Civil Engineering Companies In Uae

Civil Engineering Companies In Uae – Mechanical and Civil Engineering Contractors Company Limited (MACE) is located in the United Arab Emirates with its regional headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Founded in Libya in 1968, MACE has provided a wide range of construction and services to oil companies in the region, covering all aspects of oilfield development and maintenance for offshore pipelines, flowlines, pump stations and plant turnstiles.

Libya April 14, 1968 Bill Haddad first MACE pipeline project in the desert. Over the next 50 years, the company expanded into the Middle East and employed thousands of people

Civil Engineering Companies In Uae

Civil Engineering Companies In Uae

Operation and Maintenance In the UAE, MACE quickly gained a solid reputation for quality sewerage installation for ADSSC (Abu Dhabi Wastewater Services Company).

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Water, Sewerage and Pipelines MACE has been engaged in EPC construction services for water, sewerage and pipelines since its establishment in the late 1960s.

Construction MACE Contractors has over 45 years of experience in construction in the Middle East.

Mechanical and Electrical MACE has been involved in projects involving the procurement, operation and maintenance of a wide range of equipment.

Oil and Gas Over the years, MACE’s Oil and Gas business has secured and implemented a wide range of projects. “It is in our DNA to use innovative and sustainable methods of project realization that benefit all our stakeholders. Thamin Fakhour Managing Director Dubai Civil Engineering L.L.C.

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Since its establishment in 1985, Dubai Civil Engineering ‘DCE’ has become an international construction contractor specializing in the design, construction and maintenance of structural, special structures, steel bar processing, finishing, electromechanical, interior design, exterior and other related works. Bespoke and turnkey projects in the UAE and overseas subsidiaries. We are able to design, execute and maintain all construction details for conventional and turnkey projects. Whether it’s a commercial, residential, hotel, industrial or infrastructure project, we pride ourselves on tailoring an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach as well as a client-centric delivery method.

In the initial phase, a consultation is carried out with our customers to identify the best possible delivery solution for their needs. Our philosophy and determination is to make the right choices that fit the project environment and benefit all stakeholders. Our Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) solution aims to integrate all aspects of the project phase, tailoring our role to the project’s requirements. We offer project delivery options such as:

Our in-house MEP department is integrated with mechanical, electrical and plumbing departments to provide comprehensive services from design, installation to commissioning. A pioneer in its own league, the division provides cost-effective and innovative solutions and products for projects such as hospitals, newsrooms, commercial and residential buildings, halls, schools, industrial projects, hotels and leisure services and more. Our internal MP department is led by the MP director and includes various departments and workshops such as:

Civil Engineering Companies In Uae

Our in-house design department offers integrated project delivery solutions that combine the architecture department, interior design department and urban design department to ensure a single solution that meets our clients’ needs at every stage of the project. Our design philosophy is passionate about providing our clients with inspiring, cost-effective and sustainable design solutions that stand the test of time.

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Our professionals are able to meet a wide range of client requirements from concept to completion, adapting to all needs for commercial, residential, retail, industrial, hospitality and recreational projects. From the very beginning, our design experts have been working according to one simple principle: “We reach every customer with affordable design and appropriate solutions.”

Our specialized construction department consists of a structural design department, a post-tensioning department and a slip form department for all types of conventional and turnkey projects. Our structural design department specializes in designing all types of structural elements for all types of buildings based on international standards such as BD code, ACI code and AH code. Our post-tensioning department specializes in the design and construction of structures, bridges and pre-stressed silos, as well as the supply, installation, tensioning and cementing of cables consisting of high tension steel strips or rods with anchorages, channels and tensioning and cementing requirements. Our sliding form department specializes in the supply and operation of steel formwork for elevators and staircases, silos and other concrete walls, whether in continuous vertical movement 24 hours a day or on the floor.

Our estimation and contracting department consists of certified teams of quantity surveyors from various disciplines who perform efficient estimation and accurate calculation of the required quantities, enabling faster and easier work on the preparation of bids, which results in the approval of competitive bids and a larger number of bids using our own input. home software. Their expertise helps our clients discuss and gain insight into cost-effective budgeting methods. Our contracting experts draft, negotiate and execute project-based contracts that meet our clients’ needs, no matter how large or small the project may be, offering project delivery options such as:

Our cost control department specializes in monitoring and controlling project budgets, costs and project phasing. Our experts use innovative software for forecasting, cost reporting, tracking and control, such as material requisitions and subcontractor payment receipts. All client payments are verified, tracked and updated for the entire project in accordance with the terms of the contract on the submission date, approval date and due date of each payment.

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Our department’s commitment to quality starts at the very top and extends through all line management. Quality processes are designed to create added value and continuous improvement opportunities for internal and external stakeholders. The processes are fully aligned with the requirements of our customers and are continuously improved as the process evolves. Quality departments provide a wide range of services including inspection, testing, auditing, certification, training, PQP, method reporting, ITP, customer complaints, NCR corrective and preventive actions and related technical assistance, as well as project completion consulting services, towing, hauling and transmission. It supports the organization in protecting these assets and plays a key role in FMEA, risk management and performance improvement. The QA/QC department has created a threefold approach to exceed customer expectations and ensure quality throughout the life of the organization and its projects, providing a quality product in the shortest possible time and with optimal investment:

Our procurement department maintains relationships with suppliers to process orders and invoices. The team liaises with budget holders and suppliers and oversees compliance with financial regulations and the procurement process.

Our HSE department manages and manages all health, safety and environmental activities at project sites and facilities. Our aim is to give our stakeholders confidence that our business is managed in a sustainable, efficient and effective manner. To achieve this, we have adopted an integrated quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) management system policy as a sustainable business imperative. business performance and improvement.

Civil Engineering Companies In Uae

Our IT department manages the entire on-site and off-site IT infrastructure to meet and exceed stakeholder requirements. Our experts are involved in a wide range of activities such as network management, software development and provide on-site and head office technical support.

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Our finance and administration department controls and oversees all aspects of administration, accounting, human resources, procurement and payroll. Our teams of experts collaborate with various stakeholders across the organization and produce annual financial reports and feasibility studies for management evaluation.

Our marketing and communications department provides stakeholders with marketing strategies using traditional and inbound methodologies and supports value-added services that meet customer needs. Our experts are responsible for maintaining our brand and promoting our brand identity throughout the organization. Our integrated marketing and communications department is involved in all activities such as trade shows, digital strategy, advertising and media, corporate brand management and customer relationship management (CRM).

Address DUBAI CIVIL ENGINEERING L.L.C. P.O.Box 21706, Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 257 4441 Fax: +971 4 257 4568 enquiries@It is one of the leading construction companies in the list of best construction companies in UAE. They play a major role in shaping the modern building in the UAE. According to the company’s official website, Actco is a local company operating in the UAE and belonging to a group of international shareholders.

The history of Binladin begins in 1931. In the early years of the kingdom, during the reign of King Abdul Aziz Al Saud, my late father Mohammed Binladin established the Mohammad Binladin Organization as a general contracting company. Binladin’s history and growth have since become intertwined with those of the kingdom.

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Wade Adams has been at the forefront of the construction industry in the Gulf region for more than 40 years.

Based in Dubai, Wade Adams is a general construction and project development company with international experience and local expertise. They have been operating in the region since 1976 and have built an impressive portfolio of major projects in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

Arabtec Construction L.L.C. is a leading construction company in the UAE and among the top 10 construction companies in the UAE. Since its inception in 1975, it has delivered a diverse and far-reaching portfolio of major construction projects across all sectors.

Civil Engineering Companies In Uae

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