Best Software Ideas

Best Software Ideas – The average presentation lasts 20 minutes and experts say we make an impression in the first 30 seconds. That’s why it’s important to “dress up” our great product/idea with an equally interesting design.

Often, presentations are created by non-designers, creating a clear need for powerful presentation software that can help convey a message beautifully, effectively, and at any user’s skill level.

Best Software Ideas

Best Software Ideas

We’ve rounded up the 15 best presentation software for 2021 to help you create and share your online presentations while shining your best. In the meantime, check out some helpful ideas to spice up your presentation.

Best Software Product Ideas For The Year 2023

A web-based presentation tool that allows you to access your presentations anywhere with an Internet connection. It is known for its animations, cartoons, and infographics that allow users to create more interactive presentations and explainer videos.

Best features: Very attractive; You can make your story unique by combining different “frames” (slides); Create your own animations for presentations

Learning curve: Very intuitive, well designed type, but animation controls take some time to learn.

In conclusion, this presentation tool is perfect for marketing and education, where the creator can get the most out of the best animations and comics available. In recent years, interest in Powtoon and RenderForest has grown and we expect more and more people to use them in 2021. No wonder – if you look at our article on graphic design trends in 2022, everything is moving towards animation, cool 3D images, cartoons and Illustrations – and these are all, what this software can provide for your presentation.

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Prezi is an online presentation software similar to a mind map. In comparison, PowerPoint offers a linear presentation, while Prezi allows you to better show the relationships between different elements of your presentation, show details, zoom in and out, and your topic. Show overview. More interactive than PowerPoint, but with fewer functions and templates.

Price: All the basic features are free, but most of the interesting ones are paid, starting at $3 per month and going up to $59 per month. They offer a free trial.

Prezi is great for showing the relationships between different parts of your presentation. Some challenges have changes and pay to watch on devices and its best features. We recommend it for quick, mind map-like presentations without special planning.

Best Software Ideas

RenderForest is an online rendering tool known for its descriptive style and whiteboard animations. Presentation templates often offer a variety of motion/video backgrounds to help capture your audience’s attention. Currently, the company is releasing its graphic design software that allows users to create printable and beautiful designs for social media. It shows that the RenderForest team knows the market well and will do their best to meet its needs!

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Although it is not one of the cheapest solutions, it allows you to create interesting and interactive presentations with a lot of dynamic images. This makes RenderForest a great choice for educational and marketing explainer videos/presentations.

Mentimeter is a very interesting online presentation software. It allows your audience to engage with your presentation in real time and allows you to create polls, ask questions that are then displayed with your presentation. The public’s responses remain anonymous, so people are encouraged to participate even more.

Price: It has a free version, but the paid plans offer a lot of attractive features – the basic plan costs $9.99 per user per month and the more advanced plan costs $24.99 per user per month.

Learning curve: Easy to use; A less tech-savvy audience may need to explain how to connect with your presentation

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A great choice for teachers, speakers and businesses looking to engage audiences in real time and show immediate results. Clear, simple templates help you focus on your content.

Libre Office is a free presentation software, an open source alternative to PowerPoint. As you might expect from a free product, it only offers the main features of its “big brother”, but it’s a good solution for those used to Microsoft’s productivity software. The user interface is very similar to PowerPoint, which again makes it easy to use for certain audiences. Users who need collaboration in presentations, clean user interfaces and more creative design solutions should avoid this free presentation software because it simply does not meet their needs.

Learning curve: Going through all the options and familiarizing yourself with the interface takes some time;

Best Software Ideas

In short, Libre is free, backwards compatible, can cover your basic presentation needs, but there are too many options and too few templates available.

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Zoho Show is also an online presentation software with a very friendly interface and excellent collaboration features. There are many features that help you create a beautiful design, but getting it right takes time and design knowledge. There are a limited number of ready-made templates, and this presentation software requires an internet connection to edit and present.

Pricing: Zoho Show is free for personal use. For business users, Zoho Show is included in Zoho Docs Enterprise pricing packages – €5 or €8 per user/month

In summary, Zoho offers great collaboration features, but you need a connection to edit and present. It’s perfect for quick, unstructured presentations where you need some form of collaboration.

ClearSlide is a sales engagement platform that includes an online presentation tool. ClearSlide acquired another online tool, SlideRocket, and one of the differences is that ClearSlide is more expensive and aimed at larger businesses. It is an excellent platform for very specific needs – collaboration between sales and marketing teams to achieve company goals. It is also clear from the user interface:

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In summary, ClearSide is perfect for sales pitches, graphics and collaboration in large groups. It’s kind of binding for non-designers because the designs are special.

With Piktochart you can quickly create infographics, presentations and printouts. Mainly known for its easy-to-edit infographics, Piktochart also has simple presentation templates and the company is constantly trying to update its library.

Pricing: There is a free version and a paid version, starting at $29 per user per month. They offer a free trial.

Best Software Ideas

It is a bit expensive compared to other online presentation software and we can still ask for a bit more from the presentation templates. We recommend it to anyone who uses infographics frequently and wants to use one platform to combine infographics with presentations. But why not check out our free infographic too?

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Slides is an online presentation software originally intended for developers and covering their presentation needs. However, it doesn’t offer offline editing, but you can export your presentation offline.

Best features: It allows you to use your phone as a remote control; Live Present allows you to control what your audience sees; Easily drop code, iframes and SVG files.

Price: Free, with paid plans starting at $7.00/month and $14-$18/month for Pro and Team packages. They offer a free trial.

In conclusion, it’s a very good tool that gives you complete design freedom, but that’s why we don’t recommend it for teachers, non-designers, or marketers. Developers and design gurus love it.

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Canva is a web-based solution whose mission is to bring beautifully designed content to everyone. The entire platform is organized in such a way that a person with no prior design knowledge can easily create diagrams, images and presentations to inspire. While it’s not the best tool for data visualization, it scores highly in another category. Needless to say, it has become a popular choice among non-designers.

Best features: There are tons of beautiful templates to choose from, and Canva School has tons of tutorials and tips for free. It offers more free features compared to other competitors.

Canvas is becoming the most popular tool among non-designers for creating beautiful, cohesive content. You can create entire presentations, flyers and other content with drag and drop.

Best Software Ideas

Slidebean is online presentation software for last-minute projects that look original and professional. Slidebean offers clear and easy-to-use templates and tracks your audience’s engagement.

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Best features: It allows you to organize your content using artificial intelligence, saving you time creating beautiful layouts. You just choose a template, upload content and let the artificial intelligence suggest a good layout for you. Ready-made animations, effects and layouts are automatically applied to your content and create a unified look.

In conclusion, if you are in a hurry, Slidebean offers multiple layouts for slides and speeds up the creation process. The platform is aimed primarily at sales, marketing and finance departments, and the models available reflect this.

Google Slides is part of the G Suite business app. It has grown in popularity in recent years because it is a web-based platform that allows you to record, edit and share your presentations without having to install presentation software on your computer. All you need is a Google account and you’re good to go.

Best features: It’s free for personal use and offers the best paid features for businesses – for example, seamless collaboration and presentation commenting, converting other presentations to Google Slides. some others

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