Best Computer Mouse Reviews

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Best Computer Mouse Reviews

Best Computer Mouse Reviews

At your desk or on the go – without cords – with the best wireless mice tested and reviewed by editors.

Logitech M325 Wireless Mouse

Managing editor Josh Goldman is a laptop expert and writes about and reviews built-in Wi-Fi as an optional feature. It also includes keyboards, mice, USB-C docks, and almost everything connected to a PC, including PC gaming accessories. Additionally, he writes about cameras including action cams and drones And while he doesn’t consider himself a gamer, he spends a lot of time playing them

More than two decades of experience writing about Laptops, Desktops & Keyboards, Mice & Controllers, Cameras, Action Cameras & Drones, Computers & PC Gaming Accessories PC & Accessories with Certifications Cameras, Action Cameras & Drones and 15 years of experience writing on all types. Camera

Finding the best wireless mouse for your needs can make a big difference in your productivity Whether you’re looking for more or fewer buttons, longer battery life, a more ergonomic design, better wireless over Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz adapter, or a mouse for your desk or travel, we’ve tested and reviewed the best of them. Here’s our pick for the best wireless mice for 2023

Since not all mice are created equal, our wireless mouse test focuses on: features, size and weight, comfort, battery type and battery life, and software. If you’re not sure what might work best for you, go to our wireless mouse FAQ at the bottom of this story for our recommendations.

Logitech Pro Gaming Mouse Review

We have tested many wireless mice and the best wireless mouse is the Logitech MX Master 3S It costs $100, but if you’re looking for a flexible office mouse to increase your productivity with a Mac or Windows PC, this wireless mouse has you covered. It is also durable, so it will last for years to come If you want a more travel-friendly option, we recommend its linemate, the Logitech MX Anywhere 3.

However, if those mice don’t meet your needs or budget, our other wireless mouse options listed below start at under $10.

The MX Master 3S is built to get the job done with the customization of a gaming mouse with an ergonomic design. Logitech’s software makes it easy to set up five programmable buttons (that’s a lot of buttons, but there’s more than one button on the bottom and a thumb rest) and the MX Master’s thumb scroll wheel to handle a variety of tasks, from taking screenshots. Controlling the media

Best Computer Mouse Reviews

Compared to the older MX Master 3, the updated model features quieter operation and an upgraded 8,000 DPI optical sensor (up from 4,000 DPI) that tracks on most surfaces, including glass, and provides faster workflows with high-resolution monitors. It can be used via cord or Bluetooth, or wirelessly via the included Unified USB adapter, and it supports connection to up to three computers. A button at the bottom lets you quickly switch between connections The mouse also supports the Logitech Flow feature, letting you move your cursor between computers on the same network. This mouse offers excellent battery life for long work sessions

The 7 Best Logitech Mice You Can Buy Today

Despite its smaller size, the MX Anywhere 3 mouse is a smaller version of the MX Master 3 on this list. These Logitech mice share many features for moving your cursor between two computers on the same network, including dual-wireless connectivity (they can also be used wired), hyperfast scrolling capabilities, programmable buttons, and Logitech Flow. The battery lasts up to 70 days on a full charge, and a quick three-minute battery charge can give you a day’s work. The buttons are comfortable to use despite its small size, and perhaps most importantly, it can be used on any surface, including glass – so don’t worry about the mouse pad.

MX Anywhere 3 comes in two versions There’s a standard “universal” version that works with Windows, macOS, iPads (13.4 or later), Chrome and Linux computers with Bluetooth or Logitech’s Unifying USB dongle, which is included. MX Anywhere 3 for Mac works only via Bluetooth and is optimized for Mac and iPad. Shipping quickly, both mice are available in light gray, and the MX Anywhere 3 (with USB port dongle) is also offered in rose and graphite.

As with most ergonomic office products, companies that make ergonomic mice aim for a large group of potential vertical mouse users. But in doing so, they inevitably leave out countless people whose hands are too small or too big for a mouse, made only for right-handed users, or both. Unimouse is the rare option that will actually work for anyone

The wireless mouse is available for left- and right-handed use (it’s also available in a wired version) and has a fantastic range of options to create a custom fit for your hand. The upper body starts at a 35-degree angle, but its friction hinge lets you raise it to a 75-degree angle – or anywhere in between – which puts it in a more handshaking position. Its ball-mounted finger support grips your fingers and can be rotated and bent into any position for you. Plus, it has a telescoping post so you can use a wider or narrower grip. This post can also be moved forward and backward

Review After A Week With The Logitech Gpw Superlight, The Best Wireless Mouse And Almost My Endgame

A 2.4GHz USB adapter is used for its wireless connection, there’s no Bluetooth, and it can be used wired as long as you charge it with the included micro-USB cable. There are six programmable buttons: left, center, right, scroll click, forward and back I appreciated the extra buttons on top (after adjusting to my muscle memory), but the placement of the forward and back buttons was a little too far for comfort and use. The included app is basic but gets the job done to reprogram buttons and adjust cursor scroll speed. DPI can be set from 800 to 2800 in increments of 200 using software or a button on the mouse. You can also set up application-specific profiles with apps

If you’re ready to try an ergonomic mouse, Unimouse’s customizable design is hard to beat.

Trackballs seem to be ignored, but, judging by the comments on this story, that’s a big mistake. Logitech options like the Logitech MX Ergo and Kensington Orbit offer more comfort but you get the same controls as a regular mouse Also, since it’s stationary, you don’t need extra desk space for movement and it can be used on any surface.

Best Computer Mouse Reviews

Logitech’s latest Ergo trackball won us over with its new sculptural shape that fits a variety of hand sizes and costs less than the MX Ergo. That said, the MX Ergo has a sturdier, more solid feel and can be connected to two devices simultaneously. The M575 gives you the choice of Bluetooth or the company’s USB-A wireless receiver

Steelseries Rival 3 Wireless Review

Moon Artifacts designed this wireless mouse to be the last mouse you’ll ever need The body of the mouse is made from hand-polished brass or aluminum (I tested the latter), giving you two weight options. The removable cover is cut from full-grain calf leather with horse-inspired stitching. Both are designed to wear and patina over time and become more attractive than the average plastic mouse that eventually just becomes gross.

The sculpted ambidextrous base is not your typical mouse shape so it may take a few days or more to adjust and get comfortable. But, if you don’t want to wait, the company makes special grips to give it a more traditional shape The only problem with my design was the smooth metal scroll wheel because it didn’t hold the smooth wheel. How excellent the rest of the mice are is a quibble

The mouse’s Pixart PAW 3805 optical sensor works on almost any surface, including glass or mirror, and a button on the bottom lets you choose a pointer sensitivity setting: 800, 1,200, 2,000 or 3,000 DPI. It can connect wirelessly over Bluetooth 5.0 or 2.4GHz wireless with a USB-A adapter stored in the base when not in use. It can be used wired with a braided USB-C-to-USB-A cable, which also charges the mouse. The mouse also has Qi wireless charging, so draining the battery is fairly easy

Forever? Moon Artifact made the mouse completely user-friendly Close the cover and remove a handful of screws and it can be completely disassembled for Omron switch plug and play. Yes, it is

What Makes A Good Gaming Mouse?

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