Alternative Career Options For Teachers

Alternative Career Options For Teachers – Can you trade a classroom for a museum? Teachers have marketable skills and experiences that serve them well when it comes to a career change. Photo: Doane Gregory/PR

From working in a museum to corporate training, if you decide to teach your skills, you stand a good chance at a variety of other jobs.

Alternative Career Options For Teachers

Alternative Career Options For Teachers

Teaching can be a very rewarding and lucrative career, but it’s not for everyone. A growing number of teachers are choosing to walk, due to the sheer workload (the number of new hires leaving the profession has tripled in the past six years).

How To Transition Out Of Teaching In 4 Steps

But the decision to leave means job security, better pay and a return to the students he loves. When I talk to teachers and aspiring principals looking for a career change, they are often highly competent, but unsure how to best use their skills and stay true to their personal values.

But don’t worry, teachers have many marketable skills and experience that will serve them well in the job market. In addition to their knowledge of student learning and development, they often have excellent communication and presentation skills, a high level of creativity and extensive experience in dealing with difficult situations – emotionally, pastorally, practically and logically. There are many education-related jobs outside of the classroom that are a good fit, as well as opportunities in the professional field where a teaching background would be an asset.

So if you’re thinking about life after teaching, here are some ideas worth exploring as alternative careers.

If you’ve been to a museum (or other visitor attraction) recently, you’ll notice the effort it takes to make your visit an interactive and meaningful learning experience. The area has become increasingly sophisticated in the way it attracts visitors, offering fun activities and lectures as well as digital and audio content.

Love, Heartbreak, And Teacher Emotional Well Being

So for pre-teachers interested in creating fun learning environments in unusual settings, this could be a great career move. Former teachers bring expertise in the field of innovative learning and addressing diverse target groups. You can help connect with schools by encouraging them to visit and developing learning resources. Now look at institutions such as historic royal palaces for some great examples of how learning is used in visitor attractions.

If you are still passionate about the teaching profession, you may be interested in a behind-the-scenes role. You could be involved in recruiting and training new teachers for organizations such as Teach First, or become a school partnership manager and manage learning internships. How about a connecting role between schools, higher education and employers, advising on admission, training, internships or vocational training?

Many sector skills councils, such as People 1st (in retail and tourism) or Creative Skillset (in creative industries), have these types of roles. Professional bodies such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists or the British Science Association also need these skills. Your academic background can be a real asset to them in encouraging newcomers to their respective industries and assisting them in their education and professional development.

Alternative Career Options For Teachers

There are thousands of companies that see schools as their target market. This includes educational software companies, course resource vendors, IT and furniture suppliers, facilities management, training – the list is endless. As a teacher, you can add valuable insights to their sales process, become an account manager, help with their marketing and develop new products and services. You may be professionally savvy and may need to complete some additional business-related training, but having an educator on board is certainly an advantage for any business trying to gain new customers in education. School Supplier Trading Organization Besa will provide you with information about the types of suppliers you can benefit from your experience.

Alternative Jobs To Teaching

If teaching students is still your passion, but working in one school exhausts you, consider teaching in a different environment. Private or home tutoring, whether one-on-one, small groups or even via Skype, can provide a more personalized learning and work-life balance that is often difficult to find in a school environment. You can also teach adult and community education classes, whether for subject-based education, access to education, or youth employment courses.

You can also set up your own independent tutoring business or consider an educational franchise such as Stagecoach or Kumon math where you can manage and run your own independent tutoring school, or run an education center with exploratory learning.

Your understanding of how people learn can also be used to make a positive impact in the corporate environment. Learning and development in organizations can include everything from in-house induction and training courses to e-learning, coaching and mentoring. You can also work independently as a trainer on specific courses (e.g. in ICT) or as a member of an internal team (assess training needs of the organization or create learning resources).

The above are some ideas, not an exhaustive list. Depending on your specific skills and expertise, there may be many other options.

Teachers Changing Careers: Faq

While you may not always be able to step straight into one of these roles – you may need to gain some professional experience or further qualifications – it shows that if you decide to retire from teaching, your years of experience will not be wasted.

And who knows, maybe one day you’ll decide to teach again and bring that rich outdoor experience back into the classroom.

Follow us on Twitter @GuardianTeach. Join the Parent Teacher Network to get teaching resources, feedback, and job opportunities delivered straight to your inbox. You have been a teacher for years and may even have a Masters in Education, but everything must come to an end. Finding a second teaching career offers a chance to use your skills in new ways. The challenge is to focus on the skills that will be most useful to teachers when looking at 101 Alternative Careers for Teachers That Will Help You Change Your Career Goals. When looking for teacher jobs outside of education, you will find that your teamwork and project management skills play a key role in your opportunities. Likewise, you will find that your patience and ability to adapt to new situations will help you in a second career.

Alternative Career Options For Teachers

The best former teacher jobs depend on your interests and skills. When it comes to companies that hire teachers, you will find a variety of options available when you look into the details. Your organizational skills can be especially helpful for start-up businesses, as the company must have organized and tracked information to keep projects on track. On the other hand, strong interpersonal skills are valuable for careers in nonprofits and business.

Alternative Jobs For Teachers

The guide to the best master’s degrees for the best alternative jobs in education – and after education – focuses on career paths that make the most of the skills and knowledge that educators have gained through their education and experience. Some alternative jobs for teachers are counted among the highest paying careers with a master’s degree. The works are presented in alphabetical order only.

Education jobs other than teaching include educational administrative positions. Common job titles include director, vice director, and superintendent. Rather than working directly with children in the classroom, these jobs require a more supervisory role. Superintendents and principals oversee one or more schools within a district. They are in charge of all school activities and work with all staff to provide a safe and productive learning environment for students. Most school administration jobs require a master’s degree or higher.

Administrative positions are great career advancements for teachers. Salaries are significantly higher for school principals with an average annual salary of $95,310. The job outlook for the next 10 years is solid with job growth of 8% through 2026. Most administrative jobs exist in public and private schools, but local government agencies and education support services also employ school administrators.

Other jobs in the education field besides teaching include being a consultant or recruiter for colleges or career centers. Counselors provide students with feedback on how to choose the right college or career based on their strengths and weaknesses. Admissions recruiters have the same background as admissions counselors. They are responsible for promoting the school they are in and recruiting prospective students. Admissions advisors and recruiters can provide information about different schools and give tours to help with the decision-making process. Admissions advisors and recruiters are usually required to have a bachelor’s degree in education.

Best Jobs For Former Teachers In 2023

Admissions advisors and recruiters work for public schools, private schools, colleges, career centers, and private companies. The job outlook for school and career counselors is 13% through 2026. Job growth is related to expected overall growth in school enrollment. The median salary for an admissions counselor is more than $56,000 per year.


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