Google Software Engineer Salary Per Month

Google Software Engineer Salary Per Month – As part of the 2022 & CoderPad Tech Hiring Survey, we asked 10,000 developers, in over 130 countries, to share their annual salaries with us. After analyzing the results, we were able to make a ranking of the 10 highest paying countries.

The United States of America is the highest paying country in the world, with an annual salary of $95,899.

Google Software Engineer Salary Per Month

Google Software Engineer Salary Per Month

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In addition, as tech startups continue to grow in all sectors, and The Big Five (or FAAMG – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google) continue to grow and invest, the US is set to remain number one. . the future is clear.

“The Big Five tech giants have a combined market capitalization of more than $4 trillion. These powerful behemoths often gobble up the talent, technology, or entire businesses of their competitors. Because of their financial clout, mergers and acquisitions have become an important means of maintaining their power over a tech giant.” – Katie Jones on The Big Five

In particular, Seattle is known as the American city where designers are paid the most, with a real adjusted salary of $ 105, 735. The city has been coming for many years and now it is an amazing and important work of technology. talent. .

Another great advantage of Seattle’s tech ecosystem is that, while there are many opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, it is not limited to startups. Indeed, some of the biggest employers in Seattle are Microsoft, Salesforce and Adobe.

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We are well aware that national statistics cannot show the whole picture. Especially in big countries like the US!

“Country of work” is not the only factor that affects a producer’s salary. The company you work for, where you live, whether you are a developer or a senior software engineer, the companies you work with, etc. can affect your salary.

(Oh, by the way, we’ve published our articles and resources for finding and hiring employers here.)

Google Software Engineer Salary Per Month

In our 2022 survey we found, for example, that the highest paid producers work in the “Insurance” industry, followed by “Healthcare”, “Finance” and “Aerospace”.

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There is a difference of more than 10 dollars (per year) between the salaries of designers in high-paying industries and the salaries of designers in low-cost industries such as “Beauty” or “IT services”.

According to our location, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands all offer a median salary for software developers of over $60,000 per year. Good luck!

However, life expectancy is not directly linked to money in the bank and, depending on where you live, your purchasing power is not linked to your bank.

Yes, higher wages are better. However, it’s not the be-all and end-all and – at the risk of sounding cheesy 🧀 – money can’t buy happiness.

Comparing Software Engineer Salaries At Google & Other Large Cap Tech Companies

In the USA for example, purchasing power is heavily influenced by the cost of healthcare, which is mostly private sector. Indeed, producers who live in America must consider the risk of disease, if they get sick. The salary of a software engineer in the US can leave the opportunity to have security, although this reduces the purchasing power compared to what the developer lives in countries with universal health care, such as the UK (with the NHS) and France (with the Securité). Social).

As for France, although the Parisian life attracts many people (in dreams, “croissant et café” by the way), an increasing number of French producers are trying to get out of the city – and they are ready to give. highest salary for engineers. to do so.

Disruption, noise, pollution and purchase costs (rents are 188% more expensive in Paris than in Provence, more than 35 € per square meter) are too much for developers, who go and leave. somewhere quiet.

Google Software Engineer Salary Per Month

For example, Antoine, a full-time producer in Montpellier, decided to move to the south of France, despite being offered a low salary.

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“My girlfriend got a job in Montpellier and I was very happy to let her move to Paris! I started looking for a job myself. I’m not from Paris and I didn’t plan to spend the rest of my life there. The main reason for our move was that we want to buy a house soon and in the Paris area the price is too high. I took a pay cut (about 20%). The difference in pay is already covered by the difference in rent. And, I really enjoy cycling to work in the south of France – beats the noisy subway every day! Salary of tomorrow

Of course, the tech talent market and the salaries that revolve around it are set to change next year.

Some markets will be more affected than others. For example, according to LinkedIn, more than half of professional writers in the UK (54%) say they have had to increase their salary following Brexit. Another 43% say their companies would have no choice but to hire technical team members to keep up.

On the other hand, remote work and freelancing are becoming popular among developers who want to be flexible – changing the way programmers are hired and paid.

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This is expected to result in more revenue for developers. Maybe because Developers are getting paid more by working for companies in big cities (Paris, Seattle, San Francisco, Berlin, etc.) they are living in expensive everyday places, or because developers are working independently and communicating with each other. more money for special projects.

Indeed, as the demand for technical talent continues to rise, the number of those being developed depends on the changing performance of the workforce. The fear of getting new customers or not being able to get a permanent contract if/when they are interested doesn’t exist today. Developers know they’ll get a job!

All this money and code stuff can be a bit overwhelming. It is important to remember that salary is not the only thing that producers are interested in. In fact, when we asked the producers what was most important to them when considering the job, “Salary” was in third place, behind “Technical problems” and “Flexible working hours”.

Google Software Engineer Salary Per Month

Go and walk. Make sure you are offering the right salary for a software engineer. However, don’t stop there. There are many things you can do to build your company

How Much Google, Facebook, Other Tech Giants Pay Software Engineers

Nathalie is the Content Manager at When she’s not busy creating great content for #techrecruitment, chances are she’s watching Friends or petting her gray cat, Moon. In terms of earnings, Silicon Valley is the winner, boasting a median salary of $110,554 per year, according to the data. from Glassdoor. But even with six-figure salaries, many builders are finding it difficult to find financing in the Bay Area.

To get a better idea, we compared the real salaries of software engineers in 43 cities around the world to find out where they might have the most purchasing power. Actual earnings are calculated as follows:

Real Income = Income – Taxes – Social Security – Living Expenses – Rent Summary of Income

Seattle is the best winner, with salaries close to those in Silicon Valley but with lower rents. Also, the cities of the United States are higher than the cities of the world, with few exceptions. Interestingly, San Jose (our Silicon Valley representative), is still third out of 21 cities in the US, while San Francisco is 19th, again, due to the difference in rent.

Google Software Engineer Salary |

On the East Coast, New York and Washington, D.C. it was worse, taking the last two places in a row. Phoenix took second, and Austin and Houston finished in the top 5. Globally, Tel Aviv, Canadian cities, and Berlin are our top picks. Our data shows that you avoid London, Singapore, and China, contrary to what you might expect.

Previously, Glassdoor listed the “25 Highest Paying Cities for Software Engineers” in the US and calculated the “Actual Adjusted Salary” by weighting that salary with the cost of living. Their model places San Jose and San Francisco as number 2 and 3 on their list respectively, contrary to the anecdotal evidence. It’s worth noting that they show that San Jose has a higher cost of living than San Francisco, while our data shows you why it’s the opposite.

What does “increasing the cost of living” mean? It’s a way of ranking all cities with different prices on the same scale. Here’s Glassdoor’s formula:

Google Software Engineer Salary Per Month

But measuring income and cost of living is not an accurate way to compare all cities. People just want to know how much money will be in their pocket at the end of each year.

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Instead of adding money like Glassdoor, we used our actual salary method to calculate the salaries of software engineers who live alone in the city, and use it as a benchmark.

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