Gifts For Software Engineers 2016

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Gifts For Software Engineers 2016

Gifts For Software Engineers 2016

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If a computer or software enthusiast is on your shopping list, you’re in luck. From gadgets to clothing and toys, there’s a lot your favorite geeky boy, girl or kid will love.

We’ve put together a short list of ideas for you, most of which are under $100 and many under $25.

The starter kit is a great way to enter the world of building cool electronics projects, like a musical instrument that you wave your hands or a lock that unlocks by touching a secret code.

Another starter kit for aspiring electronics builders is the “ultimate” Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit. It includes a modern Pi computer and many other components for building electronics.

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Intel’s Compute Stick is a full-featured Windows 10 computer the size of a USB stick that you can plug into any HDMI display, such as a TV or monitor.

Carry it in your pocket or on a key chain and you’ll always have your computer with you.

Selected by analyzing thousands of repair guides, this toolkit can open, repair and connect all types of laptops and mobile phones.

Gifts For Software Engineers 2016

Programmers, IT professionals, and computer enthusiasts spend many hours with a mouse, and the Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX has a 4-out-of-5 rating on Amazon.

Pdf) Towards A Html Ui Compositor By Introducing The Wayland Protocol Into A Browser Engine

It’s versatile, has a quick release button, and its host can connect up to 6 compatible devices.

There are many binary clocks on the market, ranging in price from a few dollars to two hundred dollars. This one is from Amazon seller DeTomasois. It has colored LED lights that show the time in true geek style.

Here’s a mug that’s sure to warm your favorite heart. It combines a useful gift with an inside joke.

Another idea is this seller from Randall Munroe, creator of the popular XCKD cartoons. Munroe’s cartoons are popular among the geek crowd. He also wrote several popular books.

The Great A.i. Awakening

“Buttons are out, wands are in. Trust us,” says this Magic Wand ad from Kymera on Think Geek.

The wand can be programmed to learn up to 13 remote control commands and map them for special magic moves. Press the stick from the other side to switch TV channels, rotate the stick to increase the volume.

Or,​​​​for something more subtle, try these recycled circuit board earrings. They say “geek” and “fashion” at the same time.

Gifts For Software Engineers 2016

Sign up to our newsletter for the latest tech news and trends – delivered to your inbox every day. We programmers are always like this in life. Having a life partner or friend who is a programmer is the happiest part of life. Another thing is that programmers will not find a life partner easily. But if someone in your group is a designer and their birthday is coming up, you might think of giving them a nice gift. So let’s talk about the best gifts available for a programmer.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Gift Card Program

A programmer has to look at a computer most of the day. The best gift is glasses, with which the designer can get rid of strain on vision, eyes and headaches. The appearance of Gunnars computer glasses is also good. It is the best gift that looks cool and protects you from health risks.

Silent Keyboard is a great keyboard that can help you increase your coding memory without getting unwanted key sounds. In addition, you can easily code with a silent keyboard without disturbing anyone at night or in the office.

Hard drive is not only useful for professionals but it is useful for every computer enthusiast. WD hard drive is the best and most secure hard drive. A programmer can store his important programs on a hard disk, so you have a hard disk as a gift, which is a good choice.

T-shirts or mugs with awesome programs or hacker words are the best gift in the lower part of the budget. You can give your program partner a t-shirt or mug that will always remind him of you.

Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge

Arduino kit is always popular among programmers. An engineer can convert his code into physical form with an Arduino kit. Arduino is difficult to use at first, but after a while you will become a fan of it. So you can gift it to your program partner.

Raspberry Pi is more popular than Arduino kit. You can give this Mini Linux PC to your programming partner. Definitely an interesting gift for your software partner.

Programmers are always learning new things. Continuous learning helps your knowledge. You can gift a subscription to a paid online course to a program partner. Before giving this gift, ask her a little about her interest. You can offer him courses from Lynda, Udemy, etc.

Gifts For Software Engineers 2016

You’ve decided which gift is right for your program partner based on your budget. So what are you waiting for? Buy now. Giving great gifts.

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It’s gift shopping time and I don’t know about you, but I love giving great gifts. Not to sound corny, but making my friends and family feel loved and appreciated is what makes the holidays so special. I admit that sometimes I get stressed out when I’m looking for the perfect gift. If you’re feeling the pressure to show your software engineering friend or family member you care, this blog post should ease your worries.

Of course, options vary from person to person, but you can’t go wrong by offering software, hardware, or educational materials to eloper swag.

The Rel team at GitHub has put together a list of exclusive products that the software geek in your life will love!

Awesome Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Costing only $30, this collectible plush features Octocat, the mascot of the GitHub source code hosting service. Made from new polyester material by Squishables, this Octoplush is great for anyone aged three and up. Buy it here.

For workers in the tech industry, mechanical keyboards are all the rage. Now that many of us work from home, designing and decorating your home office for peak productivity is fun and therapeutic. By adding a keyboard with an LED light, you can beautify your loved one’s environment. Check out Drop and buy the keyboard of your friend’s dreams.

While we’re on the subject of keyboards, why not try GitHub Keycap? Software engineers can use it as a manager key, a panic button, or a reminder to exit vim. Help them show interest by using codes for just $4.95. Buy it here.

Gifts For Software Engineers 2016

Some collect shoes or Pokemon cards; software engineers collect Udemy courses. At, click “this course offer” on the selected sales page to let the software improve your life. Here are the guidelines for donating a udemy course.

Exclusive Excerpt From Upcoming Book By Ex Apple Engineer Explores First Iphone Software Keyboard Design Process

Dubbed GitHub, this YubiKey serves as a hardware-based authentication solution that provides high anti-phishing protection, eliminates account takeover, and enables compliance requirements for strong authentication. This holiday season, you can protect the identity of a friend or family member for just $55 in the GitHub Store.

O’Reilly offers an online library of over 45,000 articles, including e-books, interactive videos, live courses, and case studies. Users can access their offers via laptop or mobile phone. Make learning on the go easy for software professionals by purchasing an O’Reilly membership.

Technicians have to manage a lot of cables – from power cords to headset adapters. Help them organize their cables with Amazon’s $11.99 Cable Management Sleeve.

This relatively small chip has many use cases such as gaming, desktop PC, home theater and many more. Engineers can get a Raspberry Pi 4 for just $35

Software Developer Soft Skills You Should Master (no Coding Required!)

This macro keyboard works like a second keyboard! Connect the MacroPad RP2040 to any computer to send an activation key message. Coders can program ICs to do many things, including playing music, designing games, and creating passwords for two-factor authentication. Buy it from Adafruit.

Who doesn’t like to take a walk down memory lane? Compliment a software engineer on their technical growth and career with a shirt, poster, or 3D model of their GitHub contribution graph.

Github is great, but have you ever thought about how to make your site attractive to potential employers or other visitors? Even non-technicians as employers!

Gifts For Software Engineers 2016

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