Best Software News Sites

Best Software News Sites – Looking for the most credible voice in tech news? The rise of online publications and blogs has resulted in a flood of information about computers, mobile devices, software and operating systems. However, it can be difficult to know which sites you can trust. Here are some of the most trusted websites; it will help you keep up with the constant flow of technology updates.

First on the list is Ars Technica, just because of the date it was made. This site has been around for almost two decades, a very long time. The publication, now owned by Conde Nast, is the choice for technology professionals and enthusiasts alike. Ars Technica features a variety of news and editorials, exploring business, legal ramifications, security and other consumer interests.

Best Software News Sites

Best Software News Sites

The dialogue is not a one-way street either. Readers can interact with each other by checking out the Ars Technica forums, which allow discussion of hardware, operating system, software, and game mods. Ars Technica’s operations are funded primarily by online advertising and has been a paid subscription service since 2001.

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Interestingly, the site caused a lot of controversy in 2009 when they prevented users with ad-blocking software installed from viewing the site. Although this elicited some negative reactions, the site continues to be a trusted source today.

Second on the list is TechCrunch, thanks to the site’s more than 50,000 active contributors. If you want to know about tech startups, TechCrunch is the news source for you. These publications highlight the business side of technological innovation, including major acquisitions, funding sources and product launches. You can browse news by brand name, such as Google, Apple or Twitter. You can also filter news and reviews by setting different category channels such as Enterprise, Startup or Mobile.

One of the most interesting parts of Tech Crunch is Crunch Base, a massive database of tech companies and startups. Each Crunch Base profile includes financial details for each company, including funding received, location of headquarters and name of founder.

In 2011, the company was accused of ethical misconduct and its founder, Michael Arrington, left the company. Fortunately, the company is back, and is still delivering great tech updates for consumers.

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Engadget is at number three on our list because it’s a great multilingual resource. Impressively, this resource has been helping people make informed technology purchasing decisions since 2004. It’s no surprise that the collection of blogs on Engadget has been a huge success since it was created by Gizmodo co-founder Peter Rojas.

Interestingly, the editorial team involved in driving Engadget to fame have moved on to pursue several other successful ventures. For example, former Engadget editor-in-chief Joshua Topolsky went on to create The Verge, followed by an editorial role at Bloomberg.

The Next Site makes the next spot on our list, due to their more than 6.5 million unique monthly visitors. This site keeps track of the latest devices, web application updates and service features. Get the advance information you need on the latest technology updates, and if you’re looking to buy a new device, check out The Next Network first. They’ll let you know if something better comes out soon!

Best Software News Sites

Unlike many other tech sites, The Next Web was able to avoid controversy and continues to thrive today without the drama.

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We love this site because it is from a popular magazine! Coming in at number five on our list, this site split from Wired Magazine in 1990, when it was purchased by Conde Nast Publishing.

This publication explores popular culture around technology. If you are looking for an interesting yet relaxing read, this site is for you. Wired features entertainment, opinion, business and security news on all kinds of electronics. Plus, if you like the old-school paper-and-ink experience, you can still buy a copy of Wired magazine at the newsstand.

Tom’s Hardware is next on our list of trusted websites, having been around since 1996. If you are looking for a website that can help with projects, check this site out. Tom’s Hardware has a unique “build your own” section where you can learn how to build your own computer.

Anyone who replaces computer parts or builds computers will tell you how hard it is to keep track of the latest reviews, component upgrades, and sales. Additionally, experienced hardware engineers are faced with a dizzying array of components to choose from.

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Fortunately, Tom’s Hardware helps you cut through the noise and get solid advice on PC components, from tower cases to motherboards. As stated above, this is the ultimate resource if you are thinking of building a PC, especially for gaming.

Next on the list is CNET, because we love their region-specific and language-specific releases. Early consumers loved CNET for its large library of freebies and software reviews, available through CNET’s download section.

This publication has been around since 1994, and owned by The CBS Corporation since 2008. Reviews make up the majority of content on CNET, helping consumers choose the best hardware, software and technology services.

Best Software News Sites

Remember Limewire? CNET was accused of participating in a controversial music-sharing program, but a 2011 lawsuit went nowhere.

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Number eight on the list is March 9-5, only because it was founded only seven years ago. However, this site is very impressive, and covers much more than just Apple products. They provide information on thousands of accessories compatible with the Mac OS X and iOS platforms.

The platform is considered one of the most trusted sources for Apple-related news, and its founding team is not featured on Business Insider.

Coming to the bottom of our list since it was founded over a decade ago, Gizmodo is a great example of how powerful information and crowd-sourced blogging can be. This publication is part of the Gawker Media network, a family of blogs that includes er, Deadspin and Jezebel.

All of these blogs are powered by Kinja, which allows any user, including readers, to contribute to the discussion with their own blog posts. This blurs the lines between bloggers and readers, encouraging more people to contribute their voices to the news feed.

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Finally, we have Bits: The Business of Technology from the New York Times. This newspaper is a main source for various information; so it’s no surprise that this long-time publication has created a blog dedicated to technology!

Bits collects information from every corner of the Internet, and NY Times writers weigh in on new product launches, tech conventions, and upcoming gadget developments. With so many active contributors and impressive hosts, it’s no wonder why Bits had to make our list of the best tech sites.

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Best Software News Sites

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It is not difficult to get access to today’s news: the internet and the mixing of social media with important events around the world make it almost impossible to live under a rock. But finding a reliable one-stop shop to engage with your news can be a challenge.

In the past, I tended to get news via TV, tagged news sources, and sometimes even Twitter (…I know). In my search for a better way to get a variety of news, I tried over 20 news aggregator apps—some great, some decent, and some not so great. After a few weeks with these apps, here are my picks for the seven best news apps.

All of our best software is written by people who have spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend countless hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it was intended to be used and evaluating it according to the criteria we set for that category. We never pay for placement in our articles of any app or for links to any website—we thank readers who trust us to offer authentic reviews of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read our full overview of how we select apps to feature

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