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The best free MIDI keyboard software helps you easily connect your MIDI keyboard to the most popular gaming platforms. Additionally, these programs are also suitable for those working in the music industry.

Free Midi Keyboard Controller Software

Free Midi Keyboard Controller Software

These tools can be used as standalone programs or as DAW software. When choosing the best free MIDI keyboard, I considered the user interface and whether the programs support a variety of MIDI instruments, from strings and drums to electronic effects and loops. The best options also come with advanced plugins.

M Audio Keystation Mk3 61key Midi Controller

Verdict: Piano Time lets you play along with piano music and even compose your own songs. It will give you a virtual keyboard so you can see how chords and keys should be put together. It also has a digital audio interface that lets you hear what you’re playing.

This free MIDI software also has an arpeggiator that will really help you while practicing. It uses a series of arpeggios to help you play very fast and melodic notes without having to use the notes on the keyboard. You can import any type of file or music and play it in Piano Time.

Verdict: GarageBand includes over 100 preloaded MIDI sounds so you can create professional tracks. With this software you can play on a digital keyboard and create your own music. You can also download free plugins if you want to improve tracks.

One of the coolest features of GarageBand is that you can import MP3s and other music files directly into the software. With this free music recording software, you can import directly from your computer or laptop. GarageBand is very easy to use and is a great tool for all types of music.

Best Midi Keyboards 2023

Verdict: Synthesia comes with a huge database of sounds and instruments that you can access and mix. For example, if you want to make a techno tune, try using the samples from the kick drum sample pack. This pack features sounds from various top break producers including DJs, techno musicians and more. The sounds are completely original, with no added voices.

You can click on the tabs to load a module or assign a patch. If you want to load more than one patch, simply drag and drop them in any order, then select “Open” or “Save” to save them for later use.

Verdict: Piano 10 gives you access to thousands of musical instruments and keyboard sounds created by professional musicians. It also comes with video tutorials and virtual tours. The features of this app include a digital keyboard that comes with a touch sensitive button and a light sensor so you can easily learn to play one of the keys without actually having to touch the actual keyboard.

Free Midi Keyboard Controller Software

You will also find that this free MIDI keyboard software comes with a large database of piano songs. This program also includes piano lessons divided into different levels. The piano lessons come in MP3 format.

Midi Out Plugin

Verdict: MidiEditor is an excellent tool for professional musicians who use the computer to create, edit and perform music. Many of the great features you will find in free MIDI keyboard software are VST support, virtual instruments, a wide variety of patches, a built-in virtual drum kit library, a large collection of drum samples, a large number of loops. , and much more.

This program allows you to quickly and easily move from one track to another and then merge them all into one composition. The sequencer will also help you see all your tracks at a glance, as well as allow you to easily save and share them. The software allows you to easily change the tempo and note patterns so that each part plays in time.

Verdict: Bandlab’s Cakewalk is designed for keyboard players of all experience levels. In addition to supporting VSTs, this guitar recording software for PC also includes hundreds of sounds. All you have to do is drag and drop your keyboard into the mixer and start producing.

This free MIDI keyboard software is completely royalty-free, which means you don’t have to pay an extra nickel to use it! You can create tracks with unlimited audio, MIDI and instruments. Midi Nation is supported by our amazing readers. We may receive a commission if you purchase equipment through a link on this page [at no additional cost to you].

Free Pc/mac Midi Chords & Scales App

Either way, you might be looking for things to do with your MIDI keyboard. When it comes down to it, it’s a great, versatile tool, and it’s more than just a piano or synthesizer. It can be used in conjunction with literally any virtual instrument, including strings, drums, bass and more.

But that’s not all. There are also MIDI sequencers and editors, scoring and composing programs, piano applications, digital audio workstations and various VST plugins, all of which you can use to unlock the full potential of your MIDI keyboard.

In this guide, we will look at the best MIDI keyboard for Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and even Linux and Raspberry Pi.

Free Midi Keyboard Controller Software

MidiEditor is a simple, attractive, no-nonsense graphical interface (with a mid-2000s design) that you can use to edit, play and record MIDI data.

Learning Piano On A Midi Keyboard: What You Need To Know

From creating new MIDI content with your MIDI keyboard to loading and editing existing MIDI files, MidiEditor is a capable workhorse for Windows and Linux.

MIDI sequencing and recording is often done in Digital Audio Workstations these days, but DAWs can take a while to learn and all the clutter on the screen can prove a little distracting when you’re just trying to write and edit new parts.

This is where we think MidiEditor shines. It offers a distraction-free environment where you can focus on the notes and craft your sequence perfectly and to your satisfaction (before loading it into a DAW or other editing environment).

That’s about all there is to this, really. If you need help, watch the video below or spend some time reading the manual on the MidiEditor website. It’s always good to familiarize yourself with the software you’re using because it allows you to get the most out of it!

How To Set Up A Midi Keyboard In Reaper

For those who want a dedicated environment to play, experiment and work on their piano parts, Revel Software’s Piano Time hits the spot.

This is a Windows-only multi-touch piano program with 36 on-screen keys and selectable octaves. The app comes with several fun and practical features such as a metronome, as well as unlimited recording and playback. You can even customize the look of the app to your liking.

So if you’re passionate about the piano and want to document your journey, this is a great and fun, distraction-free tool to help you grow as a musician and instrumentalist.

Free Midi Keyboard Controller Software

With GarageBand, Apple has made music production accessible to even the greenest of beginners. With the launch, it wasn’t long before everyone and their dog was making beats and publishing online.

M Audio Intros Keystation 88 Mk3 Usb Midi Keyboard Controller

With the included samples and loops, anyone could combine them in their own unique ways and create their own beats. Fun!

It turns out that GarageBand is much more than just a beginner’s DAW, or at least it’s evolved into more. Sure, it’s streamlined and easy to use, but in addition to messing around with loops and samples or recording MIDI tracks, you can also record audio tracks, mix and master, and even publish your projects!

If that wasn’t enough, GarageBand has built-in lessons for piano and guitar, so if you’re looking to become a better musician and instrumentalist, or if you’re still unfamiliar with a MIDI keyboard, you can take advantage of these.

We also like the built-in virtual instruments like piano, organ, synthesizer and more. These all sound surprisingly good and lend themselves to professional projects.

M Audio Hammer 88

Compatible with Windows or any other platform, although there are a number of free GarageBand alternatives for Windows PCs worth investigating (some of these also work with other OS platforms).

With all these features and more, it’s hard not to recommend GarageBand as a competent MIDI keyboard tool. And if you own an Apple device, it might already be installed on it!

Here’s another simple Windows Piano app that’s compatible with HoloLens, PC, mobile devices, and the Hub. It’s called Piano 10, and it’s an acoustic piano program with the option to choose its octave.

Free Midi Keyboard Controller Software

The interface is simple and attractive. It creates a nice distraction-free environment in which to practice and work on your piano skills.

Arturia Keylab 25

There’s not much else to say about it, but if you’re looking for a simplistic piano app to mess around with, you’ll probably enjoy Piano 10.

Tracktions Waveform Free is one of our favorite free DAWs, and whether you want to record or sequence MIDI tracks, it’s a great, streamlined work environment where you can do just that.

In addition, you may feel like playing with a piano, synthesizer, strings or other virtual instruments. The easiest way to do this is with a proper host,

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