Jobs In Japan For Female

Jobs In Japan For Female – Recently, I visited an important client of a Japanese company. It is a leading electronics manufacturer known around the world. I was having a meeting with my company’s representative from Japan and a training and HR person from two different departments at the client. The people we met were ‘tantosha’, in positions of responsibility to get things done, discussing important strategic issues of how to proceed with the various projects we were involved in. Yes During the discussion, I suddenly noticed that everyone in the room was a woman! While such meetings may be a little uncommon in the United States, they certainly face the stereotypes that many people outside of Japan have about Japanese business.

Especially in the United States, the Japanese have a reputation as notorious male chauvinists. High-profile issues at Japanese companies in the United States, such as the sexual harassment case against Mitsubishi Motors, only helped reinforce this perception. Many people have the impression that In fact, when I meet an American businessman for the first time, I am often asked: When I tell them that I make a living as a consultant for a Japanese company, they ask me, “How can you do that? You’re a woman!” – So you can’t work because of your gender. However, the Japanese reaction to my being a woman is just the opposite. They see it as an advantage rather than a handicap. I can’t count the number of times Japanese clients have told me that they felt that being a woman worked well for my job, or that our company specifically asked women to hold seminars. And recently, when I met with a Japanese publisher to discuss an upcoming book project that I am co-authoring with a female colleague, they brought out our “female perspective” and It was specifically said that I wanted to emphasize it in. Writing.

Jobs In Japan For Female

Jobs In Japan For Female

One thing foreign business people need to be aware of is the rapidly changing role of women in the Japanese workplace. Of course, there are still many Japanese women who wear girl scout-like uniforms and have jobs such as answering phones, making copies, and serving tea. It’s possible that you’re only seeing a type of female worker, and you might get the false impression that all Japanese working women are in that position. There are Japanese women in positions of responsibility, like the woman I met at It may not look like a tea server, but it still exists and cannot be ignored.

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That said, the glass ceiling is still a reality for working women in Japan. Indeed, all of the strong women who attended my conference were in their mid-thirties or younger, and none of them reached the level of Katsucho, let alone managers. A female Muto (manager) is still rare. The main reason is the severe lack of flexibility in the Japanese way of working. This makes it very difficult for Japanese women to balance career and family life.

Most Japanese women continue to believe that they must choose between being a career woman and having a family. For women who choose the former, there is no big obstacle because they are accepted by men because they act like men. Since the Equal Employment Opportunity Law came into force, women have taken that path, a phenomenon that has been going on for 15 years and is now in the pipeline. In the years to come, we should see this pioneering generation of women take management positions in Japanese companies.

However, becoming a career woman requires a lot of effort and sacrifice, as it requires keeping up with the long hours and dedication of male employees. After watching the male rat race, many Japanese women decided that they wanted to build a house and focus on raising children. There is a high chance that you will get a job serving tea with little overtime. If quitting your job is your ultimate goal, why bother sticking to career trackers? For these women, taking such a job is the logical decision. For several years they spend and earn some money and keep busy. And the workplace is certainly a good place to look for qualified men.

Vital statistics show that more and more women are choosing a career in recent years when forced to choose between a career and children. As a result, Japan’s birth rate continues to decline and Japan is rapidly becoming an aging society.

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To stem further declines in fertility rates and break the corporate glass ceiling, Japan desperately needs a way to free women from having to choose between a career and a family. Japanese workplaces need to become more flexible to allow women to give birth and continue their careers. The main areas that require flexibility are working hours and employee turnover.

In terms of working hours flexibility, Japanese companies offer very little. Flextime is not particularly popular, and even when flextime exists, the range of time slots available is less than typical for such programs in the United States. , work a minimum of 50 hours per week and expect overtime). There are currently very few professional part-time concepts in the United States and other foreign concepts. Preferred for division of work, compression of the week, etc.

The tight labor market in Japan makes it nearly impossible for employees to move in and out. People continue to work at the same company for the rest of their lives, and once they leave a good company, it is difficult to find a new position mid-career. This works against women who want to go back to work after taking a few years off to stay home with young children. , is a final clerical position that does not utilize specialized skills or experience.

Jobs In Japan For Female

Women in Japan have come a long way and are no longer a completely male-dominated workplace as many outside of Japan think. However, Japanese companies need to rethink how they work in order to create a truly comfortable workplace for women.

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that you will have to enable or disable cookies again each time you visit this website. Some people dream of working in Japan. It’s like an impossible fantasy. What if I tell you that working in Japan is not your dream? In fact, it’s totally possible! As we speak, there are more and more employment opportunities for foreigners in Japan. Some of these jobs don’t even require you to speak Japanese!

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Of course, the higher your Japanese level, the more chances you have of getting a job. But don’t let that put you off. You still have options. Let’s take a look at the top 19 popular jobs for foreigners working in Japan.

The easiest job for foreigners to land in Japan is teaching. Especially teaching English. I think most foreigners I meet in Japan have been there – myself included. There are many job openings all over the country, and job postings are posted throughout the year.

You don’t need to know Japanese at all for this job. Since you are teaching English, all classes will be in English. At least a bachelor’s degree is required. It would be helpful if you knew a little Japanese

Jobs In Japan For Female

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