Best Non Engineering Jobs For Engineers

Best Non Engineering Jobs For Engineers – Demand for engineering professionals continues to grow: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 140,000 new engineering jobs are expected to emerge by 2026. However, as more engineers enter the field. As this and the industry grow, job opportunities and employer needs will also grow.

To stay competitive in the job market, aspiring engineers and those looking to advance need a strong and diverse skill set. While the specific skills required vary by type of engineering, the core skills are similar across disciplines.

Best Non Engineering Jobs For Engineers

Best Non Engineering Jobs For Engineers

According to a Harvard Business School analysis of Lightcast job posting data, in-demand skills in engineering include:

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Data shows that engineers need a variety of soft skills, as well as high technical knowledge, to stay competitive and advance in their careers. To meet the demands of the job, they need to add experience and add business fundamentals to their skill sets.

There’s more to building a successful engineering career than just technical skills – engineering also has a business aspect. As engineers advance to senior positions, they have responsibilities such as managing teams, projects, and budgets. To land such positions and carry out their duties effectively, they must possess strong business skills.

According to HBS analysis of Lightcast job postings, business skills are not only included in engineer job postings, but are more flexible than technical skills. For example, computer skills appear in only 16% of engineer job postings, while communication skills appear in 34% and management skills in 24%.

Kyle Rosenmeyer, an engineer who worked for the city of Boise before moving to a utility company, said: “After working for a few years, I realized that many careers end up being demanding. a set of business skills. technicians. “If a college graduate engineer moves from a beginner to CEO position, with each promotion he uses less technical skills and uses more business skills.”

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While an engineering degree is critical to success, many science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers rely on business skills to carry out day-to-day responsibilities.

“Senior engineers, department heads, and departments all use more business skills in their day-to-day work than technical skills,” says Rosenmeyer. “STEM education gave me problem-solving and logical thinking, but I needed to understand accounting tools, financial ratios, and the market to compete.”

Because engineers’ work is so technical, it’s often difficult for other departments to understand its impact. The more they work as a team to achieve business goals and participate in decision making, the more they need communication skills.

Best Non Engineering Jobs For Engineers

In addition to understanding how to translate technical arguments into simplified terms, engineers should consider mastering negotiation skills, which can help them sell their ideas and gain acceptance by organizations. This involves identifying stakeholder goals, building trust among decision makers, successfully navigating the emotions that are sure to surface in conversations, and knowing how to ensure value. maximum value.

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For future engineering managers, it is important to have an understanding of the essentials of management. Understanding what motivates colleagues and knowing how to make an impact, effectively execute strategies and develop learning initiatives that help their organizations innovate are skills that can propel their careers forward. a new height.

Management skills are key considering the earning potential of engineers. As reported by Lightcast, the average advertised annual salary of technical professionals is $110,528, and many management roles earn over $165,000 annually. Therefore, acquiring management skills can significantly increase the income of agents and engineers.

An engineer’s day-to-day responsibilities often revolve around solving complex problems. When solving complex problems, it’s sometimes easy to get lost in the details and put your creative problem-solving skills aside.

However, despite the perceived benefits, 61% of leaders do not consider their companies innovative. As a result, design-minded engineers can have a competitive edge in the business world.

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Design thinking is an approach to problem solving and innovation based on human-centered design. Leveraging design thinking skills to pursue innovation not only helps professionals find innovative solutions, but also identifies business opportunities, assesses market needs, and designs products and new services.

Commercial activity is a broad term that refers to everything a business does to stay profitable. Engineers who want to contribute to these efforts should develop some basic skills.

For example, a basic understanding of financial accounting and corporate finance can be of great help to engineers. This knowledge can help them measure the impact of their work on revenue, control project costs, and gain insight into the overall budget of the organization.

Best Non Engineering Jobs For Engineers

When Rosenmeyer manages construction projects for the city of Boise, she says she often has to liaise with the finance team to set budgets and track costs. To acquire the right financial management skills, Rosenmeyer completed the Certificate of Readiness (CORe), a three-course program that helps professionals learn the language of business to participate more effectively in discussions. there.

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“My ability to understand and solve problems with my accounting partners has increased,” says Rosenmeyer. “I think they saw that too.”

In addition to financial accounting, CORe includes courses related to economics and business analysis. Taken together, these business skills can help engineers of all levels feel confident in making high-level decisions about their organization’s business. For example, engineers with well-developed economic and analytical skills can leverage market knowledge and data to identify new opportunities.

As technology continues to disrupt industries, the engineers that will move forward are the ones who know how to spot emerging opportunities and validate their ideas. In an increasingly complex global business environment, companies cannot continue to approach problems the same way. Engineers play an important role in researching and defining new business strategies.

Engineers to consider: What new challenges have yet to emerge for which it is important to find solutions? Taking advantage of possible industry disruptions can help position their organizations against new growth opportunities.

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Leadership is an essential business skill for top-level engineers. It is especially important to consider the emergence of artificial intelligence in the technology sector, leading to more and more complex ethical questions being raised for engineering leadership, such as:

Engineers build products and services that can have a direct impact on society. Therefore, engineering leaders must clearly understand the ethical implications in the industry. They should approach every issue with integrity and do what is right for their business. This requires leadership skills and a flexible leadership approach that allows them to quickly and effectively adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

In addition to ethical responsibility, developing a strong leadership style is critical to effective leadership. To retain employees, delight customers, and improve productivity, engineering leaders must communicate their company’s vision, lead teams, and influence change management.

Best Non Engineering Jobs For Engineers

By acquiring essential business skills, engineers can better equip themselves to meet the changing needs of the workforce and gain a competitive edge.

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Anthony Alvarez, an engineering student who joined CORe, said: “I am still starting my career at a large engineering company. “But now in aerospace industry conversations with other employees, I will have the opportunity to participate and understand when business decisions are made and announced.”

Want to take your career to the next level? Download our free guide to advancing your career with essential business skills, or explore our CORe program and discover how enhancing your business knowledge can make you competitive. competitive in today’s job market.

This post was updated and reposted on January 5, 2023. It was first published on November 8, 2018.

Lauren Landry is the director of marketing and communications at Harvard Business School. Prior to joining HBS, he worked at Northeastern University and BostInno, where he wrote nearly 3,500 articles on early technology and education, including launching HBS itself. When she’s not at HBS, you can find her teaching a course on digital media at Emerson University, drinking coffee, or telling anyone willing to hear terrible corny jokes. According to a report, the technology sector in Canada holds the key to the country’s economic recovery in the post-COVID-19 scenario.

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As the world moves towards a primarily digital economy, Canada’s technology sector is the main economic driver, which will continue to expand for the foreseeable future.

Technology-based companies around the world have become an integral part of driving any country’s GDP, innovating a new world through persistent research and development of cutting-edge technology. progress, creating lucrative and well-paying jobs in the process.

With an ever-expanding remote workforce, the focus has shifted to VPNs, log management, and cloud-based security tools.

Best Non Engineering Jobs For Engineers

In the face of social distancing and blockade measures, online retail and e-commerce have entered the main competition, which is expected to grow exponentially as online shopping becomes more competitive and popular. more variable.

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Today, people with e-commerce and data security skills can expect to land the best IT jobs in Canada in 2021.

Please note that occupation codes, according to the National Occupational Classification Matrix [NOC] followed by the government of Canada, must be chosen with care.

Choosing the wrong NOC code may result in your application being rejected by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC].

The NOC code chosen should be relevant to the job responsibilities in the individual’s primary occupation. For example, the NOC 2173 unit team work [software engineers and designers] might be closely related to the NOC 2174 unit team work [the work of

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