Best Laptops For Network Engineers

Best Laptops For Network Engineers – I am 34 years old. 13 years in the IT field. But I’ve been working with computers since high school.

In +13 years, I have worked as a consultant, service provider, internal management, technical support and everything in between.

Best Laptops For Network Engineers

Best Laptops For Network Engineers

I was asked to write an article about what are the best computers for professionals and students.

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The reputation is great. I don’t like the word “good for”. It’s a fraud. Like I asked a programmer, what’s the best tool for your job?

A programmer should choose their IDE, programming language and even a specific operating system based on their work.

Find, collect, design and provide all the equipment you need (tablets, dongles, converters, adapters) for the type of work you do according to your specific task and choose the software of that.

I, for example, am OCD divided with color-coded backpacks, wallets, sleeves of all the devices, adapters, dongles I will need for the day. Some people find my tool good and others think it’s too much.

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Not all IT professionals do or want the same thing.

Of course, if you are new to Information Technology, you may be an Engineering student who wants a laptop and the average IT professional will find value.

The amount of power and heat is not necessary as well as the size, which means that the size is not easy to fit in a backpack and is also important to carry on a daily basis. .

Best Laptops For Network Engineers

Having extra parts and power can break a lot of things that you may not want but still need to fix.

Best Laptops For Engineering Students In 2023

An ideal laptop setup for an information technology student or beginner might look like this:

Smart, modern with a multi-core CPU and 8-10 hours of battery life. Two USB 3.0 ports + HDMI ports and display ports.

The laptop needs to be upgraded (RAM & Storage) which means no thin ultrabook if the weight is a problem (upgradable laptops weigh 3.5lbs and up, ultrabooks weigh 2.5 -3lbs cannot be updated)

If you choose an ultrabook or a laptop without an HDMI port because you are a student you have to bring your laptop to school every day to get your degree. Don’t panic.

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Other DVD players connect to your laptop via a USB port. The same can be said about ethernet ports.

The advantage of using external drives is that they don’t break, they don’t sweat, they just throw them away and replace them. No need to destroy your computer.

“I want a laptop with all the ports built in. I don’t need an external DVD player, I don’t need anything extra”

Best Laptops For Network Engineers

I know I know… after all I’ve done to explain why it shouldn’t be, there are still people, especially IT professionals, who want something like ‘the perfect laptop for Technics’, this is the basic laptop for everyone. port they need, they don’t need an external CD Drive.

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Really, really good laptop! I think it’s the same. Network and system administrators sell them by the dozen.

Most users don’t need all the ports and today’s laptops only have half of the ports on the list because the motherboards are getting smaller every year and soon it will be All laptops are MacBooks and 4-6. port of thunder.

But there are still a few such nodes, specially designed for our purposes. Here’s a quick example:

The more ports you’ll find on a laptop, the bigger the CPU and the slower it will be (slowness can be fixed even by adding more RAM, 16GB, and most importantly adding an SSD ).

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The average IT professional needs a CPU made within the last 5 years (either Ryzen or Intel Core 7th gen).

In some rare cases, the network expert wants to set up their home lab (virtual) to: manage Cisco servers, routers, switches and ESXi hosts from VMs and NetApp Filers for storage. In that situation, CPU Power (especially ports) and RAM can be very high because Virtual Machines take up computing resources like other IT apps.

The basics of virtualization are this: the amount of RAM and Threads (or Threads) you need depends on how much you test and how many labs you have (or how many virtual machines and work you do. ).

Best Laptops For Network Engineers

If you are doing IT support through LabTech, ScreenConnect or VSphere Client, you can buy many computers today (I advise you to get 8GB RAM + FHD display though) .

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There are also people who want to run a Linux Distro alongside Windows such as for example. You also don’t have to worry so much about hardware and less about ports.

I don’t want to drag this topic too long so if you want more details check the last part of this post, it’s time to check out the best laptops for Student Papers Technology & Professionals.

I won’t bother to explain what the symbols mean for each laptop, you should know what they mean. If you haven’t, check out the post on the sidebar “starter’s guide to computer setup” and I’ll talk about who this particular laptop is for.

If you are doing on-site IT support then focus on ports and less on hardware and if you are running simulations or working with a lab focused on multiple ports than tools.

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I’ll list some laptops with all the ports you need and a built-in DVD Drive. But remember, it will be slow and you will have to make some changes to make it work, I recommend you to choose new machines and buy the tools you need later.

X1 Ethernet (RJ-45) / x2 USB 3.2 Gen1 / x1 HDMI 2.0b / x2 USB 3.2 Type-C (Thunderbolt 4) / Speaker / Headphone Jack + Fingerprint

In my day, they were work laptops for IT professionals. Unfortunately, the company (IBM) that makes Thinkpads so popular has been acquired by Lenovo, and this has affected the overall design that was useful to most IT people. The price will also increase.

Best Laptops For Network Engineers

The new model is slightly different from the average user’s demand for something less portable and thinner. Basically, it reduces the battery and board size and uses a lot of # ports.

I Need A Laptop That Can Handle Cad And Has A Good Battery Life

Because they are better than most laptops (or any real laptop) for IT purposes, and they are still the #1 laptop used by IT people as well.

In contrast, the older models were more popular. In fact, I remember the first company I worked for someone bought a few hundred (about 300) Thinkpads (T-series) and it was a good choice because only two people (2%) applied to change, then one has a learning problem in the first years. Many years!

If you like the old model, remember that you need to upgrade the RAM and Storage (16GB RAM & One SSD) otherwise Windows 10 and Windows 11 will automatically crash even if you just open notepad. For instructions on how to see my article here: How to change RAM and Storage. Both upgrades should be a piece of cake for the IT guy and more so than the old model (easier to change, ie more screws to remove).

The advantage of the new Thinkpad is the RAM support (40GB to 48GB) and the new CPU generation + it is very easy to move.

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It’s a premium laptop with a solid build and an aluminum chassis that means it’s unlikely to fall.

If you have the budget and a lot of people depending on you for IT support or management, don’t mess with the old (updated) model. Always choose the most reliable model.

2 x Thunderbolt 4 (DisplayPort / Data Transfer / Power Delivery), 2 x USB-A 3.2, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x Headphone / Mic combo

Best Laptops For Network Engineers

The Lenovo X-Carbon series is the lightest and heaviest of the Thinkpads and you will be surprised to know that even though it is thin and deep, it holds the necessary ports that are not found in your average. ultrabook (or really ultrabook). I found this multi port # (on an ultrabook) on a Lenovo X Carbon.

Best Laptops For Network Engineers In 2023

You may want to buy one of the older models if the budget is low, one will be fine because the Carbon Series is a new series, and they will all have a new CPU that is suitable to protect Windows 10 and Windows 11 .

It’s more important

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