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Industrial Engineering Salary In Uae – Source: Frame Stock Footage/Shutterstock Tech is one of the most in-demand areas for employment in the UAE. We have already seen how the UAE is quickly becoming a world leader in technology. The national industry had a 61% increase in tech hires (2020), according to this LinkedIn report. There is no doubt that all of this is driven by economic growth and the digital transformation that is poised to put the country in the world spotlight. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly shaken the labor market, but the region is now showing signs of recovery. Cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai are already experiencing the hottest job market in two years. Whether you are a hiring decision maker or involved in HR planning and building a business or division, read why the UAE is the perfect business environment to grow your business with the best technology talent on the market. Technology is every market now Having said that, it is clear that the UAE is now on the same path as all other leading economies: to expand. And to expand, every sector needs technical talent. Any company aiming to outpace the competition will direct a large portion of its investment into hiring data scientists, cloud architects, software engineers, and many other roles related to digital innovation. Source: Frame Stock Footage/Shutterstock All of the government’s policies show a remarkable commitment from the country’s public to develop their domestic economy with a long-term perspective. It is important for the stability of companies and, consequently, the private sector. And interestingly, many government-backed projects have digital innovation as a key step in economic growth. For example, the UAE’s Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Strategy and the UAE’s Artificial Intelligence Strategy. Group 42: a case for cutting-edge AI-centric solutions The UAE has already understood how the technology industry is becoming transversal and spreading across all sectors. Nowadays, companies finally seem to accept that technology is better used to gather information and be guided by it. A good example of a company with a very good information-driven solution is Group 42. G42 is a cloud computing based in Abu Dhabi (also an A.I. company) and one of the world’s most important data centers. The news is that G42 and Etisalat Group are working together in a joint venture. The goal is to become the largest data center provider in the entire UAE. It will certainly stimulate new investment in the region, the installation of new businesses and the migration of workers. Group 42 is a key player in the country for emerging technologies to achieve success. The potential is enormous, from mobility technology to health technology. Data is the new oil, and information is the power for better business management. So this is why your organization must be prepared to hire the right talent in this technological revolution. UAE strategy to attract and retain talent The national program to attract foreign labor was developed with three goals in mind: Ensure the UAE’s position among the top ten countries in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI). Ensure high availability of talent in strategic sectors. Build on the UAE’s status as an ideal place to work and live. The Covid-19 crisis has caused economic collapse around the world. From North America to South Asia; from the MENA region to the European Union; From Saudi Arabia to Abu Dhabi. It is very democratic in that sense. But the labor market in the UAE is recovering, and its government policies and foreign investment are key reasons for that. Source: Frame Stock Footage/Shutterstock In fact, we can already see why the UAE fits the bill as one of the ideal destinations for global talent. Labor policies and working environment The current state of the technology market in the United Arab Emirates Working in the United Arab Emirates is not that different from other places where the best working practices are applied. Emerging trends are increasingly common in the region with several startups becoming a global reference in the quality of working life. LinkedIn has released a list of the top 10 2021 startups in the UAE. The social network takes into account several factors such as job growth, job interest, attraction of the best talent and engagement. The first position belongs to CAFU, an organization that revolutionized the business, which was the first in the region to offer on-demand fuel delivery. In addition, we see Kitopi as a standout that can now be considered a company worth more than 1 billion. These companies have gained popularity among many workers for practices including: Work anywhere office policy. Self-care days. Days off (wedding, maternity, paternity…). Stock plans. Development program. Flexible hours. Best Energy Startup to Work For Another company that is on LinkedIn’s list of best startups is Yellow Door Energy. It is interesting to observe the impressive strength of the company compared to its competitors. Notice how we can see in the infographic that even with a smaller number of employees than the competition, the company is able to achieve large levels of web, social media, employee and mobile growth. In a recent interview with The National, Sabrina Gobet, VP of Human Resources at Yellow Door Energy, shared the company’s work culture. No clock-in, clock-out tradition, flexible hours, hybrid work model and employee rewards are some of the environmental characteristics highlighted by the manager. So it’s no surprise that YDE’s growth seems to have been positively influenced by that work culture. Trust and confidence are important points that are always sought in an organization’s relationship with its employees. Women’s labor force participation The UAE has been established as a leading country in gender equality in the Middle East, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Global Gender Gap report. In addition, the UAE was ranked first in women’s safety in a survey conducted by Georgetown University. The numbers are very optimistic about the advancement of women in the UAE. Women represent 70% of all graduates in the region, 34% of Emirates Mars Mission and 80% of crew scientists. Employee take-home pay Dubai is the first in a study conducted by PwC, which ranks cities around the world with high take-home pay (after social security and tax) for high earners like you. Dubai presented an impressive scenario where an employee took home his entire salary. Abu Dhabi is also no exception when we talk about salary and free taxation. The city has a strong non-taxable income policy. If we look deeper, there are many potential job opportunities for foreign workers: Abu Dhabi has almost 1.5 million citizens (2018), a relatively small population considering the number of projects developed in the city. Top professionals helping to lead the tech revolution Demand for data and CSE The UAE has the best possible free market practices. The government has facilitated investments, the law follows the digital transformation and the expansion of visa cards is growing faster than expected. And when talking about skilled talent, the common sense among executives is that data and computational science and engineering (CSE) jobs continue to be in high demand. Roles in increasing demand include: Network Architect Cloud Architect Cyber ​​​​Security Specialist Machine Learning Engineer Data Scientist Software Engineer Business Intelligence Data Engineer DevOps Engineer Project Manager Average Salaries in the UAE We consulted the Economic Research Institute to find out the average salary for these jobs. We’ve also compiled different sets of percentiles so you know how big the difference is between junior and senior level for these job opportunities. As you can see, the competition for the best tech talent is pretty fierce. Professionals in the 90th percentile earn a total income higher than 90% of their peers. In-demand skills in computer scientists and software engineers are more important today than at any other time in history. Top Popular Skills Both positions must be filled by technology companies. Therefore, it is important to be clear about the differences between one and the other and thus the expectations of both. Data Skills NoSQL Hive Excel Azure SAS Hadoop Tableau AWS Spark Kafka Programming Languages ​​​​Skills Python SQL R Java Scala SAS C C# C++ Matlab Julia Soft Skills Communication Creativity Perseverance Skepticism A data scientist usually has a strong background in mathematics and statistics, while the software engineer will provide good knowledge of development. But those jobs are evolving, so the two will continue to share more and more skills. You have to trust your I.T. leaders and see what skills must be needed to get the missing piece in your team. It’s worth remembering that we’re in an era where working from home is already a reality, and those positions can be filled entirely by remote talent. Soft skills are also something that should not be underestimated. A survey conducted by Microsoft found that companies benefit more from artificial intelligence when they combine technical skills with soft skills. Re-skilling programs can help here, as the survey found that 97% of workers in the UAE would like to be involved in training initiatives. want more

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