Best Laptop 2020 For Music Production

Best Laptop 2020 For Music Production – Technology is changing the world, there is no doubt about it. Also, the music world is quickly adapting to the idea of ​​technological change. The old recording setups are gone and this led to the idea of ​​some improved ones.

As the studios improved, the computers used had to be upgraded to accommodate different styles and bandwidths. This even led to the idea of ​​studios on the road. These are virtual studios placed inside a laptop with basic functions and capabilities.

Best Laptop 2020 For Music Production

Best Laptop 2020 For Music Production

When it comes to music production, some laptops have proven to be better than others. Given the many misconceptions about the best laptops for music producers, here’s a list for you to consider. You can also find information about the specifications to consider when it comes to laptops for music production here. Read on to find out!

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One thing manufacturers want when it comes to a laptop is for it to be lightweight. And this one fits the bill, weighing in at about 1.7 lbs. Another thing is that the laptop has around 8 GB of RAM which makes it very fast in performing tasks.

The processor that this machine is equipped with is a core i5 and it is quite fast with a processing speed of 3 GHz. This is probably the fastest laptop on the list. And with a 12.3-inch screen, you have a portable machine. When deciding on a device, you should also consider the 7-8 hours of battery life that this laptop has.

You’ve probably seen this Mac laptop with many DJs. There is a reason for this as many have it because of its light weight. This is a 7th generation laptop with Core i5 processing power.

The speed is not as fast as the first laptop, but it comes close to the speed of 2.3 GHz and 8 GB of RAM. Together with the SSD drive, the device runs data at high and convenient speeds.

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It also means that it can handle even more software packages and run them simultaneously with little difficulty. Another thing that makes it popular for many is its 10-hour battery life. If you’re looking for a laptop specifically for working on the go, this is perfect.

Lenovo is another brand that has attempted to solve the manufacturer’s dilemma with this offering, which is essentially a workstation. The laptop has an internal space of up to 1 TB.

It is also equipped with game graphics that make the whole experience come back. Then it has the processing power of a quad-core Intel i7 processor. This is probably the most impressive part of it, as it transmits high speed.

Best Laptop 2020 For Music Production

Combine all this with 8GB of RAM, expandable up to 16GB, and you have a solid laptop. The only downside you will find here is the battery life. The laptop battery lasts only 4-5 hours.

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One of the impressive machines that any music producer should consider is the Dell laptop. It fulfills all your requirements as it has 8GB of RAM which unfortunately cannot be upgraded and it has a dual core processor running it – a core i5 processor.

With a 13.3-inch screen, it’s a pretty easy-to-use laptop, especially when running Windows 10. With an SSD drive of around 128GB, you have plenty of room to sample and store your beats with ease.

Another reason why you would want this machine is its portability. It weighs around 2.3 lbs, making it just as impressive on the go. When it comes to the price, it is quite cheap compared to other brands of this type. In fact, it’s $100 cheaper than other brands.

As a music producer, both novice and professional, you need a laptop that can help you improve your work. You don’t always have enough time to run to the studio to make noise and you may have to do it from home.

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This is where you need an impressive machine like the ones above that can handle the multiple functions you need. They promise peace of mind while you make music and pursue your creative pursuits!

© 2019 Career Illuminate – All rights reserved. Use or publication of this content without proper permission is prohibited. Violators will be punished according to law. If you’re here, then you’re looking for music production laptops, either to replace your old one or to start making music in 2023. Back in the day, music was composed, created and produced in specialized music studios full of heavy analog. equipment. Now you can take the studio with you to the beach, to the mountains and even to a family dinner.

Nowadays, we are not so limited and can do great work on our laptops. There are several digital audio workstations available that can help you produce music on your laptop or desktop computer.

Best Laptop 2020 For Music Production

However, not all laptops have what it takes for serious music production. Buying the right laptop for this purpose can be a bit difficult with all the options you have today. The laptop needed for this type of work must meet certain requirements, which we will describe in more detail.

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Editor’s Note: This list of the best laptops for music production is constantly updated to reflect the current market, so be sure to bookmark this article for future reference.

The most important factors for any music production laptop are the power of the processor and the amount of RAM you have available. This is followed by storage type and speed, but since everything runs on SSD technology these days, we won’t go into this discussion and treat all laptop storage technologies as the same.

Then the third thing you want would be a really good battery life if you’re on the road a lot or on a plane.

We have a very nice article about what these technical specifications mean for music production and we invite you to read it here before continuing with our list of products.

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The i7 processor appears to be the industry standard processor, although the exact model varies, as do the overclocking options. In terms of portability, you can get by just fine with the i5, except it won’t hold as many channels (still enough for casual use). AMD has developed a very good line of processors called Ryzen that far surpass Intel’s desktop products and are now making inroads into the laptop market as well. So we included a Ryzen powered laptop in our list.

We do not currently recommend the new Apple M1 notebooks for music production, this is still early technology that will most likely be greatly improved in the coming years.

If you want a good explanation of the Apple M1 chips, here is a nice video. We are not saying that the technology is not good, we are just advising you to wait and get a later generation that will have less problems and more stability and performance. It should also be added that compatibility is currently better than expected, as the video below shows, but you should not rush to buy the first generation of new technology products, as a general rule, but wait a bit and get a more mature iteration. But if you do, check the compatibility of any plug-in you use with the M1. Also, be prepared for some issues with updates in the future, as it’s common for first generations to have problems due to faulty software updates.

Best Laptop 2020 For Music Production

Last but not least, it’s always good to have good emergency speakers as well as a good sounding headphone output.

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Don’t forget the software that will run on your music production laptop, so check out our list of the best VST synthesizers.

To make your life easier, we polled our team and community to find the best laptop for music production in 2023. Check out the table below for a summary.

Also note that while this music production laptop comparison is of course accurate for 2023, we’ve kept the 2019 and 2020 products because the prices have dropped significantly and the performance is still top notch for today’s music production needs.

Note: If you are using a mobile device, scroll left and right in the table to see all entries and up and down in the cells to see all the contents.

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As you can see, we have a very good selection and have determined not one, but three winners for each user. It would be unwise to recommend a $2,500+ laptop to a student, so we’ve split the reasonable price range into a value winner (good for the money) and a budget winner (the best cheapest). Versatility can’t be anything other than a Macbook, and while it’s sad to see the Windows offering fall behind a bit, things have gotten better in recent years and I totally can.

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