Information Technology In Network Management

Information Technology In Network Management – Experts in connectivity, industrial computing and network infrastructure solutions provide advice on how to help leverage OT technologies while mitigating cyber threats. With targeted and effective solutions, various players in the OT world can benefit from remote network management.

In February 2021, an unknown hacker gained access to the network systems of the US Water Treatment Plant in Oldsmar, USA, and briefly altered chemical levels in the drinking water. Fortunately, a staff member noticed the attempted intrusion and promptly stopped him. This situation has sparked a lot of discussion on the topic of cybersecurity in the media and operational technology (OT) sectors.

Information Technology In Network Management

Information Technology In Network Management

By adapting to digital transformation, OT network infrastructure will begin to expand and become more flexible and integrated. A single failure can cause significant damage to the entire network. Therefore, ensuring network uptime is essential to the smooth running of your business. Remote network management is becoming a valuable tool for resolving critical issues quickly and efficiently. However, there are many obstacles that can hinder the use of remote services, and network security is a major concern. Cyber ​​attacks are common these days. Without network security, the door is wide open for malicious actors to exploit vulnerable networks.

Benefits Of Network Management Services

Looking at the Florida water treatment facility case, the FBI speculated that intruders could have accessed the company’s equipment by exploiting Internet security vulnerabilities such as insecure passwords and firewall protections to remotely access the company’s equipment. No safety equipment. Access to software.

Given the need for secure remote network management, everyone is looking for solutions that help ease daily tasks without worrying about network security. While there are many software programs designed for remote access or network management, they often focus on IT networks and not as part of larger networks.

However, OT and IT networks have different characteristics and priorities. While IT prioritizes data privacy, OT focuses on network availability and cannot tolerate downtime. Such multiple systems make it difficult for OT networks to adopt IT services. Another problem is that many engineers are not familiar with VPN or remote access to public IP.

Cybersecurity remains a concern for OT engineers. Flexible access solutions to solve various OT problems and improve network security. For example, configurable access control devices allow owners to decide when and for how long third-party engineers can access their network. Additionally, access is limited to specific network locations. These steps can ensure the security of your network while opening the door to remote maintenance operations. Remote services for OT should also be simple and easy to use. A good solution allows OT engineers to access remote access when needed, even if they are not familiar with VPN or public IP addresses.

Most Powerful Network Management Companies

When the right solution is built and developed, various players in the OT world can enjoy the benefits of remote network management. Let’s see how this works in two different client scenarios:

Manufacturers with locations spread across multiple locations require wide network access for sustainable operations and efficiency. To manage such large and distributed networks, network management software installed at remote locations monitors the local network and sends data to the HQ control center through closed tunnels. This gives engineers full visibility of the network from a central location to remote management of operations at any site. If something goes wrong, engineers at headquarters can remotely access network equipment through a secure VPN connection or, as needed, call in third-party helpdesks using an encrypted VPN tunnel.

To better help customers manage and maintain their network health, network service providers need simple solutions to respond to a variety of customer service requests and resolve issues quickly. True remote services allow service providers to overcome geographic boundaries and streamline customer service. A VPN’s required encryption tunnel allows support engineers to easily access network management software at customer sites without compromising the security of the customer’s network.

Information Technology In Network Management

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Enterprise Technology For The Digital Revolution

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Network Monitoring Software

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Alibaba Cloud 2021 Double 11 Cloud Services Sale is live now! For a limited time, you can complete your cloud journey with Alibaba Cloud products for just $1, while you can get $1111 in cash and $111 in Alibaba Cloud Value.

The total output of this year’s 11th Second Shopping Festival reached 268.4 billion CNY, and all major systems of Alibaba are working perfectly in Alibaba Cloud, which means that Alibaba Cloud is not only able to cope with, but also supports one of the largest in the world. The highest traffic volume in history.

Information Technology In Network Management

The smooth online shopping experience offered during this year’s 11 major shopping seasons is supported by a range of sophisticated and innovative technologies. The figure below shows a simplified view of the typical e-commerce system architecture that Alibaba uses to run its e-commerce platform on Big Business Day.

Important Benefits Of Network Management

All key business sectors will be in the cloud this year, with Alibaba running a suite of cloud products, services and solutions designed specifically for computing, storage, networking and databases.

Because of the large processing power required to run Alibaba’s e-commerce platform, this business model, components and products are deployed through distribution. Additionally, there are requirements for product-to-product, component-to-component, and even module-to-module communication. Alibaba Cloud’s cloud network management system, called Lochen, supports all communication needs.

Apsara Distributed Operating System, also known as Pangu, is the main technology platform of Alibaba Cloud. It aims to transform data centers around the world or even several data centers into a single supercomputer that manages internal servers and various tools and equipment in the data centers it occupies, and provides poor external services and public services and interactions. affect It works.

The core of Alibaba Cloud’s Apsara Work Distribution System provides some of the most important system services and coordinates the underlying infrastructure, particularly the system’s computing, storage, and network resources. In addition, cloud network management systems also provide virtual network services, such as virtual private clouds (VPC), software-defined network controllers (SDN), and network components. Load Balancer (SLB) (NEs). In other words, cloud network management is the core component of the Apsara service delivery system, which provides all cloud network services.

Information Technology Systems Management (bachelor’s)

After coming out with the Apsara work distribution system, cloud network management has been around for 10 years, and its tasks have been clustered and optimized based on different technologies among millions of virtual machines in 20 regions of Alibaba Cloud. years.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud provides the industry’s best integration products, including cloud, external network and local area network, cloud network and intelligent network.

These products are built on a cloud network management system, and the core business code is developed entirely in-house on the Alibaba Cloud. So far the code has reached millions of lines. technical and business aspects of all software and hardware systems;

Information Technology In Network Management

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