Best Music Production Schools Nyc

Best Music Production Schools Nyc – Hip hop pioneers Prince Paul and Scotty Hard delve into the art of producing a concept album based on narrative, character development, and hip hop music, featuring special guest MCs and voiceover artists.

Young people learn to focus their attention away from the common trappings of the devices they use and instead are guided to use these technologies for self-expression, creativity, ingenuity, and overall positive outcomes.

Best Music Production Schools Nyc

Best Music Production Schools Nyc

The one-of-a-kind music production flagship program where students learn invaluable insights and important workflows from leading innovators in the fields of music production, songwriting, engineering, music video production, marketing and more as they develop their own professional productions from scratch. with the assistance of mentors.

The Best Electronic Music Dj Courses At Nyc’s World Class Music School

Legendary producer and mixing engineer Scotty Hard was considered one of the great architects of the hip hop sound from the 80s to the 2000s. Covering clean and raw mixes, this unique masterclass delves into equalization, compression, dub techniques, and meticulous notation. .

In this course, you’ll learn how the basics of Ableton shape your workflow and fit into a larger strategy for music production and sound design.

Artists, labels and organizations work directly with experts in sound system design, live mixing, driver and instrument construction, processing, audio/visual integration, choreography, set design and more to help you build your performance team your dreams for the ultimate live experience.

The most in-depth professional development program available for students at any level to start a career in sound design. With one-on-one guidance from renowned professionals along with a unique and modern curriculum, students are guided to be exceptional at what they do through personal tutoring and weekly assignments. After completing the 6-month to 1-year program, students leave armed with the most essential tools needed for a career in sound design.

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We know you will learn a lot in these sessions, and we want you to be sure of that. For a limited number of students each month, we offer free session #1 of this course. Simply tell us below why you’d like to study and we’ll get back to you straight away with the details. This is not a test! We accept all skill levels equally. Ever wonder what DJs do in the booth? Here’s your chance to find out…literally, as anyone over the age of 21 who makes the grade (and no one has yet) will be invited to debut at an all-night event at a Brooklyn club.

Learn to DJ like a pro and get ready for the club with our comprehensive electronic music DJ course. You’ll be familiar with the industry standard Pioneer Nexus gear, which you’ll find at a reputable venue (or DJ school). Learning to DJ should be FUN, not frustrating!

“I needed to brush up on some production software so I called Garnish because they have the best instructors” – Jamie Jones

Best Music Production Schools Nyc

Our Electronic Music DJ Course is designed for both beginners and those who have played at home, who want to learn real world techniques with the latest professional equipment, taught by our roster of expert professional electronic music DJ instructors. Class size is limited to just four students, which naturally leans towards a more personalized experience, with time to wander ‘off-piste’, to focus on people’s styles and needs.

Scholarships For Music Majors

If you want to learn to play electronic music genres in a friendly environment of like-minded students, this is the class for you!

36 hours | $1299 + $100 registration if booked 14 days before start or $1599 + $200 registration

Or get in touch and one of our placement experts will give you the information and find a time for an assessment call to get you into the program that’s right for you.

Great class, two very good teachers and good people in the class. Good luck, we learned a lot and had a chance to play.

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My instructor was very helpful. It took me a few lessons to grasp the concept and it didn’t give up on me. He tried different ways to explain the concept and was always patient and understanding. I felt stupid not knowing how to do what he was explaining, but it was very encouraging and motivating, that I would succeed and I finally did!

The instructor was very knowledgeable and friendly. Small classes are ideal for individual attention and tuition is affordable compared to other private schools.

Very informative. I had an amazing teacher who was patient, knowledgeable and great. I went into the course not knowing much and ended up with a gigantic reservoir of information and skills that made me feel equipped to get out and into the world of DJing.

Best Music Production Schools Nyc

I feel like I’ve learned all there is to learn. I don’t have any unanswered questions. I learned more in this class than in a year of studying on my own. I’m just going to miss class.

Is Avenues The Best Education Money Can Buy?

The course is very easy and the instructor is the coolest ever! You can answer a question you want to know about DJing. Tell it how you want to mix, it will show you easily.

I would recommend your courses to a friend because I felt you were very professional and personable, which I appreciate.

Book a free 15-minute phone consultation with one of our friendly intake specialists. Let’s get your music moving! Combining performance with production with its massive sound libraries and Komplete Select instruments, Maschine has become a production powerhouse.

In this Maschine 101 and 201 course, you’ll learn how to produce beats, musical parts and synth sounds in a hands-on way, playing Maschine like an instrument with a smoother and more intuitive workflow than a conventional DAW in our Maschine course, with software included. introduction to Complete Select Instruments.

Who’s Happy About In Person Summer School? N.y.c. Parents.

This Maschine course will teach you how to use Maschine from scratch and in different ways. Whether you’re interested in creating rhythms by tapping your fingers or composing with a step sequencer while shaping sounds, this course will help you find

Maschine features one of the best-sounding drum libraries for all major genres of music, from techno and house to the urban and downtempo acoustic styles of top artists. You’ll learn how to work with existing kits and even create your own using Maschine’s powerful attribute-based browser features.

Using the included NI Komplete plug-ins, you’ll produce a complete project from start to finish without using a DAW, which can be done in a fluid, performance-like manner.

Best Music Production Schools Nyc

Knowing the library and how to load sounds quickly is critical to a good workflow. Learn all the basic features of the Maschine software and controllers as you explore different methods of creating beats. By combining performance with composition we practice how to play and program MIDI drums in a new and more improvisational way.

The 25 Best Music Production Schools In The World Today

Learn how to write automation in a fluid and practical way. Using effects on sounds or groups, we show you how to enhance timbre or add movement or spatial depth. And with automation, we can control everything dynamically! In this class you will also learn how to record external audio and use sampling editing tools. Cutting drum loops is also a great way to start drum programming.

Introduction to composition with musical instruments based on samples from the Factory Library, as well as the creation of original instruments from scratch. You will learn sound design with Sampler, built-in drum synths and added special effects. Learn how to apply Swing and Nudging to add rhythm to your beats. We’re using Note Repeat, Velocity, and Maschine’s performance tools as we explore creating genre- and tempo-specific beats in more detail.

Using Maschine’s unique gradual automation we can create futuristic rhythms and soundscapes. With the help of Humanize/Randomize functions, learn how to create human feel or pattern variations. Saving with attributes is important to making the best use of your browser, and adding plugins will open up a whole new universe of sound.

While the Maschine Factory library and expansion packs offer great instruments, your Komplete Select instruments and effects will add a new dimension to powerful sound design. Learn the basics of using the Komplete plugin for instrumentation, mixing, and mastering. The hands-on control of the NKS plugin is also great for working with hardware while using the Lock Mode, Snapshot, and Morph features for full configuration recovery.

World Class Logic Pro X Music Production Program

Maschine can also be used as a plug-in in a DAW, and you’ll learn how to do this in Ableton and Logic. In addition to using Machine as an instrument, we can also load a Maschine FX plug-in. Guitar Rig is a deep and versatile collection of effects, useful not only for guitarists. You will learn how to control your external hardware synths with CC midi. In midi mode, we can turn the hardware into a full-featured Ableton controller to launch clips and scenes or make Push-style step sequences.

36 hours | $1499 + $100 registration if booked 14 days before start or $1799 + $200 registration | live online

Use the “CONNECT” button below to request information about our class schedule. One of our placement experts will follow up within one business day. For individual classes, see Maschine Private

Best Music Production Schools Nyc

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