Government Jobs For History Degree

Government Jobs For History Degree – A decade of data compiled by the College Alumni Office shows beyond doubt that the answer to the age-old question, “What will you do with your history degree” really is “Anything you want!” To see what some of our alumni have achieved, visit the Alumni Reflections section of the History website.

History graduates have found success in a surprisingly wide range of professions, from business, finance, and investments to the medical and health professions, to law (including some judges), politics, and government—even serving in the White House.

Government Jobs For History Degree

Government Jobs For History Degree

History graduates have gone on to do everything from filmmaking and urban planning to museums and teaching at the university level. Our graduates work as clergy, account managers, business executives, musicians, journalists, US military personnel, consultants, business analysts, marketers, librarians and archivists, trainers, IT specialists, pilots, social workers, brokers, Peace Corps personnel. Veterans, real estate developers, non-profit leaders, artists, flight attendants, restaurant managers, land use planners – and that’s just the beginning.

Ba History: Scope, Colleges, Syllabus & Job Prospects

There is no limit to the study of history, because the study of history is a preparation for life. Check out national data on what history majors are doing.

Studying history trains the mind. History majors develop highly marketable skills that employers and admissions committees want in their candidates. These include excellent writing, research, critical thinking, oral presentation and interpersonal skills.

History has the highest annual salary among humanities and liberal arts majors, according to a recent Georgetown University study. Recently published article

Also discusses the personal and financial power of studying history. Other experts agree that history gives students an “intangible advantage” in the job market. And, loudly

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, pre-professionalization can often harm students in the long run and that “generalists get better job offers” than those who specialize, especially in business programs.

A degree in history develops your ability to formulate significant questions, find and evaluate evidence, weigh alternative methods and interpretations, appreciate complexity and ambiguity, draw valid conclusions and articulate relevant arguments clearly and precisely. These skills prepare you for global information. based economics while allowing you to further your interest in learning about the past. Read more about how history schools get their degrees to work on the Best Colleges website.

As applicants to medical schools, history majors stand out in the crowd. Graduate schools have historically been successful in training graduates in many health professions, in part because these programs actively seek them out. Medical schools demand students with humanities degrees because they offer a unique skill set.

Government Jobs For History Degree

According to Dr. Edward Abraham, Wake Forest School of Medicine professor and dean: “Focusing on students with strong humanities backgrounds complements our medical school class and brings humanistic qualities such as empathy and good communication skills to the student body as a whole.”

Archivist Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More

The department’s signature medical history courses are “Diseases and Epidemics” and “History of Human Reproduction.” We offer additional courses when available.

Prof. Tait Keller is the pre-health advisor for the history department and is able to discuss specific planning issues for history majors who also work in the health professions. He works closely with Dr. Alan Jeslow, director of College Health Professions Advising, to make sure history majors get the guidance they need. In fact, according to one author, history schools may just be the best health care providers.

History has always been considered one of the best preparations for law school because of its emphasis on creating and defending arguments, locating and deploying evidence, clear and effective written and oral communication, and a deep historical understanding of context in which laws and politics are. done . The department has long-standing placements at several prominent local law firms to provide students with practical experience.

In the last decade and a half, history majors have been admitted and graduated from many of the top 50 law schools in the country, including Harvard, New York University, Duke University, University of Virginia, College of William and Mary, Vanderbilt University. , University of Texas, Tulane University, University of Washington, Emory University, Boston University, George Washington University, University of Colorado, University of North Carolina, University of Florida, and Southern Methodist University.

Jobs For A Master’s Degree In Psychology

Stiles Law Firm, shadow attorney in their day-to-day operations, including drafting and executing elder care law and real estate law. Real estate closing package files, including contracts with real estate and mortgage companies. Prepare and prove life care planning documents, as well as participate in the design of these documents.

Legal Intern at Holland & Associates, PLLC – works with a “holistic” lawyer on office work and legal projects such as a legal brief, legal memorandum, settlement or negotiation letter; meet with the supervising attorney for at least two weeks; participate in tests if possible. Holistic law is a multidisciplinary or more client- and problem-solving-oriented approach to legal problems than traditional legal practice, which tends to have a more litigious and adversarial approach.

Lawrence & Russell, Attorneys at Law – Interns must have excellent organizational skills and basic computer skills to assist case managers and associates in an East Memphis law firm focused on workers’ benefits/labor and employment law. As these positions require direct contact with our firm’s senior partners, the candidate must have self-confidence and excellent writing skills. Applicants must be able to work independently and work well with others. Undergraduate interns assist company employees with various legal tasks. For example, the selected person(s) will conduct detailed telephone interviews and negotiate with attorneys across the country to settle lien claims on behalf of Lawrence & Russell clients. The intern(s) will be responsible for supporting a variety of tasks and responsibilities and will be exposed to a variety of legal issues.

Government Jobs For History Degree

Padgett, Whitworth, Donohue & Mickiewicz, Legal Intern – Assists with case management, case research, writing letters to clients, opposing counsel and any other person or company involved in cases, preparing briefs for clients, court dates and hearings. Sick trainees have direct contact with customers.

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Law Offices of J. Vincent Perryman – Assists attorneys in drafting legal memoranda, legal briefs and demand letters, as well as legal research for a law firm practicing family law, probate law, estate planning, business law and tax law. The intern will attend court and trials whenever possible and meet at least weekly with the supervising attorney to discuss progress and assignments.

Shelby County Juvenile Court Administrative Technician Intern (Office of Voluntary Services) – Interns perform a variety of, sometimes complex, tasks with the Memphis Juvenile Court and the Shelby County Office of Voluntary Services. Typical responsibilities include advising the examiner with the child and their legal entity. the guardian, assists the APS coordinator in assigning probation cases to support services, accepting new probation cases and completing completed probation cases, conducting call conferences with first time 2-time offenders, Daily report conferences with probationers and families, communication with volunteers, as well as necessary trainings, to schedule interviews. . Assist with interviews and training as needed, enter probationary monthly reports into the court database and attend on-site volunteer and staff meetings. This question is often asked (or asked) by students – what can you do with a history degree? There are many career options available to people with liberal arts degrees. People with big and small stories hold positions in many professions, businesses and industries, both private and public. The variety and number of career options may surprise you. For a visual guide, see W.W. Norton’s overview of popular careers for history majors.

Experience is gained by starting at the entry level and then building skills and demonstrating the ability to handle more responsibility and more complex work. The job market is highly competitive, and it would be unrealistic to expect to be selected for a top-level job straight out of college.

There are several things you can do to position yourself in the job market. Geographic flexibility is a plus. The competition for jobs in university communities is greater than anywhere else. The narrower your geographic options are, the less likely you are to get the job you want.

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All jobs require some communication skills, and employers avoid applicants who cannot communicate effectively. Therefore, it is important to have a good command of English, both spoken and written. You need to develop the ability to analyze, summarize and formulate ideas. History classes provide an opportunity to learn these skills.

Finally, remember that employers don’t just look at academic record when hiring. Personality, appearance and a positive attitude are qualities that will help you get a job. It also helps to build a solid portfolio that highlights both academic achievements and extracurricular activities. The Career Services Office, located in the Downing Students’ Union, can help you prepare your CV and draft letters of recommendation. They also have information about job fairs both in the west and nearby.

Archivist. Colleges and universities, industry, private groups and many government agencies maintain archives. Archives are depositories of all kinds of public documents; the task of an archivist is to collect, organize and preserve historical material.

Government Jobs For History Degree

Cultural historian. A broad field that requires knowledge of cultural development, family and institutional growth, and social

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