Jobs For Marine Engineers Freshers

Jobs For Marine Engineers Freshers – Marine engineers are in demand in Canada and employers are willing to hire people from other countries to build the marine sector in Canada. They offer attractive options for foreigners to compensate for the lack of local talent. This will be a good time to migrate to Canada.

Marine engineers design and build marine vessels, marine power plants and other related systems and equipment, as well as repair and maintain them.

Jobs For Marine Engineers Freshers

Jobs For Marine Engineers Freshers

Marine engineering is a qualifying occupation under Canada’s FSWP. They can get a PR visa through Express Entry. Check your eligibility with Canada’s Immigration Points Calculator.

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Applicants must have their marine engineering skills and their experience and qualifications assessed by the Canadian Marine Engineering Skills and Qualifications Assessment body, which will serve two purposes. First and foremost, a positive skills assessment will help you claim the required points in both the Express Entry CRS and the Federal Skilled Trades application. Second, your positive skills assessment will also act as your Canadian equivalent qualification that will be used for your professional registrations, and assessing your marine engineering skills means you will be qualified to work in Canada as soon as you land there.

The average wage for this occupation is about 26 USD per hour and the maximum wage for this occupation is in the Canadian province of British Columbia where it is 28 USD per hour.

3-Year Job Outlook- The job outlook over the next three years for marine engineers is good in most provinces in Canada.

There will be more vacancies than candidates for this position in the next ten years. Vacancies may not be filled due to lack of skills.

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Design and build ships, marine systems and floating structures, as well as accompanying marine power plants, propulsion systems and related systems and equipment, and manage their construction, maintenance and repair. About a century ago no one would have heard of a marine engineer, but today it is as established a profession as any known.

Over the past 100 years, engineering as a field of study has developed and diversified far beyond what could have been imagined before this period.

Not only that, but it has also branched out into various specialized fields that have made great strides.

Jobs For Marine Engineers Freshers

Most of these new fields are aligned with any of the basic engineering branches like mechanical, electrical, civil, electronics, computers etc and have something or the other incorporated from them. One such branch is marine engineering.

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Marine engineering is the field of study that deals with the design, development, production and maintenance of the equipment used at sea and on marine vessels such as boats, ships etc.

A marine engineer is a professional who has studied marine engineering (sometimes also called marine engineering) and is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of all major mechanical and technical equipment on board.

There are several mechanical systems that help in the operation of any ship such as the propulsion mechanics, electrical and power generation systems, lubrication, fuel systems, water distillation, lighting and air conditioning systems etc.

Monitoring and Maintenance of Mechanical Systems – Engineers of every rank on the ship are assigned specific machines and systems for maintenance and monitoring.

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Machinery systems are shared between all engineers and it is the duty of each engineer to ensure that his/her machinery is working at all times. Marine engineers are also required to maintain the machinery on deck.

Proper record keeping and maintenance planning – The engine room department works as a team to ensure that the maintenance of all machinery systems is carried out according to the planned maintenance system. Accurate record keeping of various parameters is done for official paperwork and reporting.

Fuel Oil Bunkering – Marine engineers also handle the transfer of fuel oil to the ship from a bunkering station or barge. It is usually the duty of the 4th engineer, who also takes regular soundings of the fuel tanks and reports it to the Chief Engineer for planning bunker operations.

Jobs For Marine Engineers Freshers

Emergency breakdown and repair – The study of marine engineering also teaches how to deal with major maintenance and breakdowns of machinery systems at sea. Although marine engineers are quite capable of the same, there are times when there may be a need for experts. In such cases, marine engineers must work with the experts to fix and solve the problem.

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In addition to the above-mentioned tasks, a ship’s engineer on a ship must follow all the instructions of the chief engineer, the head of the engine room department on the ship.

Various marine programs conducted by engineers also fall under this field of study, such as research on underwater vehicles, cable laying work, renewable energy production in marine areas, etc.

In the latter half of the 19th century, marine propulsion engines arrived and revolutionized shipping. It was at this time that the marine engineer began to impose his importance on the work schedule, transforming from a “stoker” to an engineer.

In recent years, there have been many new introductions of marine technologies that have further improved the machinery and services such as fuel cells and magnetohydrodynamics etc.

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Further research and development is also ongoing and new details emerge from time to time. Therefore, it would be safe to state that marine engineering is a very dynamic field.

A marine engineer can choose different types of ships, depending on his background and expertise, which can be classified into:

In recent times, this field of study has captured the imagination of many around the world. The interest was shown by students from various countries and the response from the relevant departments at the universities testifies to this.

Jobs For Marine Engineers Freshers

The increase in employment opportunities in this field has contributed to the appeal of working as a marine engineer. Both the merchant navy and the armed navy have immense opportunities for the students in this field.

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In addition to this, various manufacturing industries and units that manufacture shipping equipment and machinery also hire these professionals to work in their manufacturing houses.

In some countries, a naval engineer can transfer to the armed navy (after passing physical and medical fitness tests) because the technical qualification requirements are already met by a marine engineer.

Also budding field jobs as trainers and teachers at various institutions are available and suitable candidates are in high demand. Judging by the development and interest, it would not be wrong to assume that this subject will continue to leave an indelible mark on the world.

Life after doing marine engineering on a ship is demanding both physically and emotionally. Although most marine engineering graduates (also called marine engineers) go on board to work, there are some who also choose shore-based work.

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The work of a marine engineer on a ship is difficult because the engine room is a complex mechanical system with a hostile environment. Engineers mainly work in four-hour shifts and have to do additional hours of maintenance.

During the emergency, however, working hours may extend for hours without major interruptions until the machinery/system is restored to normal operating condition and there is no threat to the ship of any kind.

When in port, a marine engineer may go ashore, time permitting and with the permission of the chief engineer and captain.

Jobs For Marine Engineers Freshers

With the advancement of technology, the time a ship stays in port has been drastically reduced, leaving the crew with no time to go ashore.

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Marine engineers just like any other crew work on a contract basis. Shipping companies usually offer four to six month employment contracts, depending on the experience and rank of the marine engineer.

After completing a four-year marine engineering course, a candidate becomes eligible to work on ships (after completing mandatory supplementary courses). A newly graduated marine engineer will join a ship as a trainee or junior engineer for a six-month employment contract.

Upon completion of training and the required sea time, a fifth engineer is eligible to sit for the Class IV examination, which will enable him or her to enlist as a fourth engineer.

After gaining a good amount of experience and based on performance company will give promotion to the third engineer. After completing the required sea time as a third engineer, one can take the class II examination to become a second engineer.

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Similarly, after completing the required sea time and gaining a good amount of experience, a second engineer can take a Class I examination to gain promotion to chief engineer.

Note that the promotion will depend only on the decision of the company even if the marine engineer has the experience and certificate.

The graphic above is a brief overview of hierarchy and job opportunities for marine engineering graduates. Shore Job completely depends on the skill/experience of the candidate and the requirement of the shore company.

Jobs For Marine Engineers Freshers

After marine engineering, a candidate has to do various advanced courses and management studies to opt for a shore-based job even after sailing as a chief engineer.

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