Best Electronic Music Production Schools

Best Electronic Music Production Schools – If you want to learn music production or DJ, you’re probably looking for a music production school or course.

The problem is that you can easily waste this educational opportunity on some expensive schools that will not get the results you are studying for.

Best Electronic Music Production Schools

Best Electronic Music Production Schools

They teach you vague ideas without applying them. They are not accusing you of being a better person. They do not give accurate results.

Great Online Music Production Courses And Schools (2023)

That said, there are a few schools that might be worth it if you’re willing to put in the effort. So, to save you time, we’ve selected our top picks of educational resources.

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Icon is considered one of the most prestigious schools for EDM production and is a coveted destination for many out there. In fact, our product manager, Connor, was there.

First, the school is known for its rigorous programs. Tabs are specifically tailored to electronic music production, so you don’t waste time learning things that don’t work.

How To Make Electronic Dance Music (edm)

No professor needs another hour to demonstrate how to fire up Logic Pro. You’ll also receive valuable extras such as 1-on-1 sessions with a guest artist, excellent staff and networking.

In addition, you will definitely find graduates who will tell you that completing Icon is easy. On the other hand, it has a challenging curriculum.

Compared to most music schools, Icon’s 30-hour contact per week (for the LA program) will push you to work harder than you can imagine.

Best Electronic Music Production Schools

Finally, Icon’s list of successful alumni (Jauz, Nghtmre, Slander, etc.) is very credible, especially in an industry that never turns 100 years old.

Audio Engineering School For Sound Engineers

You’ll learn the basics of music production with Ableton Live and Logic Pro X, as well as songwriting, the music business, and intermediate/advanced music production.

SAE (School of Sound Engineering) is an arts school with a solid, time-tested electronic music production program. They have 51 branches in 25 countries, so good luck will be near you.

The actual offer varies from country to country, but you can get different levels of education, including postgraduate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

They have access to professional studios and recorders, as well as a network of students, teachers and other industry professionals.

Best Music Production Schools In The World

A bit of an oddball, Liveschool is a hidden gem in Australia amongst some big names.

They are based in Sydney and offer specific courses for Ableton Live, a certified training center. Like Icon, they also have some big names, this time Flume, Elizabeth Rose and Mr. Bill.

Their signature course – Music Production – is a comprehensive music production course that showcases sound design, remixing, mixing and mastering and many more modules to help you become a producer. Great corner and master of Ableton Live.

Best Electronic Music Production Schools

Although they don’t currently offer any online courses, if you live in Australia and want a good option for brick and mortar schools, give it a careful thought.

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No, they are not “accredited” institutions of higher learning like some colleges and universities here, but does that really matter?

Come on, we can’t leave one of the most respected music schools in the world. If you haven’t heard of Berklee, you’ve been living under at least two rocks.

Located in Boston, this top music school selects the most successful and talented contemporary musicians from all over the United States and even the world.

Overall B.M., B.F.A., B.P.S. you can study all 27 specialties through Or an artist degree. They also have both undergraduate and graduate options for graduate courses and online programs.

The Best Music Production School In Kenya

Berklee’s entry requirements are to have “essential tools.” This is traditionally the piano, guitar, etc.

However, in 2019, you can take an EDI (Electronic Digital Instrument) as your primary device, such as Ableton Push.

In addition, there are many subjects who take these courses to introduce you to theatre, film and technology. But it gives you the freedom to choose what skills are relevant (probably electronic music production if you’re reading this article).

Best Electronic Music Production Schools

In addition to the prestigious curriculum, you’ll find a network of people and alumni to connect with at Berklee.

Best Online Music Production Courses (discounts Inside!)

You might ask how different it is from any old school — winning 294 Grammy Awards by alumni might help you better understand the value there.

Point Blank is a great example of a very focused and successful music school with a particular focus on music production and DJing.

Starting from London, they have branches in Los Angeles, China, Ibiza and Mumbai along with their online platform.

They are also extremely flexible, offering not only full degree courses but also a variety of specialized classes, as well as weekend courses and summer schools. You get the idea – they have a lot of options.

Music Producer Salary: How Much Do Music Producers Make?

They also offer free software copies with their courses, including NI Komplete and Ableton Live.

If you need more proof that this group is the real deal, check out their YouTube channel and blog for some great educational content.

Pyramid is and will continue to be very popular in the world of electronic music production, and for good reason. They offer quality courses and programs for both music and DJ production, helping you prepare for a focused career.

Best Electronic Music Production Schools

Their main offering is the Complete Producer, which introduces you to music production in a broad and multidisciplinary sense. Bands, movies, etc. you will learn the production for

Of The Best Online Electronic Music Schools

More suitable programs here might be Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Piano & Music Theory, Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering, Production / Arrangement, Music Business and “Electronic Music Producer” covering DJing and Live Performance.

Additionally, they packed similar ideas into an online version for about 1/10th the price, this time focusing more on Ableton Live.

Plus, they have great gear, industry partners (like Ableton and Xfer), and a strong team of coaches, including You Suck At Producing’s Underbelly.

From the ashes of Dubspot, there’s a new school founded by a group of former teachers – 343 Labs.

A Guide On The Best Schools/colleges For Electronic Music Production

While I can’t say much about 343 Labs yet, a lot of people are getting a lot out of the Dubspot courses and the material that comes with them.

This is because they divide their learning into 5 different modules: DJ, music production, background music, sound design and mixing and mastering. The different programs they offer contain different combinations depending on your goals.

Now at 343 Labs, they offer both online and local New York software such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Synthesis, Mixing & Mastering and more.

Best Electronic Music Production Schools

I personally got a lot from Dubspot’s old Youtube channel, especially when starting out, their course will be more than a little improvement on this information.

Music Production Courses London

If you want to know more about the complete course available from them, visit their website.

Like SAE, Full Sail is not just a music school, but a collective art school. However, Florida has only one school with an online school.

They are considered one of the top 25 music schools in the country.

Take a closer look Full Sail has designed the app to be faster and show more contact hours than traditional universities and schools.

Best Music Production Schools Of All Time (updated 2023)

You also get more work and professional experience with the company than ever before, with the simultaneous recording studio they want in the real world. Because they are real world studios.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music and Music Production is available online or on campus, while the Bachelor of Music and Certification option is available online only.

For those who want to study music production, a bachelor’s in music production is probably the best option. However, there is no dedicated electronic music program yet.

Best Electronic Music Production Schools

Beyond the basics, Full Sail has a great corkyard, networking and integrated online program that makes you feel like you’re there.

Best Music Production School In Los Angeles

In all seriousness, the factors we believe define our course are, among others, our course principles: practical orientation, fast track and relevant content.

You only pay 100 instead of 10,000 for everything. And you’ll end up with music at the end of the course, including an original tune of your own that you can release to the world.

Why did you choose us over a traditional school? We are a small group of hard-working teachers with a passion for electronic music and over 30 years of experience in the integrated industry.

You won’t get lost in a sea of ​​100,000 employees or students. That way, you get all your questions answered and you get the attention you need.

Audio Engineering & Music Production School

Interested? Check out our first courses, EDM Foundation or our Music Theory for Songwriting course for more information

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