Biznet Data Center Technovillage

Biznet Data Center Technovillage – 1 Biznet Technovillage Data Center Biznet Technovillage Jl. Biznet Technovillage No. 1 Cimanggis, West Java Indonesia Tel Facility Overview Biznet Technovillage is a high-tech integrated facility located 35 km south of Jakarta and is a 3-level, Class A office in a green data center. space, a research center, a resource facility, a production center, and a full-service retail center focused on media outsourcing. Biznet Technovillage data center offers a Tier 3 green data center with scalable, reliable and high quality solutions. A facility designed specifically to meet or exceed the data reliability specifications of financial institutions and broadcasting organizations. It connects directly to Biznet’s redundant metro fiber optic network that supports your mission, DRC, DRP, branch offices and head office operations. Biznet Technovillage uses various green building technologies to reduce waste and energy consumption. For lighting, LED-based lamps are used. A dynamic rotary uninterruptible power supply provides 100% backup power without the use of lead (Pb)-based batteries. Lead is toxic to both animals and humans at certain levels. The facility will also be inspected by the Indonesian Green Building Council (for Gold certification). Located approximately 35 km south of Jakarta’s Central Business District, the facility is dedicated to the Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) and the center’s clients. Similar to the original data, Biznet Technovillage is equipped with N+1 standards for power and cooling systems to support your 24×7 operations.

2 Technical Summary Contractors and Consultants Construction Architect Andra Matin, one of Indonesia’s leading architects ( Construction M&E Consultant Metacom Pranata ( PMB Soil Consultant, Nihon Sekkei ( Boring Piling Contractor Trokon Indah Murni ( Nusa C Contractor) Technology Indonesia Lighting, grounding contractor (Hitachi Plant Technologies data center and construction M&E contractor (Pura Mayungan electrical panel contractor (Uptime Institute Tier-3 Data Center Certification (System Against Teracom International Fire (Schneider Building Management Systems (BMS))) (Data Center Building Data Center Total area 6,000 m2 (64,583 ft2) Concrete floor, metal cladding, glazed steel and concrete structure Typical floor load 1,000 kg/m2 Slab-to-slab height 6.9 meters Raised floor with antistatic panels Column spacing 8 based on meter grid 1 (one) unit Mitsubishi passenger elevator 1 ton ( 1 (one) ) unit Mitsubishi cargo elevator 2 ton ( Data center One building 1st building: 2nd building: 3rd building: 4th part: 800 m2, Closed rack space 256 racks 1,00 m2, Closed rack space 350 racks 1,000 m2, closed rack space 350 racks 1,000 m2, custom rack space data center two buildings Pod 3: 1,000 m2, Suite Space 15 suites Pod 4: 1,000 m2 and 2 large spaced stages Electrical panel in data center

Biznet Data Center Technovillage

Biznet Data Center Technovillage

3 Office building Energy Total area 5,000 m2 (55,000 ft2) Concrete floor, metal siding, glazed steel concrete frame Typical floor load 300 kg/m2 Slab-to-slab height 4.0 meters Column spacing based on 8-meter grid (2t) Mitsubishi 1 ton passenger elevator (4 x 2.5 MW auxiliary power transformers from Kramat Jati and Gandaria Power Grid (PLN) owned by the Indonesian government Full backup for critical power: 2 (two) units Dynamic Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (DRUPS) ) Data 1.7 MW from Euro Diesel, Belgium in N+1 configuration for central rooms and office building critical loads (generator set supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (system upgradeable up to 6 (six) DRUPS N+1 units) DRUPS no lead (provides a greener energy solution without the use of (Pb) batteries) 4 x Non-Critical Power Transformers 2.5MW Full Stock: 2 (two) units 1.8MW Generators, N+1 configuration from Kohler, USA. Supply of air-conditioning, lighting and non-critical loads of office buildings (Generator sets supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (System upgradeable to 5 (five) N+1 generator sets). 100,000 liter diesel tank storage with 100 percent short-circuit protection, up to 3 days play on site and have a 24/7 gas delivery contract.

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4 Lighting system LED based lighting system to reduce energy consumption (green building) Schneider BMS monitoring and control for lighting system Lighting system and grounding system Lighting and grounding system provided by Pekat Technology Indonesia (grounding points installed throughout the building and data centers Environmental system 12 (twelve) units Stulz Precision Air Conditioning System, Germany (capacity 100 KW (341, 200 BTU) per unit) with +1 reserve at setting N. 220C (µ 20C) maintained humidity 55% (µ50%) Daikin Japan office building ventilation system (Schneider BMS cooling system monitoring and control Fire detection and extinguishing system Precision ventilation equipment Fire detection and extinguishing system provided by Tyco (High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD) Stratos Micra25 system Airsense Technology ( Teracom International) Fire system contractor ( Fire and smoke detectors above and below floors) Dry pipe water-based fire extinguishing systems located throughout the facility.

5 Communications Independent power and data center cable racks Redundant Biznet Networks owned fiber ring to provide critical activity between Jakarta CBD and Biznet Technovillage Meet Me room facilities to multiple telecommunication service providers, updated listings, Biznet metro and intercity fiber optic network and Biznet Global IP infrastructure facility management security Customized private office and data center space Rooftop space for satellite equipment 24×7 security personnel from Secom Indonesia (customizable secure RFID card system) PIN number Digital recording function color surveillance camera Biznet Technovillage, , s Certificate For more information or to visit the site, please call our Account Managers.

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Biznet Bangun Dua Data Center Di Indonesia

Our data centers have been awarded the ISO 27001:2005 standard for security management and the ISO 9001:2008 standard for corporate quality management.

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Biznet Data Center Technovillage

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Biznet Data Center Technovillage

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Biznet Technovillage Data Center

Company Profile 2014 Infrastructure Built to Give You Peace of Mind You can trust Indonesia’s leading carrier-independent data center provider.

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