Best Freelance Websites For Mechanical Engineers

Best Freelance Websites For Mechanical Engineers – Awesome engineering portfolios have a simple structure, attractive visuals and a story behind your work. In this article, we’ll focus on all three!

As a mechanical engineer, it is very important that you demonstrate your work and design process for the most effective products. The following 8 steps will take you from a blank page to an A+ portfolio to present at your next interview.

Best Freelance Websites For Mechanical Engineers

Best Freelance Websites For Mechanical Engineers

The first step in building an engineering portfolio is planning the structure and design process This is an opportunity to show your creativity and extraordinary ideas

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Start by deciding whether your portfolio will be static or dynamic. In other words, do you want to create a set of static pages or a dynamic landing page with creative animations?

Other questions you need to answer at this stage are: What is your budget for the project and whether you want your online work to represent a one-page or multi-page site. Many engineers opt for a simple pdf portfolio, which is another option to consider In Step 2, we’ll cover different ways to store your portfolio For now, check out this YouTube video by Sam Du Design for inspiration

The easiest way to create an engineering portfolio is to create a PDF or PowerPoint presentation. While the simplicity of these portfolio formats can help you land a job that requires such a simple approach, there are other options to consider if you’re looking for a more creative outlet.

For example, you can create a portfolio using GitHub Pages or one of the many alternative portfolio generation sites like Coroflot, CarbonMed or Squarespace. Those with the right technical skills can build a site from to unleash unlimited design possibilities. If you want to go all out, hire an expert to design the portfolio page for you

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Pick up a copy, it’s free Use interactive test tools to find out if you have the resources to turn freelancing into a career.

Once you’ve decided on the structure and platform for your mechanical design portfolio, think about what you want to showcase. A good portfolio includes more than the high school you attended and a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Of course, if you’re applying for an engineering position, your portfolio should showcase the most relevant engineering projects and the final products that came out of them. Use your portfolio to tell the story of your design process so potential employers can see your style and way of working.

Best Freelance Websites For Mechanical Engineers

Here’s how mechanical robotics engineer Frederick Wachter presents his most important work with simple cards:

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Speaking of simple things, your industrial design portfolio needs to be simple and easy to navigate. You don’t want another potential client to reject your proposal because he or she is lost in a sea of ​​information To avoid this, rid your portfolio of unnecessary items and stick with what matters most – your work and the experiences that come with it.

Whether you’re creating a PDF or dynamic website, it’s important to keep the audience experience in mind Potential employers should be able to navigate your portfolio intuitively If you look at the portfolio templates available on Squarespace or similar sites, you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common – the same navigation bar. This is because keeping navigation simple is crucial to keeping visitors on your site If you choose pdf format, make sure the table of contents is clear and easy to use

Here’s an example of an engineering portfolio by David S. Miller with a simple navigation bar in the upper right corner:

As an engineer, you must understand the power of a personal brand Your own work and personality act as your brand, which plays a major role in your career. Good branding gives you the opportunity to make a positive first impression and stand out among the tens or hundreds of engineers applying for a new position.

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Having said that, take the time to learn about branding and apply some tricks Make sure you use the same branding material on all your social media pages to keep your online presence consistent and professional. Watch this video by Neil Patel to learn more about building a personal brand

Along with consistent branding, your engineering portfolio must tell stories and integrate visuals. Having too much text without images on your website or vice versa is a one-way ticket to a poor portfolio You need a good balance between the two for this to work

Whether you’re working on prototypes, robotics or aeronautics, you need to create engaging and eye-catching visuals that show off the value of your work. Here’s an example of a good looking visualization from a CAD (computer-aided design) portfolio:

Best Freelance Websites For Mechanical Engineers

Once you’ve established the structure and content of your portfolio, try to add some personality to it Your portfolio doesn’t have to be a bunch of technical words and graphics

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Add a little sparkle to your portfolio or showcase site by adding an About Me section This is your chance to showcase your personality and impress potential employers with how you present yourself Here’s an example of an About Me copyright by Roxanne Zankel, a product designer. It only refers to faith, not just experience of action

The final step in creating a successful portfolio that will land you your dream engineering job is linking to your social media pages. If you are not using social media for business purposes, now is a good time to start

Social networks like Instagram and Twitter are leading sources Make sure you use them as efficiently as possible and don’t forget about consistent branding materials.

Now that we’ve given you the key steps to creating an engineering portfolio, it’s up to you how you want to go about it.

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You need to answer several questions, including how you want to host your portfolio and whether you want to stick with PDF/PowerPoint or something more advanced.

Either way, these 8 steps will put you on the right track to building an effective engineering portfolio!

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Best Freelance Websites For Mechanical Engineers

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