Best Keyboard For Software Engineers

Best Keyboard For Software Engineers – Keychron K12 is a 60% wireless mechanical keyboard with which you can easily take the best typing experience.

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Best Keyboard For Software Engineers

Best Keyboard For Software Engineers

No matter what kind of Mac you have, you’ll likely see some real benefits to upgrading your keyboard. For laptop users, adding a full-size keyboard can increase your productivity and increase the efficiency and comfort of your workspace. And son, your wrist will thank you. Even Apple’s iconic Magic Keyboard, while sleek and familiar, lacks the features and convenience of the best Mac keyboards, especially if you prefer the touch of mechanical keys.

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However, finding the best keyboard for you is not always easy. Perhaps even more than any other piece of computer hardware, there is no one best keyboard for everyone. For Mac users – whether MacBook Air or Mac Studio – the options are a bit more limited, especially if you want a keyboard with a Mac-style layout rather than the usable but less accurate “Windows defaults”. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options designed with Mac users in mind. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, the half-dozen options below should satisfy the needs of most average Mac users who want to choose more than just the Magic Keyboard.

As someone who types for a living, I’ve thought a lot about keyboards over the years and tried many different options, from mechanical to ergonomic keyboards and many in between. To select the keyboards for this list, I used my experience as a technology writer for websites like

. I then relied on a variety of other sources—from professional reviews to fan forums and user impressions—to determine the best options currently available for Mac.

Our picks for the best keyboards for Mac try to cover as many use cases as possible within a few options. From portable and affordable, to cutting-edge productivity tools, to emotional choices for enthusiasts. Since all of these keyboards have Mac layouts, you may notice some glaring omissions—for example, even Mac-compatible gaming keyboards are rarely present in Mac layouts. They’re all great keyboards, so you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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Why it works: Perhaps the most Mac-like keyboard made by anyone besides Apple, the Logitech MX Keys offer a premium feel and are especially useful in multi-computer setups.

If you’re generally happy with a laptop-style keyboard, but want a few extra features and a bit more comfort, the Logitech MX Keys for Mac probably tick all the right boxes for you. The Mac-focused version of Logitech’s elite “Master” keyboard enhances the conventional “magic keyboard” experience with contoured, concave keys designed to fit your fingers and make typing more comfortable. Flexibility is another big selling point, as you can easily connect to up to three devices (or Macs and iPads) via 2.4GHz wireless (requires USB dongle) and Bluetooth, then switch between them with the push of a button. MX Keys are the rare third-party Mac device that feels aesthetically at home with a MacBook or iMac (both in color and with features like smart lighting), but offers a very clear performance boost over Apple’s first-party alternatives. Plus, it’s the personal choice of our associate managing editor, who brought it across the country and currently has it on his desk at home, as shown above.

Why it works: The Apple Magic Keyboard provides the best version of the Apple keyboard that Mac fans are used to, but with additional keys and Touch ID.

Best Keyboard For Software Engineers

Apple’s latest signature Magic Keyboard, updated for 2021, has a much-welcomed feature that will make you feel like… well, magic again. It has a Touch ID button in the top right corner that lets you quickly log in and make secure purchases with the push of a button, a feature you usually have to give up when using third-party keyboards.

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The full-size version, which includes a full keyboard and numeric keypad, offers the biggest change from standard laptop keyboards. A standard compact model is also available if desk space is more of an issue. Both have built-in batteries with USB-C charging that should give you a month or more of use on a charge.

There is one downside: The new Magic Keyboard only works with newer Macs that have the Apple M1 chipset. If you’re using an older model, Apple still sells the old Magic Keyboard without Touch ID.

Why it works: The Das Keyboard 4 takes some of the guesswork out of mechanical keyboards with a high-end, off-the-shelf solution that offers plenty of benefits.

You can go the niche route and create a mechanical keyboard that’s completely tailored to your needs, but the Das Keyboard 4 Professional is hard to beat if you want a great solution out of the box. You can choose between clicky Cherry MX Blue switches or softer MX Brown switches, but the features remain standard all the way around. This includes a large, handy volume control, built-in media controls, a dual-port USB hub, and even a removable “foot” that lifts up the keyboard and doubles as a ruler. The Das Keyboard 4 also has a very thin profile for a mechanical keyboard, although it’s not backlit, which is a bit disappointing for a wired keyboard in this price range.

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Why it works: A great entry into the world of mechanical keyboards without breaking the bank.

The world of mechanical keyboards is deep, but if you want to experience it without falling down the rabbit hole, DROP’s ENTR is a good choice. It’s the first mechanical keyboard I’ve used since the mid-2000s, but my muscle memory kicks in. I know how to lift my finger high to press a key compared to the chicklet style keyboard on my MacBook Pro or the Satechi Slim X3, my favorite Bluetooth keyboard.

The keys on the ENTR make more sound—more clicks than pops—than the Magic Keyboard. I can take notes during a video call without feeling awkward or immediately reaching for the mute button when I’m not talking. If you haven’t used a mechanical keyboard for a long time, I recommend using a palm rest to keep you company. It’s not that typing on the ENTR is uncomfortable, but mechanical keyboards are designed to work with a rest for maximum comfort.

Best Keyboard For Software Engineers

If you’re a Mac user and worried about the Windows key on the bottom left of your keyboard, don’t worry: DROP ENTR is fully compatible with macOS. No software is required to make it work. One adjustment you’ll need to make when using a Mac is to hold down the function key to access the volume and screen brightness controls. ENTR also doesn’t have a glyph indicating which function key does what, so you should know that F11 lowers the volume or F2 increases the brightness.

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I had no problem using DROP ENTR to write stories; every keystroke is correctly recognized and there is no latency or delay between the keystroke and the character being displayed on the screen. This is true no matter how fast I type or whether I use the backspace key liberally when rewriting a passage. Part of the ENTR’s response lies in the fact that it’s wired, which means you have to keep it plugged into your machine at all times.

This is great if you’re working on a desktop or laptop connected to a monitor. If you’re the type who likes to sit in a chair with a keyboard on your lap while you work, or occasionally hook up your computer to the TV and play computer games, then ENTR may not be for you. Still, this mechanical keyboard offers great value considering the price.

Why it works: A discreet mechanical keyboard built with customization in mind, the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB is a no-compromise choice for those who care equally about comfort and typing quality.

It may be primarily a gaming keyboard, but the combination of the Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB mechanical keyboard with an ergonomic layout will please anyone looking for only the most comfortable typing experience. The RGB in the name refers to the keyboard’s colorful backlighting, which can be adjusted to a vibrant pattern or turned off if you don’t want too much of a light show. Like other high-end gaming keyboards, it includes many additional features, including dedicated macro keys that you can customize for any game or application.

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The Freestyle Edge is available in four different mechanical switch options to suit your typing preferences, but unfortunately you’ll have to spend a little extra for a set of Mac keys that you can replace.

Why it works: Small and versatile, the Keychron K12 offers wireless capabilities and plenty of customization options, all without breaking the bank.


Best Keyboard For Software Engineers

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