Alternative Career Options For Doctors

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Foreign doctors trying to practice medicine in the United States must admit that it is a long and arduous journey. In order to study and practice medicine, all 51 states have specific requirements that must be met. In general, most states require English language proficiency, participation in a medical residency, and certification from the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates. However, it can be very difficult for foreign doctors to be accepted into a medical residency because they were educated outside of the United States.

Alternative Career Options For Doctors

Alternative Career Options For Doctors

The good news is that if you are struggling to find a way to practice medicine in the United States, there are several career options that can make great use of your medical degree, experience, and give you a satisfying career.

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Clinical research is simply the process of determining the efficacy and safety of new drugs, treatments, devices or diagnostic products intended for use by humans. This is one of the fastest growing fields according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics; with an estimated 52,100 more positions available by 2024. If you’re looking for a job that uses what you already know, clinical research may be the right choice for you. Everything you’ve studied, including your hard-earned medical degree, will not only put you ahead of other applicants, but will allow you to rise to higher positions in the range. Let’s not forget to mention that it is also one of the highest paying jobs where Medical Monitor positions can expect to earn up to $300K after experience.

Pharmacovigilance or drug safety deals with the detection, collection, evaluation, monitoring and prevention of drug-related adverse reactions in pharmaceutical products. This is a unique area under clinical investigation that is expanding with the globalization of the pharmaceutical market and an increased potential customer base for medicines. This projected growth will lead to increased demand for many field positions. First, more professionals are needed to conduct such research to meet the need for standards and regulatory requirements. Second, increased prevalence of chronic diseases translates into increased global drug sales. Third, increased globalization of the pharmaceutical market has increased the potential customer base for pharmaceuticals, increasing the need for professionals who know a foreign language or culture.

According to Ziprecruiter, the average annual salary for someone working in pharmacy in the United States is $141,024/year. More experienced professionals are in the $293,500/year range.

Clinical data science deals with extracting meaningful information from large amounts of clinical data. It includes having extensive knowledge of all areas related to data collection, data management, data delivery, understanding of protocols, ability to interpret clinical study data, and the ability to use field technology. With a median starting salary of $94,000, this is one of the best jobs for foreign doctors in the United States. For you.

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A life-changing weekend awaits you! • Explore dozens of non-clinical and other opportunities • Find out what’s out there, how to get it and what it pays • Learn about full-time, part-time and work-at-home opportunities • One-on-one counseling • Meet employers and recruiters • See for yourself that switching to a non-clinical career has more financial potential than clinical medicine and is a step forward, not a step back • Learn from 40+ doctors who have successfully converted and hear how it’s done • Be empowered to know you’re far from alone in your desire to change • Network with faculty, staff talk, mentors, employers and classmates • Kick your career change process into high gear • Create a personalized action plan for you position yourself and make your career transition a success

Lodging/Hotel: Non-Clinical Appointments for Physicians will be held at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center in Rosemont City, IL. This full service property is “fly in fly out” accessible to Chicago O’Hare Airport and offers 24 hour shuttle service to and from O’Hare Airport. SEAK has got a special group rate of $149/night. Rooms are limited and this rate expires September 26, 2023. To make your reservation, call 877-337-5793 and check SEAK Group’s rate or click here.

Registration/Tuition: Conference tuition is $1395 through August 25, 2023, $1495 August 26, 2023-September 26, 2023, $1595 after September 26, 2023. Daily continental breakfast and lunch are included in the tuition for each program.

Alternative Career Options For Doctors

Cancellation: Conference cancellations in writing on or before September 26, 2023 will receive a full tuition refund. Individuals who cancel after September 26, 2023 will receive full tuition.

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Included in your main conference registration: • All main conference sessions with your choice of introductory sessions. • Networking at breakfast, lunch, and breaks each day as well as the Saturday night reception. • The opportunity to meet employers, speakers, mentors and recruiters. • Detailed and informative coursebook. • Free copy of the book Do You Feel Like You Wasted All That Training?: Questions from Doctors Changing Careers, by Michael J. McLaughlin, MD.

Recruiters & employers We are again inviting recruiters and employers to interview at the conference. Our recruiters and recruiters traditionally conduct hundreds of on-site interviews and hire many of our physician partners. Employers and exhibitors interested in participating should contact Kelly Wilbur at [email protected] (781) 491-6802.

Q. What non-clinical opportunity is out there for doctors? A. More than you can imagine. Our 40+ faculty members, all of whom are practicing non-clinical physicians, provide inside information on dozens of non-clinical career paths. Perhaps your biggest challenge will be deciding which of the many roads you could follow.

Q. Will work from home be considered? What about part-time positions? A. Yes, many of the areas covered offer distance based opportunities. In fact, many of our faculty work remotely. Part-time/contract opportunities are available in many of the areas discussed.

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Q. Is the conference working? A. We were delighted with the amount of positive feedback we received with many participants describing their experience as “life changing.” See for hundreds of testimonials, as well as pages 12 and 23. We are also very proud that a large percentage of our faculty is made up of conference alumni who want to pay. forward.

Q. Will participants get jobs at the conference? A. We will again invite employers and employers to the conference. Our recruiters and recruiters conduct on-site interviews and often hire our physician partners. Past industries include pharma, consulting, insurance, education, independent evaluation and others. In addition, participants can find jobs through their network at the conference.

Q. How does the free mentoring / networking work? A. Participants have the opportunity to sign up for 15-minute 1-1 counseling sessions with our large and diverse panel of physician counselors. You will have many opportunities to network with faculty and other attendees during the conference.

Alternative Career Options For Doctors

Q. How old is your typical attendee and why do they come to the conference? A. It runs the gamut. Each year we have 350+ participants and this includes medical students, interns, residents and doctors in their 70s. Our partners come for many reasons, including wanting to earn more money, having more control over their schedule, looking for new challenges, a physical disability that stop using medicine, or simply stop enjoying using medicine.

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Q. Are there opportunities for doctors without boards, residency or even a US license? A. Yes. Many of the areas discussed have roles that do not currently require boards (including Pharma, Consulting, Writing, Speaking, Coaching, MSL, Investing, Communications, Startups and Teaching) and do not some of our faculty members have boards.

Q. How many of the key conference participants will attend one or more of the pre-conferences? A. More than 50%, because the information in the pre-conferences is not covered in the main conference.

Laura McCain, MD Dr. She provides advice on how to successfully transition into a successful non-clinical career that fits your needs and interests. She will provide insight into how to determine your best non-clinical career options, suggest job hunting techniques that look across jobs, show how to identify and demonstrate these skills- mobile phone that qualifies you for openings, and offers advice on rockstar interview techniques. . Questions & Answers

Laura McKain, MD is a thought leader on nonclinical and alternative careers for physicians and is the founder and moderator of the highly respected Hunter Nonclinical Career Facebook Group as well as an in-demand coach for physicians who is looking for a transition (www. mckainconsulting .com). dr. She spent 8 years in CRO PPD, where she worked as A

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