounting

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Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today for many reasons. As more Americans reach retirement age and advances in healthcare, it brings higher paying jobs in the healthcare industry.

Jobs You Can Get With An Associates Degree In Accounting

Jobs You Can Get With An Associates Degree In Accounting

What we like about this is that most jobs only require an associate’s degree or certificate (a few only require a high school degree). This makes them ideal for anyone on a tight budget, or people who want to change careers but don’t want to spend four years at university.

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Many of the jobs we’re going to discuss here also give you the opportunity to move on to higher-paying jobs as you continue your education. For example, there are several nursing degrees that pay very well if you reach the bachelor’s or master’s level.

Let’s start with jobs that require less education, and work our way up to more advanced degrees.

What are they doing? Radiation therapy kills cancer cells in the human body. They may be involved in planning and providing treatment, or they may use equipment to deliver radiation, such as linear accelerators or external beam radiotherapy.

This role also includes developing patient care plans and managing records. Radiologists work in hospitals and clinics, but some are self-employed.

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What are they doing? Nuclear medicine specialists, also known as nuclear medicine specialists, are experts in the field of nuclear medicine. They play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases using radiation therapy and other substances.

Therefore, these professionals have an important role to play in ensuring that patients receive the right care. Nuclear medicine specialists work with radiopharmaceuticals that contain radioactive isotopes that emit radiation for imaging or therapy.

To become a certified nuclear medicine technologist, one must complete two years of high school from an accredited college or university program and pass all national certification exams given by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT). Nuclear Medicine Technicians can earn associate degrees with this degree.

Jobs You Can Get With An Associates Degree In Accounting

What are they doing? Hygienists are dentists who work with dental, oral and oral health patients. They brush teeth, remove plaque and tartar, educate people about daily oral hygiene to prevent gum disease or decay.

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Dental hygienists also offer other methods of tooth protection, such as the use of sealants and fluoride treatments. Dental hygiene is a profession that has grown due to increased awareness of good dental hygiene practices. It is now one of the most popular jobs for women in the healthcare industry today because it offers flexible hours and high pay without requiring advanced training or education.

What are they doing? Medical technologists, or sonographers for short, make images of the organs and tissues of the body. Using ultrasound (high frequency waves) to take pictures of the inside of the human body.

The images they produce are called ultrasonograms. Sonographers create ultrasound by moving it through a person’s skin and using high-energy waves to create images. Sonography is mainly used as a diagnostic tool, but it can also be used as an additional tool in other situations such as the treatment of patients with kidney stones or gallstones.

To become a medical technician, you must have completed an associate’s degree from an accredited college program.

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What are they doing? MRI specialists use the latest technology to diagnose and treat diseases. They work in hospitals, clinics, special services and other health related services. MRI specialists perform tests such as MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging), CT scans (computed tomography) and X-rays on patients referred by their doctor or other healthcare provider.

The main role of MRI technology is to analyze the patient’s body using magnetic resonance imaging technology and create cross-sectional images for analysis by a radiologist or surgeon.

MRI technicians must understand the doctors’ instructions regarding the type of test that should be performed; they need manual dexterity because they can often control the controls that move the table that holds the scanner; they also need strong communication skills to deal with other people.

Jobs You Can Get With An Associates Degree In Accounting

What are they doing? Occupational therapists work under the supervision of occupational therapists to help people with disabilities, illnesses or developmental disabilities become independent in daily life.

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They can learn skills such as dressing and grooming; managing drug reminders; help with exercise; or keeping a safe place at home. They also provide emotional support and encouragement during treatment. Depending on how they work, they often interact directly with patients as a team in addition to other healthcare professionals such as nurses and rehabilitation specialists.

In recent years, OTAs have worked outside of traditional hospitals in places such as nursing homes, nursing homes, general medical facilities (rehabilitation hospitals), subacute units, and intensive care units. , and acting alone.

In the past, aspiring medical assistants had to attend an accredited two-year college before entering a four-year program, but as of 2013, most states require OTA applicants to have an associate’s degree from a community or technical college. school.

What are they doing? Respiratory therapists help patients who have difficulty breathing or need help getting enough air, such as people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, cystic fibrosis, and other lung diseases. They provide emergency care to those suffering from heart attack and stroke.

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Respiratory therapists also teach patients how to manage their breathing problems so they can lead active lives. The median salary for a medical professional is $58,420 in the United States according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What are they doing? Radiologists use special equipment to create images of the internal organs and structures of the body. They work as a team with doctors, nurses, surgeons and other medical professionals in hospitals or clinics. In some states, radiologic technologists may also work in private companies such as insurance companies.

Radiologic technology is one of the fastest growing professions in America today. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that radiologic engineering jobs will grow by 30% over the next decade, which is faster than the growth rate of all US jobs during this period.

Jobs You Can Get With An Associates Degree In Accounting

What are they doing? Physiotherapists work under the supervision of a doctor to provide therapy and treatment such as electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, massage therapy and exercise. They also record the patient’s progress in the medical record.

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Physical therapists are not licensed medical professionals, but they have opportunities to earn money from home by assisting with tasks such as photography or data entry from home, according to the Indeed website. In addition to having a high school diploma or GED, you must earn an associate’s degree that takes approximately two years of full-time study at a high school accredited by the US Department of Education (USDE).

What are they doing? Cardiologists work in a variety of settings, including hospitals and private practices. They perform tests to evaluate patients with heart disease, such as measuring blood pressure or inserting a catheter painlessly through the skin to measure the heart’s function. Cardiologists use sophisticated equipment such as electrocardiographs to study electrical impulses from the heart.

What are they doing? Health care technicians (HIT) work with computers and scanners to ensure the right patient is getting the right test.

They enter patients’ vital signs, create diagnostic imaging, monitor computer records, generate continuous reports and alerts, and more. HITs can also teach clients how to use electronic health records (EHRs). The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 17% increase in HIT jobs from 2014-2024. As hospitals continue to move from paper documents to digital solutions, many opportunities will open up for those who know how to use them.

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What are they doing? Surgical assistants are responsible for assisting the surgeon in the operating room by performing a variety of tasks, including preparing equipment and supplies, providing surgical equipment to the surgeon during surgery, performing extractions or other surgical equipment, administering anesthesia as needed and recording operating data. .

Surgical assistants can also act as scrub nurses or second assistants during critical situations. They have to stand for a long time while working correctly. This service is great for those who enjoy helping others but don’t want to go directly to the hospital.

Salaries vary depending on where you work and your education; however, most entry-level positions start at $30k per year with great potential for growth as you gain experience.

Jobs You Can Get With An Associates Degree In Accounting

What are they doing? A surgical technician, also called a cleaning technician or operating room nurse, is a person who assists surgeons in the operating room. This job requires certification from the Association of Surgical Technologists (AST). It is not

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