Best Computer Headset Reviews

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The best gaming headset can make a huge difference to your gaming experience, but sound is one of the most overlooked parts of PC gaming. If you want to be fully immersed in the world of a game, the soundtrack is just as relevant as the visuals.

Best Computer Headset Reviews

Best Computer Headset Reviews

When it comes down to it, the best gaming headset is the Razer Blackshark V2 (opens in new tab), which comes in at under $100 thanks to its great sound, comfort, and design. Similarly, the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless (opens in a new tab) is always on our radar for the same reasons, in addition to its impressive wireless performance. If you have the money, the more premium options sound great.

The Best Wireless Gaming Headsets 2023

Great sound can be a real help in competitive gaming. Whether you’re trying to catch an enemy’s shoulder as they run past you or want to listen to tunes while you work, it’s up to your headphone drivers to make sure everything sounds good. Quality drivers deliver the best sound, but we often object to gaming headsets that overpower the low frequencies, as they deliver terrible bass. The best gaming headsets offer more balanced drivers that require minimal adjustment on your part, and you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars.

After all, some people are worthless. That’s why we thoroughly test a number of in-ear gaming headphones. The headsets on this list are handpicked from dozens of headsets that the PC Gamer team and I have tested. The best headsets with mics offer the best sound for gamers on both sides of the budget spectrum, and our guide to the best wireless gaming headsets (opens in new tab) offers some great wireless options if you want to go bare. – bone.

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Bringing the HyperX Cloud Alpha (opens in new tab) back from the top wasn’t an easy task. Razer’s BlackShark V2 gaming headset offers great sound quality, an affordable price, and easy-to-use software. Ever since Razer first started talking about the BlackShark V2, it’s been clear that this was the main focus of the headset, and the driver design effectively does what the amazing Cloud Alphas do.

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The 50mm TriForce Titanium drivers have separate ports that isolate the lows, mids and treble from mutual interference. The result is richer sound than the standard set, and is on par with HyperX’s 50mm dual-chamber neodymium headset. They’re a tribute to HyperX’s own design, and none the worse for it.

It gives the BlackShark V2 a level or clarity of sound that makes me doubly surprised to hear it from a headphone that costs only $100. If I’m being too picky, I’d say the HyperX Cloud Alpha can mostly hear treble separation with THX software enabled, but there’s some rich, velvety bass when you only have THX software enabled. BlackShark V2.

For me, the sound is one of the highlights of the BlackShark V2, and it’s far superior to what you’ll get from most other sets in this price range. I also love the understated design of the headset and found it comfortable to wear during marathon gaming sessions.

Best Computer Headset Reviews

I am a music addict; Loved the Tidal Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) offering, and I have no words to describe the joy of Rage Against the Machine’s “Power the Power Back” when played loud on a really good sounding device. My favorite headphones to use are the Audeze LCD-3 headphones, which are open cans rocking flat magnetic drivers. They’re great for music and gaming, but the advanced drivers make them expensive.

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The BlackShark V2 may not be as brilliantly bright as a well-worn planar magnet set, but the sound quality of the TriForce drivers, with THX software in music mode, feels great.

And they are very good at games. Battlefield V’s explosive performance really blew me away, as there’s a warmth to the musical experience that has me swinging between the melancholy of Swift’s folk and the toe-tapping of Seasick Steve’s latest.

The only reason I stopped using them as a daily driver was the arrival of the more expensive BlackShark V2 Pro (opens in new tab) wireless version. They use the same drivers, but use a wireless network with great battery life and zero latency… but they are expensive. Although we have to say we saw an offer for $130, so it might be worth a look.

But the overall price is another distinguishing feature of the BlackShark V2 Wired Headphones; You’ll often find them for less than $100, which makes them extremely affordable.

Best Gaming Headset 2023

+ Battery that can only be described as magic+ Great for listening to music+ Accurate and powerful sound perfect for gaming+ Very comfortable

HyperX Cloud Alpha is probably the most popular item on this site. Everyone on the team loves it and HyperX has now cut the cord on their best pair of cans. The main attraction of these headphones is the new large battery. The headphones can last up to 300 hours in wireless mode while still being relatively light and comfortable. That’s a huge feat, and I think HyperX has nailed it.

Out of the box, this unit reported 80% charge, so I decided to leave it there to see how well it would hold up. I swear I still listen to music during my work day, check the battery again and it says: 80%. I’ve been using this thing pretty regularly for the past week playing games and listening to music, and we haven’t hit 50% battery yet.

Best Computer Headset Reviews

This amazing battery life is definitely the best option. A lot of that has to do with the volume of the headphones, and volume is probably my only real complaint. It’s loud enough that I can hear it at full volume, but still quite comfortably.

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But the sound quality is amazing. The music sounds great. It’s always fun listening to some of my favorite heavy tracks on a good pair of cans and trying to pick out the different gear or bites used. They do a great job and are one of the best gaming headphones I’ve used for listening to music.

The guiding sound while playing the game is very pleasant. I easily found a hidden battery with directional beacons in Deep Rock Galactic and had a lot of fun following the sharp pace of Shadow Warrior 3. I booted up Doom Eternal and was immediately blown away. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it would feel like to have a Cacodemon suddenly appear and whisper sweet words into your left ear, this is for you.

The Cloud line has always been appreciated for its comfort, and despite its powerful battery, it still fits. I’m very sensitive to wearing uncomfortable headphones that deal with too much weight and pressure on my head. The top belt is thick and the bottom is soft. It’s very comfortable and blocks noise very well, along with equally soft ear cups.

Unfortunately, the microphone is your typical thing, and while it works well for in-game chat, it’s pretty basic and uninspiring when it comes to sound quality.

The Best Wireless Headphones For Tv Of 2023

However, I can’t imagine a user who wouldn’t be happy with these wireless gaming headsets. They are expensive, but they are well-specified and definitely give you everything you need to play and listen to music on your computer.

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Best Computer Headset Reviews

The HS55 headset is much more comfortable than Corsair’s previous budget models. The plush ear cups on the HS55 are a stark contrast to the hard and flexible foam of the HS50. The HS55 weighs 284 grams, which has a big impact on comfort over long periods of time. I wore this pair 8 hours a day for a week and never felt like throwing it away. On hot days, they will sweat a little because of their skin

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