Best Computer Monitor Reviews

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Choosing a new monitor can be overwhelming because there are so many options to choose from and so many different specifications to understand.

Best Computer Monitor Reviews

Best Computer Monitor Reviews

To help you in your new monitor search, we’ve rounded up all of our favorite PC monitors so you don’t have to. Our expert team has extensive experience with monitors, and our test units range from basic displays for everyday use to specialized monitors aimed at heavy gamers and creative professionals.

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When compiling this list, we kept in mind all the main features of the monitor; For example, we use a colorimeter to check all the main specifications of the screen and see which monitor is suitable for more professional work, all this to ensure that you choose a monitor with accurate color reproduction.

We also look at design, any clever features that might be hidden and usability. Each monitor on this list has also been tested for at least a week to ensure we have a broad picture of the pros and cons of each device.

If you’re looking for something more specialized, we recommend checking out our review of the best gaming monitors and our review of the best curved monitors. Don’t be disappointed if there’s nothing on this list that takes your fancy, as we update our top picks every time another fantastic monitor comes out, so bookmark this page and come back soon for more recommendations.

We use every monitor we test for at least a week. During this time, we’ll test it for ease of use and use it for both everyday tasks and more specialized color-sensitive work.

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We also test its colors and image quality with a colorimeter to check its coverage and display quality.

The Samsung Smart Monitor M7 is a versatile choice for pairing with your PC and is one of our favorite all-in-one monitors.

The clever thing about the M7 Smart Monitor is that it is not only a monitor, but can also be used as a 32-inch 4K Smart TV with the Tizen operating system. We found this to be a particularly useful feature during testing, and provided an excellent user experience in line with Samsung’s full-fat smart TVs, as opposed to this quasi-monitor TV.

Best Computer Monitor Reviews

We found the 32-inch 4K panel to be a decent all-around experience, offering good brightness and colors as well as dynamic images, which is certainly more than enough for generalists who want a versatile and capable monitor. Also, the fact that it supports HDR10 makes supported content look noticeably tighter.

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Where the Smart Monitor M7 really shines is the versatility and wealth of features it offers, and the fact that it’s a multi-function panel. The integration of Samsung SmartThings and DeX for Galaxy phone owners was especially welcome and pushed the potential of the M7 Smart Monitor even further than before. SmartThings is handy for casting your phone’s screen to a monitor, and DeX lets you use your Galaxy phone as a sort of portable computer in a desktop-like way.

The design of the Smart Monitor M7 is also good, with a sleek look helped by slim bezels. It appears to be designed to be as innocuous as possible to fit virtually any configuration. This can also be seen as contributing to the wide appeal of the monitor, given that it looks great wherever it is placed.

The new Samsung M8 smart monitor is now available with a brighter design and brighter panel, but we still think the M7 represents better value for the current price.

We found it to offer a stunning gaming experience with a 1000R curve that matches the rest of Samsung’s line of Odyssey monitors. In fact, it’s also a mini LED-backlit panel that delivers incredible brightness, which we measured at 1,411 nits for great contrast and excellent HDR performance.

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The 240Hz refresh rate also means the G8 impresses with its incredibly smooth motion, which has proven to be better than other 240Hz displays, with only minor bouts of ghosting. Additionally, we found colors to be excellent with 10-bit color support and measured color accuracy of 99% sRGB and 92% DCI-P3. Even if it’s not designed for color work, the G8 is still an excellent choice for media professionals.

It’s also a great-looking monitor with cues similar to the larger Odyssey G9, with glossy white plastic and a sandblasted metal base that we found sturdy. In addition, we found that there are tons of adjustments, as well as VESA mounting.

All of this comes at a price, and the G8 is quite the expensive beast. Additionally, you’ll need top-of-the-line hardware to get the best results, but if money isn’t an issue and you want one of the best gaming monitors money can buy, this is a great choice.

Best Computer Monitor Reviews

If you’re looking for a monitor to use with your Mac or MacBook, the Apple Studio Display is a logical and truly powerful choice.

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We found it to be one of the best-looking monitors we’ve ever reviewed, thanks to its professional aesthetic that pairs well with Apple’s equally professional laptops and desktops. It features an aluminum construction and the typical Apple precision we’ve come to expect. However, there are no monitor controls, which means you have to control the studio screen with a connected device.

The Studio Display is a feature-rich panel with fantastic-sounding speakers, a built-in webcam, and even the innards of an iPad with an A13 Bionic chipset and 64GB of storage. We found it difficult to connect to Windows laptops, suggesting Studio Display is for Mac users only. If you want a Windows-based equivalent, you’d better look elsewhere.

As for the display itself, the Studio Display offers sharp images thanks to its 5K resolution. We found this to be a decent LCD panel for Mac users, offering similar technology to professional offerings from a few years ago. With 600 nits of brightness, it’s a vibrant panel with excellent color accuracy. But it lacks the power of a mini LED display, as well as the power of Apple’s ProMotion technology, which offers a 120Hz refresh rate for smoother scrolling.

At $1,599 / £1,499, it’s a pricey choice, but if you want a proper panel to pair with your Mac, the Apple Pro Display will serve you well.

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The Samsung M8 Smart Monitor is the more expensive sibling of the M7 Smart Monitor. It has the same 32-inch screen size and 3840×2160 resolution, plus all the great smart features, but with a more glamorous design.

The M8 looks like Apple’s iMac, with a sleek, durable stand and a variety of colors, including blue, green and pink. It has smaller screen bezels and even comes with a detachable webcam in case you need to jump into a Zoom meeting.

Our testing found the M8 to have better brightness and color coverage than the cheaper M7, but we’re still disappointed by the lack of QLED or Mini LED upgrades that justify the big price difference.

Best Computer Monitor Reviews

It’s the smart features that impressed us the most during testing, letting you watch Netflix and Disney Plus and even play Google Stadia or Xbox Game Pass, all without connecting to a PC. Remote control and support for Alexa and Bixby also make navigation effortless.

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We were really impressed with the M8 during our review, but it’s hard to recommend Samsung’s more affordable M7 monitor unless you really like the luxurious look and colors.

The HP E27d G4 is one of the best monitor options if you’re someone who needs a lot of ports.

We found its connectivity options to be excellent, with DisplayPort, HDMI, USB-C, USB-A, Ethernet and audio jack connections. This provides plenty of ports for connecting more than one device and also for charging laptops if you want.

In addition, the HP E27d G4 has a sleek design with narrow bezels around the screen. We also found excellent adjustability with 150mm of height adjustment, as well as a large set of tilt and swivel options. If you want, you can set this monitor to portrait mode. However, keep in mind that the plastic frame means that the build quality is only average.

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Overall, we found the image quality offered by this HP monitor to be decent

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