Government Jobs With A Bachelor's Degree

Government Jobs With A Bachelor's Degree – These Canadian government jobs are open and you don’t need any qualifications or experience to get hired

There are government jobs in Canada that you can apply for without higher education or work experience requirements, and there is also the option of telecommuting.

Government Jobs With A Bachelor's Degree

Government Jobs With A Bachelor's Degree

Labor and Social Development Canada, the federal department responsible for social programs and the labor market, is looking to hire people to work in citizenship and passport services, payment services, identity services and integrity services.

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Payroll staff work by phone within a call center to help people with Employment Insurance (EI), Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Insurance and others.

National Identity Service staff help Canadians with their Social Security number over the phone and provide support for My Service Canada and National Student Loan Service Center accounts.

Integrity Officers inform people of their rights and responsibilities and the benefits they receive, and conduct investigations to prevent, detect and stop fraud.

If you want to get a job, you only need a high school diploma, because there is no experience requirement.

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Employment and Social Development Canada said in the job posting that it is “actively recruiting” across Atlantic Canada, so people should apply for places they are willing to work or relocate.

Remote work is possible for these Canadian government positions, but you may need to report to the office.

Citizenship and Passport Services, Payment Services, ID Services and Integrity Services operate in over 50 cities in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, P.E.I. and Newfoundland.

Government Jobs With A Bachelor's Degree

Who should apply: Someone with a high school diploma who is able to work or who wants to move to Atlantic Canada for citizenship and passport services, payment services, identification services and integrity services.

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If you are looking for a job, you can apply for other Canadian government jobs such as CSIS technician jobs, CRA auditor and accountant jobs, and CBSA IT jobs.

You can also find Foreign Service officer positions, most of which are based overseas, as well as program officer or consultant positions with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Lisa Belmonte is a staff correspondent for the Government of Canada’s Trending Desk in Ontario. Canada Border Services Agency personnel are on the tarmac at the airport. Right: A Canada Border Services Agency officer in front of a CBSA vehicle.

You can find a job with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) with intelligence and you don’t need a college degree.

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With these vacancies in the Canadian government, the federal law enforcement agency is looking to create a pool of candidates to fill intelligence analyst positions.

Individuals living in Canada, as well as Canadian citizens and permanent residents living abroad can apply for this opening.

If hired, you will be responsible for producing and distributing intelligence-driven products and providing strategic, operational and tactical intelligence advice and functional guidance to CBSA, Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada and other partners.

Government Jobs With A Bachelor's Degree

Positions are located in a variety of locations across Canada, but flexible work arrangements may be considered, including reduced work weeks and telecommuting.

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You need a high school diploma to get the job, so a college degree is a plus, but not a requirement.

Experience with complex written documents (reports, risk assessments, vulnerability reviews, intelligence bulletins, or investigative reports) is required to research and gather, collate and edit, or analyze and evaluate information.

You can meet the experience requirements with one year of experience conducting research and analysis, collaborating with partners and stakeholders, gathering information in a research environment to formulate a recommendation, or conducting interviews to obtain information to formulate a recommendation.

Job requirements must also be met and maintained throughout your tenure in this position, including security clearance, current driver’s license, willingness to work overtime, and ability to travel for work.

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If you are interested in applying, the deadline for this Government of Canada position is April 3, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. p.

Who Should Apply: A high school diploma and someone with experience writing complex documents, researching and gathering information, drafting and editing, or analyzing and evaluating.

A valid driver’s license, willingness to work overtime, ability to travel for work and other work requirements are also required.

Government Jobs With A Bachelor's Degree

There are more government jobs in Canada, including jobs in CBSA IT, CSIS technicians, and CRA auditors and accountants.

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You can also find jobs as an Employment and Social Development Employment Officer in Canada, as well as Foreign Service Officer positions abroad, as well as a Program Officer or Consultant job with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Lisa Belmonte is a senior staff correspondent for Trending Desk Canada, a Canadian government service based in Ontario. News analysis shows the federal civil service has grown by more than 35,000 people during the two-year COVID-19 pandemic. 12% increase. Four government departments account for the lion’s share of new jobs.

Government office buildings like those in Gatineau, Queensland, are filling up with federal workers, including 35,000 new hires. The civil service grew by 12 per cent during the two-year COVID-19 pandemic, boosting Ottawa’s payroll by millions. (Adrian Wilde/Canadian Press)

The federal civil service has grown by more than 35,000 people since April 2020 due to pandemic-driven hiring, helping to increase Ottawa’s payroll costs by billions, according to a News analysis.

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Data from the Treasury and other departments and agencies show the federal government added 19,151 jobs in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2021, and another 16,356 jobs in fiscal year 2022. People across the country: 12% more than the pandemic and the largest number of government workers in Canadian history.

Another 28,176 civil servants were on long-term leave without full pay in 2022, but many of them are still entitled to taxpayer-funded bonuses, benefits, insurance and pension contributions.

In fiscal year 2021, Ottawa spent $59.623 billion on workforce costs, including payroll, pensions, benefits and overtime, up $4.438 billion from the previous fiscal year. Payroll costs in 2022 are likely to increase by a similar amount, although the final figure will not be available until public reports are released in December.

Government Jobs With A Bachelor's Degree

“This is a significant increase,” said Kevin Page, an economist who now heads the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Democracy at the University of Ottawa. “It’s growing at more than five percent a year, which is much faster than the private sector and faster than the growth rate of the real economy.”

John Baird (canadian Politician)

In emailed statements, PHAC and ESDC said more than half of the new hires were non-permanent positions, while the CRA said its workforce fluctuates depending on the tax season.

Overall, 82.2% of federal employees had permanent jobs, 12.4% had temporary jobs and 5.4% were described as “casual workers,” according to the government’s 2021 Civil Service snapshot.

News analysis shows that the size of the civil service has been growing steadily since 2015, when the Liberal Party came to power. In eight fiscal years, Ottawa has added 79,000 workers, increasing its federal workforce by nearly 31 percent. And during that period, the number of employees increased in 79 of the 84 government departments and agencies that operated continuously.

Public service data does not include civilians or personnel in Canadian military or RCMP uniforms. In fiscal year 2019, the Department of National Defense had 93,252 employees and the RCMP had 31,119 employees, according to the latest available data.

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SEE | Federal payroll spent $8 billion on pandemic: Ottawa’s pandemic hiring boom boosted federal payroll by millions 6 months ago. – 12% increase, the lion’s share of new jobs coming from four government departments.

Government work makes it difficult to keep up with the rapid growth of the federal bureaucracy, Page says.

“The main picture of what is happening with the public service is how many employees? What is the salary? “It’s pretty hidden,” Page said. “No one really follows this.”

Government Jobs With A Bachelor's Degree

In 2012, when Page was still in Parliament, he produced a report showing that the average civil servant costs taxpayers more than $114,000 a year in total compensation. Growth in federal wages and benefits outpaced inflation and other private and public employers for 13 consecutive years.

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Kevin Page appeared before the House of Commons Finance Committee on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in April 2012. A former parliamentary budget asks if the federal government has a plan when it comes to hiring civil servants. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

According to the latest data from the Legislative Budget Office for fiscal year 2019, the average cost is $121,000.

“You know the government doesn’t have a strategic HR plan.

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