Engineering Geology For Civil Engineers Pdf

Engineering Geology For Civil Engineers Pdf – Download N Chenna Kesavulu Geology Engineering Textbook – Geology is the science of the earth (geo – earth logo – study or science) It deals with various aspects of the earth as a whole such as the origin, age, interior, structure and history of the earth. ii) development and change of various surface features such as rivers, mountains and their causes, iii. substances that make up the earth. Geology is a relatively new subject. In addition to the basic branches, advances in geology in related fields have given rise to specialized sciences such as geophysics, geochemistry, geography, geohydrology, glaciology, seismology, oceanology, rock mechanics, photogeology, remote sensing. Similarly, based on the applied importance of geology in other fields, related topics such as engineering geology, mining geology, etc. have emerged.

HISTORICAL GEOLOGY: The Earth’s surface has always been irregular and provided the right conditions for sediments to be deposited somewhere. Therefore, there are sedimentary rocks on the earth that represent the entire period of the earth’s history. Proper research of these rocks reveals the chronological sequence of rock formation, details of the evolution-reg-extinction of various plants and animals at different periods of Earth’s history. In addition, climatic and geographical changes, including tectonic events in the geological part, can also be learned from these investigations. This type of study of Earth’s history through sedimentary rocks is called historical geology. It is also known as stratigraphy because this subject deals with the details and description of the sequence of sedimentary rocks. It is a major branch of geology that has great academic and applied importance.

Engineering Geology For Civil Engineers Pdf

Engineering Geology For Civil Engineers Pdf

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Pdf] Textbook Of Engineering Geology By N Chenna Kesavulu Book Free Download

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Engineering Geology For Civil Engineers Pdf

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