25 Key Midi Keyboard Controller

25 Key Midi Keyboard Controller – The ultra-portable MPK Mini Play is based on Akai Professional’s MPK Mini, the world’s most popular MIDI controller, but now includes 128 voices and its own built-in speaker. With 8 backlit MPC drum pads and a 4-way joystick for easy control, players have everything they need to play music anytime, anywhere. Four knobs (two banks capable of controlling eight different parameters) can be used to change sounds and adjust multiple parameters in real-time, giving musicians more performance options. Powered by 3 “AA” batteries, the MPK Mini Play is built for hours of wireless entertainment.

MPK Mini Play comes with professional software and virtual instruments for quick music creation. Powered by AIR Music Tech, the Hybrid 3 is a high-definition synthesizer capable of creating everything from fat, retro synth sounds to modern leads and everything in between. SONiVOX’s Wobble is an electronic music crime synthesizer featuring two independent channels of spectral morphing synthesis with harmonic control, individual filtering and unique LFO controls. MPC Essentials allows producers and musicians to embed a true MPC workflow into their DAW of choice and expands the power of MPK Mini Play by adding 8 record banks and 4 samples. . MPC Essentials also works in standalone mode, so you can start playing music without a DAW.

25 Key Midi Keyboard Controller

25 Key Midi Keyboard Controller

Pro Tools | First, an industry standard for software recording, now included with the Akai MPK Mini Play. This amazing audio recording software allows any artist, touring musician or singer-songwriter to create, record and share around the world in no time. Pro Tools | First, you get unlimited buses, flexible time and height, offline jumps, and 1GB of free cloud storage to access or collaborate on your projects from any internet-connected computer.

Akai Mpk Mini Mk3 Usb Midi Keyboard Controller, 25 Key

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