Bank Jobs For Diploma Holders

Bank Jobs For Diploma Holders – The banking and finance industry has evolved over the years. Banks now aim to identify customers and build long-term relationships with them. Every customer of a bank is not only a depositor or a borrower but also a potential customer for various other services provided by the bank. Banks are trying to create customized solutions for their clients to increase their profitability.

We understand that this change can be difficult for banks, especially when it comes to recruiting the right candidates to acquire new clients and strengthen the bank’s relationships with existing clients.

Bank Jobs For Diploma Holders

Bank Jobs For Diploma Holders

Banking and financial services is one of the most dynamic industries in India and there is a high demand for well-trained managers. Aspiring graduate diploma holders can become a vice president of a bank and earn Rs. Can get salary up to 10 million per year for 10-12 years.

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Banking and financial services is one of the most dynamic industries in India and there is a high demand for well-trained managers. Aspiring Graduate Diploma holders Rs. Can get salary up to 10 million per year for 10-12 years.

TSCFM’s Postgraduate Diploma in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (PGD BFSI) is the only program that combines six qualifications into one to develop the skills needed to become a Banking Vice President. In as little as 12 months, you’ll get:

EduQual is one of the UK Government’s top qualifications providers, awarding Diplomas and Postgraduate Diplomas to thousands of students around the world. These qualifications are recognized globally by multinational companies.

NSE, India’s largest stock exchange, lists the shares of more than 1,600 public limited companies in India. Accreditation from NSE is highly valued by employers in the financial industry and is considered essential for students aspiring to obtain senior financial jobs.

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Bank Jobs For Diploma Holders

Innovative teaching creates an educational environment that stimulates intelligence and fun, all controlled through our smartphone app.

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TSCFM does an excellent job of training students. The candidates we meet here are the most suitable as they have a good understanding of industry products and are knowledgeable. TSCFM students are well trained for specific job roles. I would like to thank TSCFM, I definitely recommend it.

Candidates here meet my expectations while recruiting from TSCFM. They have a better understanding of banking terminology, greater familiarity with banking products and terminology, and a better cultural fit. All in all, I thank TSCFM for training students so well to make them employees of businesses and we look forward to recruiting more candidates from TSCFM.

The students here are very knowledgeable. Teachers train them very well, especially in banking and insurance. So, I screened some people first and let them join. They did a great job there too. A good reason to hire from TSCFM is that I think all students here have more or less all the requirements that a banker can see. This is in my favor as I have many candidates and I would definitely recommend TSCFM.

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Candidates recruited from Thadomal Shahani Management Center have extensive knowledge in BFSI industry and securities market. The PD BFSI program provides them with proper education in market fundamentals, communication skills and how to plan and conduct business. Overall, they bode well for the wealth management business.

The banking program I have seen is one of the most comprehensive, developing recent university graduates with the right skills and knowledge needed to land jobs at top banks. I believe in hiring graduates of this program.

I have been associated with many management schools, but one offers so much hands-on education that many graduates from other management schools lack today. So thank you to your team for creating such a great organization.

Bank Jobs For Diploma Holders

I learned two lessons from TSCFM: learn and apply. These activities have helped me a lot throughout the journey and TSCFM has given me more practical knowledge about banking, how to achieve my goals in banking and how to deal with clients. Case studies, on-the-job training sessions are beneficial to understand how the corporate sector works.

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I have always intended to pursue a career in banking. My overall experience has been great; I’ve seen a lot of changes in myself and my confidence and communication skills have improved. I would like to thank Twinkle Madam for his unique teaching method, which does not rely on textbook knowledge, but teaches us communication skills through different activities. My OJT experience was so positive that I learned how the corporate world really works.

In this course, I learned how to communicate, enjoy and give group presentations. The role-playing and storytelling activities are very rewarding for me. The OJT course helped me improve my presentation skills, overcome stage fright and develop a positive attitude.

I joined TSCFM because I wanted to be a banker and I was confident and motivated in my career. The on-the-job training sessions have been beneficial and helped me gain a lot of knowledge about BFSI, Twinkle Madam is by far one of my favorite tutors and TSCFM has helped me a lot in developing my communication skills.

The professors here are inspiring and helpful, they teach new skills; my best mentor is Kinnari Patel, he always encourages me. These events have taught me how to interact with others and create a healthy work environment. TSCFM prepares students to take on the challenges of the financial industry. I chose this program because I want to work in banking

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TSCFM helped me improve my command of English through the activities and gain a clear understanding of the banking industry, such as how it works. In the on-the-job training, I learned to follow SOPS while working in a business; we discussed presentation skills, email ethics, and data interpretation, and overall it was a great experience. Thank you TSCFM for giving me this opportunity.

The PDRM course is very good. Through this course, I had the opportunity to visit the National Stock Exchange (NSE); my interest in the stock market also increased. Mock interviews and presentations boosted my confidence and prepared me for the industry. Thadomal Shahani Management Center shows how the market works and the way to achieve our goals. After attending two interviews, I was appointed as Business Development Manager at Tradebulls Securities PVT Ltd. I believe that choosing TSCFM is really a blessing for me.

Sana Ma’am and Usama Sir made our learning experience unique as they taught us to go beyond the curriculum and pushed us beyond our limits. He instilled in all his students the habit of reading the news regularly. That’s what makes this course different. Finally, I would like to add that I am very happy that I chose this course.

Bank Jobs For Diploma Holders

The PDRM course included hands-on learning that helped me improve my behavior and time management skills. With these skills, I currently feel confident and industry-ready. Overall the course is great.

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My experience with Thadomal Shahani Management Center was great. It has helped me in many ways; mainly, my leadership and communication skills have improved, mostly with the support of the faculty and staff. I will recommend this organization to all my friends for their career advancement.

I had a great learning experience and gained a thorough understanding of banking products, customer service and relationship management. Through this I developed my confidence and presentation skills. In addition, professors teach us the importance of communication skills and relationship building. Besides that, the placement team also shared with us tips for passing the interview.

Taking the PDRM course was a new experience for me. I had the opportunity to learn about the importance of communication, sales management and most importantly the BFSI industry. The event taught me not to give up no matter how difficult the situation was. Overall, the course helped me figure out my career and today, I believe choosing the BFSI field as a career was the right decision.

In the BFSI industry, client interaction is a fundamental aspect. However, learning to sell is important; the PDRM course helped us understand sales and relationship management. Especially Usama Sir who teaches everything

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